100 thoughts on “🙈 Service Dog Causing Mischief | They Have Personalities! 🐕

  • lin ives Post author

    Awesome video of a super-awesome service dog!

  • Rana 1016 Post author

    She is extra cute today! Her little face and those eyes with those brows moving all over. She is such a happy girl. Maybe you needed a good laugh and some smiles.

  • alyson podmore Post author

    That's so funny. She was having a naughty moment. Ommmmm that's so so funny. They have Amazon g personalities. Bless her, she wanted to make u smile and laugh xx

  • Anastasia [DarkLady]gr Post author

    As you said service dogs are not robots my service dog in training about a week ago woke up in the middle of the night and ate 12 dental sticks…and then of course she threw up…silly always hungry puppo

  • Beverly Cook Post author

    YAY!!! Sometimes even bad is good.. HA haha ha haha!!! He's probably so glad you are home!!! He is Celebrating!!! YAY!!!

  • Jada Anderson Post author

    Harlow is a beautiful dog!😂

  • Penelope Polins née Meyer Post author

    She is such a mischief! I love to see you both so full of joy together! xxxxxx

  • Kevin Phair Post author

    She wanted a snack Jaquie.She had a craving for a drink

  • Ashlin S Post author

    Feeling very yucky today. Needed the laugh. Thanks Harlow.

  • Miss Tiffany Post author


  • LunalaWolf Post author

    Harlow is just too funny 😂

  • Lisa Ackroyd Post author

    Thank you sooooo much for sharing this video. My dog, Clarence, enjoys his time off to the fullest but is on point when he’s working. People don’t understand that and expect SD’s to be “perfect” 24/7.

  • Kimberlee_Tucker Post author

    What is her most favorite toy?

  • Kimberlee_Tucker Post author

    She has the sweetest face.

  • andrew Post author

    Its Harlow being Harlow

  • EmilyLovesHerDogs Post author

    Blowing off steam lol

  • Carolyn Bridge Post author

    Harlow is so sweet! Hilarious!!

  • hopkin6 aj Post author

    Aww Harlow I s such a crazy but helping dog!

  • natalie bryant Post author

    The real question is….. how do you keep that carpet clean?? Hair free.

  • Chronic Butterfly Post author

    Lol🤣 At one point, it almost looks like most of her toys are grouped together by types.. stuffed, balls, chews.. she definitely put them away in a certain order!🤣

  • Ed Tolleson Jr Post author

    She doesn’t have any personality or toys. 😂 That was payback for her missing you while in the hospital.

  • Kirsten Courtney Post author

    I wish we could hear a narrative of her brain during her mischief. 😂🐕 She's so lovable! She's so happy to work and play with you!!

  • Robin Phillips Post author

    Love this vlog

  • Kathleen Smith Post author

    What a wonderful and beautiful dog. I know that there probably is not a lot of things that help you when you are really sick other than your family and friends but she must be a huge source of comfort to you. And since they say laughter is the best medicine that must have been wonderful to wake up to.

  • SaraHville 1 Post author


  • Fransisca Emily Post author

    Maybe Harlow just wanted to make you happy as laughter is the best medicine. She is adorable 😍

  • Crystal Croft Post author

    Absolutely loved this video❣💕

  • Yunie chan Post author

    Hahahaha Harlow is having a lot of fun. So many toys, the flamingo is my fave too Hippo! ^_^

  • Betta Blue Post author

    She really wants to play and interact with you! She is sweetness! Love it while she is young, my guy is in his 80’s in dog years, so he really wants to play, but it only lasts about 5 minutes. He’s in pain, and has other big issues. But love it all.

  • harveythepooka Post author

    I had this one dog that was super quiet. Before I adopted her she'd been abused and neglected and it took her a LONG time to come out of her shell. Once day I'd taken some trash down from my bedroom and I left it at the bottem of the stairs and forgot to take it out. The next morning it was like the bag had exploded! She took it over to the living room and she'd covered the whole floor with it and she just looked so proud of herself! It was the cutest thing ever! I didn't even get mad at her about it. Dogs can be angels, even if they're naughty angels!

  • nicola Reay Post author

    She so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this, it made my morning

  • super doodle oakley Post author

    i love this video, especially everything you said at the end. oakley (my SD) is the same way. he’s happy-go-lucky and extremely goofy when off duty, but as soon as he’s working he’s a whole different dog. the only thing that stays the same is just how happy and excited he is to be doing whatever (as long as he’s with me! lol!)
    this video also made me smile when i really needed something to. i haven’t seen oakley since june because he’s been away at a board & train, and i’ve been missing him like crazy. i love that harlow grabbed the water bottle!

  • Ana Larson Post author

    Maybe Harlow was telling you something-lol.Laughter is good medicine. I love when my SD goes in and cleans up the bathroom, she loves to get separate my braces and give me clothes. Then sometimes she runs away with my stuff but always comes back.Love to you all.Thanks for sharing = caring, blessings.

