-배변극장- 내가 이렇게 싸는 이유 2부 ㅣ Shiba Dog gOTTA SCREAM AF Before Relieving Herself

-배변극장- 내가 이렇게 싸는 이유 2부 ㅣ Shiba Dog gOTTA SCREAM AF Before Relieving Herself

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Short but precious lunchtime.. PD : Where are you going Mysterious woman I have sth important than food Going out for a walk is more important than eating?! Nope Bowel movements -Screening bowel movement- The reason why I poop like this Guardian (suffered for 9 years): Ddangkong hasn’t relieved himself at home. He’s lived like this for 9 years THE urination lasted for 9 years.. Perhaps.. Ddangkong! Mom’s out for work! When mom’s absent Secretly.. Should I go in? Or not? Playing push-and-pull with the restroom Gotta hold in.. Gotta hold in.. Stomach sounds Imma stand cuz I have to pee once I eat Control every desire by sleeping;;; When I’m not around him, he doesn’t eat at all I guess because he can’t relieve himself within this place even if he wants to Drink! Huh?! Ddankong drinks well and goes to the potty pad..? PD He relieves himself in here Guardian Yes.. (bitter) Relives himself at my younger sibling’s house Yup. This is not our house. Ah.. Not poop or pee only in my house…? Guardian : I took him out to trim his hair before and he mistakenly peed on the blanket after he was stressed from trimming his hair So I scolded him once.. Since then Ddangkong doesn’t relieve himself at home Maybe it’s my fault.. Sorry.. I’m tearing up.. I regret so much and blame myself for this.. That’s why..The guardian wants to fix her bowel habit even more Kyahh!! Kyahh!!
And here.. Kyahh!! Kyahh!!
Several times a day… Several times a day… A dog has to bear her sufferings Guardian : Once she relieves herself, she barks out loud and acts as if she’s out of her mind Kyahh!! Kyahh!!
Every time she relieves herself Every time she relieves herself she screams What daddy can do is just massaging her.. PD Would it relax her? Guardian Yes, she def looks comfortable and pants less What mainly caused Sibong to be like this..? This dog breed’s supposed to have a tail
But she doesn’t She doesn’t have a tail..?! Guardian : I brought her from a dog shelter Half of her tail was necrotized So I rescued her After being neglected in a terrible environment She was barely rescued But her tail was cut off due to continuous self-injury Perhaps pains in the past affected her bowel habit..? Vet : It’d be difficult to come up with a diagnosis but will find out the medical cause of the problem Transferred to the hospital Receives a variety of examinations Vet : There must be an intense neural pressure between the first and second tailbone (That’s why when she relieves herself) She must’ve felt pain whenever her tail is lifted Vet : Whenever relieving herself, She must recall bad memories from when she was in extreme psain Extreme pain she suffered in the past during bowel movement has been torturing her whenever she relieves herself Vet : The prescription of drugs to relieve pain is possible But other symptons triggered by abnormal behaviors will disappear only through fixing behaviors A solution for Sibong! First, touch training Then a snack is rewarded Before relieving herself, She’ll become less anxious! The second training! When Sibong feels anxious as she has to relieve herself The guardian reaches his hand to stabilize her Control her with a leash Well..? Not easy for her yet.. But after 2 weeks of efforts..! Sibong is on mute when peeing Improved a lot~♡ What about a solution for Ddankong who only relieves himself outdoors..? Animal Behaviorist : Ddangkong believes that he has to hold his pee or poop so that he can go out for a walk. So in reverse, we’ll change his perception as only if he relieves at home, he can go out for a walk The first thing to do is..? Make Ddangkong thirsty…★ Oh!! Ddangkong finally drinks water When he becomes desperate to relieve himself Wanna pee so badly.. Acting like going out for a walk U-turn Let’s go pee! Let him know that he has to pee here What the heck.. It’s urgent… That’s how.. he plays push and pull push and pull with his bladder Ddangkong! Come here! Pee in here! Fine.. Imma just pee.. Stand awkwardly Stand awkwardly Takes a pose.. Ddangkong pees! Aww.. He peed… (Touched..★) PD : Oh my! Did he pee? Yes.. He’s peeing A bit upset… But he’ll feel better after walking♥ Spouting off urine of nine years Confidence BAAM It’s magical that she changed so quickly! Now that I know how, I’m going to do my best! A few days later, visit Ddangkong’s place Let’s go to the potty pad!! Yo PD, Watch! Our Ddangkong now Very comfortably pees at home Ah, you peed! Ah, you peed! Good job!! Reward you with a snack! The happiness that all needs are satisfied♥ He eats up and drinks well. Relieves himself alone in the potty pat I have no worries now Amigos with various bowel habits! Hey! You can do it too! hehe

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  • MINA HA Post author

    한국인이 밥을 포기하다니 찐사랑

  • 양양양 Post author

    근데 시봉이가 볼일보는 곳.. 저기다 봐도 돼요? 전 쌀때마다 자기네껀가?하면서 봤는데 궁금하네요.

