A Dog Park for Furries – Mini-Mocks

A Dog Park for Furries – Mini-Mocks

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Most of the dog parks
in this city have a rule. You got to have a dog. So I created a place
where you can be a dog. My name’s Jeff Henderson,
AKA Rover, and I built this
dog park for furries. Traditional dog parks
are surprisingly strict. Go home. It’s not like the human parks
are too nice to us either. The furry community
is so inclusive, and it’s just so disheartening
to see how much rejection we faced
for just being ourselves. Sometimes it just makes me
want to bark the pain away. In a real dog parks, some people
don’t clean up after their pups. That rarely happens here,
but when it does, those with more dexterous paws,
like me, have to pick up
the slack and the shit. Some people are taking this new
found freedom a little too far. Strider, come on, man. There’s like a public bathroom
30 feet away, dude. We’re not animals. Oh my god,
dude that’s a big one. Guy’s like 30 years old, man.
He has a fiance. Most furries only get together
at convention centers, so it’s great to have a place
where we can get outdoors and get down and dirty.
I like dirt. Bear attack. For the last time,
I am not a bear. Kid, you see my tail?
I’m a lemur. I am nimble. I am agile.
I’m a master of the trees. Fuck. These suits really become
an extension of self expression. Some people invest like
all they have into them. I may not have a suit right now,
but when I get one, it will be better than anything
that was ever anything. Five kinds of fur. Six eyes, four arms.
A metal skeleton. Life is about freedom
of expression. Freedom to be whoever you want.
Whatever you want. We even got the sickest
furry DJ to come. DJ Pulled
Pork is here today. I guess I hope this space
will allow us the chance to socialize and meet
just like everyone else, without all the apps. But some things like finding
love aren’t always the easiest. You know what they say?
You can’t teach an old dog how to ask a human in an animal
costume out on a date.

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