A Cat Lovers Ultimate Norwex Guide

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This is the Ultimate Norwex Guide for Cat
Lovers. With British accents. Today, I’m going to talk about some Norwex
that take the stinky cat smell away from your house. Our first product is… ODOUR ELIMINATOR! This makes your dreams come true. This makes your cat pee smells disappear,
like a magician came to your house. Our next product is the Mop. Brush. What THIS does…is if your cats fur gets
all over your house, and it’s just. It’s just, horrible, it helps it get off the
furniture! Here’s your magic wand. Our third product is the lint mitt. Sometimes it sounds like, mint. If your cat gets hair all over your clothes,
it just does this. Fits perfect in your purse. And our fourth item is… the muhahhaa. Air freshener bag. Just put a little tack or a nail on the wall,
hang it over the kitty litter box. It ABSORBS odour. And the little odours will start to disappear. And for our FINAL item, is the dry mop pad. Do you have cat fur, all over? What this does is get the hair balls out of
the corners. And, on the floor! And THERE ya have it! Heeha. Heeheehee. And THAT was the ULTIMATE. NORWEX. Guide. For cat lovers. And SCENE!

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