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  • Karren Twiggy Post author

    Whenever they whimper and cry its hard to watch 😞

  • ccnnqq Post author

    Holy the girl is so cute

  • 김부장 Post author

    울강아지도 집에서 안싸서 아침저녁으로 2번씩 외출해서 소변뉘우고 그랬음. 직장이 집근처라 어쩔땐 아침점심저녁..3번씩 ㅜ 눈이와도 비가와도 영하로 기온이떨어져도 태풍불어도 강제 산책 외출 ㅎㄷㄷ 울집 강아지도 10년정도 그렇게 한듯?

  • M Bhattacharjee Post author

    Scream AF… OK Nice title 😲

  • ApplePie 2019 Post author

    My Shih Tzu is similar. She has to be walked to pee and poop. If lucky, she will poop, but it's a crapshoot. She also has to turn circles repeatedly and kicks up dirt after relieving herself. Some days it can be very frustrating.

  • 김대현 Post author

    사람은 노상방뇨의 과태료 규정이 있는데 자기 개들을 관리하는 견주들에게 개소변 관리 규정은 없나요?
    본인 개들이면 관리책임이 있을 것 같은데

  • 프프드덕 Post author

    9년째라니!!!대박……저걸 어떡게 참는 데…
    시봉이는 학대로인해서 그런거군아…

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    편집자 약 드셨나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 방광을 들었다 놨다 들었다 놨다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 삽입곡 무엇 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 융샘 Post author

    우리 미미도 실외배변 😭
    비오는 지금도 나갔다왔네요. 😫

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    쉬아와 응아가 감동을 줄 주리야😁😁

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    한가지 건의 할께요 동물동장 현장PD는 여성분으로 바꾸시는게 애완동물 키우는분들이 대부분 혼자사는 여성분이고 남자PD의 무뚝툭한 말투 그리고 부담감이 애완견을 키우는 분들의 집에 방문하면 부담이 됩니다 하루 빨리 여성PD로 교체가 필요합니다

  • Lee hyunsungL Post author

    배변을… 생선잡는 그물에 하는 건가요?? 쓰레가 더미가 아닌 것 같은데요… 저거로 생선을 또 잡는 거 아닌가요??

  • 김툥 Post author

    아침에 봣을때 너무 속상하드라 …ㅜㅜ…아프지말거라

  • gurjit singh Post author

    Well-done guys and you are so good💪💪💪👍👍👍👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏🌷🌷🌷🥀🥀🥀🌺🌺🌺

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    She's pretty

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    Wow shes so cute

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    근데 길이나 공원에 똥오줌싸면 그 냄새는 어쩔?오줌이야 치우지도 않을꺼고 똥도 안 치우고 가는 사람이 태반 ㅡㅡ 뭔 길이나 공원이 자기개들 화장실이냐고?자기집에서는 볼일안봐서 깨끗하고 남의집 담벼락에 싸면 그 집사람입장에서는 어떻겠어

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  • Ginny kitty Lovett Post author

    Ooooooooo poor dog i felt sadness when starting crying after of finising his poo. I think its painfull her or him. But his owner is Alot patient and caring. I hope he or she get better and less pain by his intestinal problem. And other dog got a good owner too the girl is very sweet and caring. Happy life boths and i hope they get well. Thanks for share this video.

  • latonya green-warner Post author

    Im glad that there was a happy ending. But, is that doggie using the bathroom on fishing nets?

  • whitexchina Post author

    Dogs don't like to pee where they live. It's normal.