  • xneongrande Post author

    I love seeing what she does makes you smile. Harlow brings smile to my face and many others as well. She's so cute. 🙂

  • samiamisme Post author

    Best video ever! So fun watching her get her playtime in. Just adorable. She's not gonna like clean up time too much, gonna take awhile. Lol. She is the best💕🐕🤗

  • Joan Milano Post author

    I could watch videos of Harlow all day long!

  • Taylor Roe Post author

    I laughed! She is adorable and funny! Love her personality! Love all of ya! Stay positive!

  • Thora Friganza Post author

    So cute haha she wants to play.

  • nita r Post author

    Harlow is adorable…

  • Alexis Post author

    So glad that you shared this video and proved many people wrong! I love your channel and Harlow is so cute

  • Edwina Stephen Post author

    Such a cutie pie…. hugs n love to both of u.

  • Tim Chilson Post author

    Jaquie, could you please tell me where you got your flamingo pjs? Thank you! Megan.

  • ancientsgate Post author

    Maybe the best service Harlow provides for you is how she makes you laugh, Jaquie. It's delightful to see how she tickles your funny bone.

  • Becky Baker Post author

    Bahahaha! Oh Harlow, she's so cute <3

  • Shannon Landis Post author

    Harlowe clearly needs play time!!

  • Benjamin Freyman Post author

    Some bodies feeling really good Harlow. 🐕 Yeah. 😸

  • shari harris Post author

    so happy to see you home and laughing with harlow. i live in south florida been following you forever. read an article in sun-sentinel local newspaper last sunday the staff writer, (doreen’s deals) wrote about service dogs. got some of it right, but not all. i don’t express my thoughts well and didn’t respond. if you need something to read maybe you could find the article online. you help me through my early morning workouts when i see a post. thank you for that. keep moving forward💜🐾

  • Jo Ann Green Post author

    Just love sweet Harlow! She is a happy girl!! 💛🐶

  • Sammy Jules Post author

    I’m in the middle of training my service dog and his loves working but whenever he gets home or on a normal walk he’ll try to do everything and anything which makes him so proud so I will forever agree with what you said in this video.

  • Trisha B Post author

    Harlow is always a guaranteed laugh. happy national dog day harlow

  • leafylaurel Post author

    I've been watching your vlogs since just a couple months after you started but I don't think I've ever commented! I just wanted to tell you that I love watching you and Harlow together in your vlogs. She is so precious and you two obviously love each other very much! It seriously warms my heart <3 She is such a good dog! I love her cheeky personality.
    Keep doing what you're doing Jaquie, your videos make a difference!!

  • Franticpixel Post author

    Aww <3 ahaha! Silly boofer! <3 😂❤️

  • Tiffany Magnuson Post author

    She had to dig to the bottom to find the one she wanted lol. Oir female cattle dog does this all the time.

  • Georgeana Thornton Post author

    Harlow just being a dog. Made you smile. She is amazing. ❤️ from Ganny T in Tx

  • PaganVoodooGypsy Post author

    I love Harlow so much! It's so refreshing to get to see her just being a dog. And the joy that she brings you is beautiful! Thank you for sharing her mischievous side with us!

  • Nathalia Jiménez Post author

    she’s adorable 💗💗💗✨

  • Kiqui Monte Post author

    I admire your strength, and your courage. Kiss & huga

  • D. Lemmon Post author

    Harlow is such a sweetie!!!! I REALLY, REALLY enjoyed this one!! It's GOOD for EVERYONE to cut up from time to time. So GLAD Harlow enjoyed her time cutting up. She is such an AWESOME DOG AS WELL AS a MAGNIFICENT SERVICE DOG & TEAM PLAYER!!!

  • Beverly Cook Post author

    I wonder if you are feeding the same fresh raw food. I changed my Golden's diet slightly and he acted up like that. STRONG reaction! They can't write. lol 🙂 Reference to the fridge too. She is so smart!

  • Renee' Matthews Post author

    Harlow us totally adorable!!

  • Joely Fontaine Post author

    At least it’s not the ranch

  • Deedee Fischer Post author

    I think she just wanted to give you a good laugh. She may have thought you needed it more then her hovering while you were taking care of personal hygiene.

  • Linda De Del Castillo Post author

    This was too funny and a good way to show that service dogs have fun and do other things besides work. I hoping Harlow would have gotten Ranch dressing again!!! 😂😂🤣🤣💛

  • Brooke Barnhart Post author

    Oh Harlow 😉 she was having a ball throwing her toys around 🙂

  • Cottoncandy skies Post author

    This made me laugh and smile I needed this

  • Lilas Lee Lah Lemay Post author

    She might of wanted to work for you even though you didn't give her the command.

  • Post author

    Cutest goddamn dog.

  • Mrs. Mechanic Post author

    So absolutely adorable ❤

  • Graham Clark Post author

    Its great when they go off script/ Couple of years ago I had a German shepherd, we fitted each other perfectly she had a caring side but also a "Why I am bothered with this ****" which I just loved. One morning at around 3am I fell taking a whole pile of stuff down with me, the nose was horrendous. Tanna comes through bleery eyed, gives me a poke with her paw and waits a second I say "I'm alright sweetie" I'd hit the alarm by this point. She turns round and walks back to bed in a kind of "Your alright I'm away". Unyet when similar happened in a hotel some time later when I wasn`t quite so alright, she stood over the top of me until a med team arrived

  • Xyrheadella Daniel Post author

    I don't know but did you ever imagine if harlow is going to die. I du know what to do then if that happened! 😢

  • Jessica Bray Post author

    omg that is adorable.

