10 Most Shocking Animal Mutations

10 Most Shocking Animal Mutations

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facts first presents 10 shocking real mutations and animals number one ought to go to the ought to go tell mum Croatia a farmer found the goat and was in utter disbelief when he counted eight legs instead of just four the farmer talked to his farmer friends about it but soon enough the goat became a celebrity some people thought the goat was cute while others were simply shocked the farmer wants to keep the goat as a pet of course this will only happen if the goat survives since mutations can hinder an animal’s life expectancy number two a two legged dog faith is a cute little pup that would be like any other dog if not for the fact that it only has two legs the dog did have two front legs but they were too small reports say the mother attempted to kill the pump but just ended up abandoning it of course this is a normal occurrence in the animal kingdom that is attempting to weed off mutations the two front legs were amputated by the owner who found her because they were causing faiths and issues the owner trained faith to walk on two legs afterwards faith appeared on The Oprah Show number three two-headed snake shocking real mutations and animals can be quite distressing and ethereal like the two-headed snake the snake is already a scary creature but the two heads makes it even more terrifying the snake was not only born with two heads it was also born albino we was her name and she lived eight years this was abnormal because most snakes that are born with two heads either fight to the death or eat each other at a very young age number four angel cat a cat was discovered in a small village in China with two small furry wings no the cat was not able to fly with the wings that she was born with but the cat was able to move the wings from time to time she was definitely an attraction that brought different people to the village number-5 cyclopia monkey another small village in China was visited by a strange occurrence when the cyclopia monkey was born the monkey was born like any other monkey but it terrified many of the villagers when its mutation was noticed the monkey was born with just one simple eye in the middle of its forehead the monkey is said to have pig-like facial features because the ears are quite large and the face is very pink number 6 the see-through fish there is not much more that needs to be said about a fish that you can see through the skin allows people to see its organs bone structure and pretty much everything else one can imagine this fish was not naturally born but rather scientifically modified the genes were messed with for cosmetic purposes to see what could be achieved there was no intention of making the fish completely see-through but that is what was achieved number seven for leg duck forelegs on a duck is definitely something one could only dream of yet it is real stumpy is the name of this oddity of nature the two extra legs were useless to the duck thankfully it could still walk normally with two legs hanging under its belly the Ducks extra legs did not stick around for too long though one got stuck and was injured which prompted the owners to remove it surgically the other leg became black after some time and fell off number 8 two-faced cats these cats are something to behold their names are Frank and Louie they have two faces in one head instead of one face that one might expect as it is to be expected most cats would these kinds of mutations do not live long but Frank and Louie proved everyone wrong they lived a full life past their twelfth birthdays number nine blue lobster lobsters are known for their red color as much as they are known for their succulent meat but there is a lobster known for something a little more peculiar this Lobster is known for its blue ocean hue the mutation is quite rare scientists say the mutation happens to one in five million lobsters number ten white tiger Tigers have always been known as majestic creatures of the wild but this particular tiger is known for its strangeness Kenny was a special Tiger because he had a deformed head that was slightly larger than other Tigers he also had cross-eyed syndrome he truly was a playful Tiger who was always friendly the tiger was actually mentally disabled which is the reason it was cared for in captivity it lived a long time though it did eventually die of cancer those who cared for Kenny were heartbroken as they had grown very close to him Kenny definitely belongs on this list shocking real mutations and animals subscribe for more [Music]

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