  • *밤톨이 * Post author

    실외배변 견주님들 진짜 힘든건 사실입니다 저도 제 반려견 4년넘게 실외배변으로 365일 눈이오나 비가오나 폭염이오나 기본 하루 3-4번 무조건 밖으로 장시간 외출할때는 무조건 데리구 나갔다와 외출 외출후에도 장시간은 제가 불안해 후다닥 귀가…혹시나 방광쪽에 문제가 있지는 않을까 걱정에 올해 여름에 건강검진까지 했는데 다행히 괜찮더라구요 실외배변 견주님들 힘내세요

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    애니멀봐 제작진님들.. 곰 사육장에서 죽어야만 철장에서 나갈 수 있다는 기사를 보았습니다.. 몇 년이 지나도 해결이 안되고 있는 모양입니다.. 어디에 써야하나 하다가 댓글에라도 적어봅니다. 구독자수가 많으신만큼 영향력도 크실거라 생각해요. 불쌍한 곰들 도움부탁드립니다..!!!

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    — thương

  • 원진 Post author

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  • DarjeelingJelly Post author

    Touch training is really good for shibas; thats how I trained mine.

  • Doh! Post author

    보상보다 처벌이 이래서 정말 어려운 겁니다. 처벌은 제대로 학습하지 않은 보호자가 함부로 사용해서는 안되는 겁니다. 사람도 마찬가지고요. 학습심리학에 이 부분이 나오니 견주분들은 공부하시면 좋을 겻 갵습니다

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    저런게해도안돼면 병원가야대나요?
    그리고저의애는간식 금지대..

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    배변극장 먼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 제목싲ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 후배 위할줄 아는 선배 Post author

    전에 키우던 제 시츄 뚱이도.. 저랬는데.. ㅠㅠ

    지금와서 왜 그랬을까 생각해보면,
    가족들 네명이서 번갈아가면서 뚱이를 돌봤는데
    다들 학업, 직장 등으로 바쁘다보니 한 사람이 계속 찐득하게 돌봐줄 시간이 없어서 일률적이고 통일된 배변 교육이 안되서 그런 것 같다는 생각이 듭니다..

    애가 자기는 헷갈리는데 아무데나 싸면 혼내고 ㅠㅠ
    제가 멍멍이라도 집에서는 무서워서 못 쌀 것 같네요.. ㅠㅠ

    혹시 반려견이 야외배변만 하는 분들은 이런 이유가 아닌지..?

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    She is in pain and needs to see the veternerian!!!!

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    I'm so happy to see more good people alive in this world! Please restore my faith in humanity!

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    do the fisherman who owns those nets appreciate this dog peeing and pooing on fish nets which come in DIRECT CONTACT WITH HUMAN FOOD ITEMS??

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    주인잘못이지 그렇게 9년이나 방치시키냐 조치를해야지

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    시봉아. 아빠랑 앞으로 더 행복하길 바랄게.

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    how do they not catch the title before posting these videos

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    She WANTS him to use the toilet in home???

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    That's one super messy house….

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    땅콩이는 9년을 그렇게…시봉이는 유기된 속에서 고통받았던 아픔 때문에….에휴… 사람과 말이라도 통했으면 말이라도 했을텐데…
    이제서야 두 녀석 모두 한결 나아진 생활을 할수있으니 얼마나 다행인지 기쁘네요..☘✨🌹🍁🎈😺👌👏👏👏🎉😄

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  • 옞. Post author


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    시봉이 낑낑대는 소리만 들어도 심장이 터질것같은데 끝까지 교정시키시다니.. 진짜 대단하세요…

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    땅콩이 저 내 이모가 키우던 강아지 랑 이름이 너무 똑같아요

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    개가 이불에 쌀 수도 있지 그걸로 혼내는 이유를 모르겟다. 교육을 제대로 시키지도 않고 개를 혼내는건 주인 너 잘못이야

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  • badbeatking80 Post author

    Lady in black is pretty 😍

  • 이다현 Post author


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  • Michele Koumrouyan Post author

    Peut-être si elle crie à t’elle des hémorroïdes pauvre petite 🥴💖

  • Michele Koumrouyan Post author

    Ravi j avais pas vu jusqu’à la fin
    Mais les pêcheurs qui vont prendre leurs filets 🙀🙀🙀🤩
    C’est super ce qu’ils font pour leurs animaux 🥰

  • T Forrester Post author

    Your cations went so fast, I couldn’t follow it ! And the subtitle was on top of another, made it very hard to read! 😡 … the dogs are so cute and the owners are such lovely parents and so responsible 😍😍

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    사람은 노상방뇨 하면 벌금이고
    웃끼는 세상이구만

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