  • Angela Fischer Post author

    Harlow is such a great service dog and furbaby! This made me smile 😊 and laugh 😂 this morning. Thank you Harlow for being a lovable and mischievous pup!! ❤️

  • X X Post author

    Water I want water momma, woof woof woof

  • jaycee sanchez Post author

    Making mommy happy an smile. She is the one for you.

  • Nina DirniMiezenberger Post author

    How adorable!
    I think it's more of the opposite, dog who don't get to work at all, often get bored and can even develop depression because most dog breeds have actually been bred for a specific task. And eg Retrievers were bred to work near and in the water to bring the shot ducks etc back to the hunter.

  • Victoria R Post author

    Does Harlow know how to give body pressure? My pup has a really great natural tendency to respond to my anxiety but I don’t know how to direct that

  • Sharon Duchene Post author

    This was awesome! I laughed so much at her antics and the expression on her face.

  • helperdog vader Post author

    on sunday i went to the mall with my service dog my bf and his parents and the entire time my service dog just didnt want to behave and wanted to play and i felt so embarrassed because he normally behaves when he's working then we took my dog to the park and while my dog was drinking water another dog picked a fight with my service dog and the owners tried to make it seem like my dog started it for defending himself

  • Tina Panna Post author

    She’s just doing her own thing today

  • Tina Panna Post author


  • leahlee8169 G Post author

    I have a service animal and the only thing i can't ever get him to stop is when he see some water he will pull me to it so he can play.

  • tadie1235 Post author

    Such a Puppy

  • Diana Smith Post author

    Love the clean up! What a good girl ,😍

  • Callie W311 Post author

    Thanks for sharing this. This was so cute and I could watch videos like this over and over. Harlow is an amazing worker, and has an amazing life as a pet too. Hope you're feeling better, I saw your recent video and saw you had surgery and are in the hospital with a Benadryl drip. Hope you get to go home soon. I don't have nearly as many things as you do, health wise, but I have chronic pain and am a cancer survivor. I love the way you talk about your struggles and happiness in your videos. I've binged several over the last 4 or 5 days, and really connected with the description of pain and how you live with it and just because your smile or laugh, doesn't mean everything is ok. Anyway thanks for making the videos, I don't know if I could do it, if I was in your situation. But I love them, and Judd and you and Harlow!

  • Heidi Geiman Post author

    I like her

  • Sandra Sunshine Post author

    Greetings Jaquie, I am new to your channel. I find it quit knowledgeable as well as definitely entertaining…However, do you think that maybe you could teach Harlow to wave good bye after the videos with you? I for one noticed while watching some of your videos…the same twinkle in Harlow's eyes, matches yours quite nicely. 🙂

  • Heidi Geiman Post author

    Harlow you silly Puppy

  • Daisy Sturge Post author

    Harlow is so cute ❤️

  • valley girl Post author

    Lol! I just love Hippo! I had a goldy ( R.I.P. Yolfie's golden Magic 06/15/1999-03/30/2012) and they live to please. They are also mischievous which is hilarious because it's not really in their nature lol so they end up looking like goofs. I love those dogs. The absolute kindest, most gentle and damn smart dog a person could ever have. She's a gem! Just love to see her play and her expression! The way shes looking at you when you discover the water bottle I'm dying here lol..maybe she wants her water ice cold. My goldy loved ice cubes

  • Corrin Kam Post author

    Harlow's such a goofy wholesome pup

  • Suzanne k Post author

    Harlow is just the cutest ever!

  • Megan Wilcox Post author

    This is me. Honestly I have a room full of toys……. I'm 14, 🤣🤣 mainly stuffed animals.

  • Suzette Sanborn Post author

    OMG! I Was laugoing sooo hard! She is so darn cute. She has a wonderful personality. She's not my dog and I love her. You can always tell that she is definitely not just a service dog. Yes she is an amazing service dog but just like humans, that's her "job" but she's also just part of the family. 💚

  • LionessProwess Post author

    Lol. Very cute. She's just bringing off energy. Doggies are very in tuned to their needs. ❤️ Harlow!

  • Molly Post author

    Yuengling! I see Judd is a man of taste.

  • rachael james Post author

    Hippo!!! U goof ball!!! I couldn’t stop laughing!! If only we could have seen how she actually succeeded in creating her mischief & fun!!! She is such a bright light!!! I can’t remember her age-is she still in her puppyhood?

  • Michael Blanton Post author

    Love this!

  • Heidi Geiman Post author

    Silly puppy stop opening the fridge

  • karen branton Post author

    When my Rottweiler Bella runs back and forth we call it the zoomes to

  • Bridget Atleson Post author

    When you told Harlow to retrieve the water bottle, my service dog heard you and brought me a water bottle lol

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