A pair of Birds 🐦🐦 Easy Daily Painting Step by step Acrylic Tutorials Day #13 AcrylicApril2020

A pair of Birds 🐦🐦 Easy Daily Painting Step by step Acrylic Tutorials Day #13 AcrylicApril2020

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everybody I even cinnamon Cooney you’re Archer but today I’m going to show you how you can create this beautiful painting here of two little birds looking off into the distance we don’t know what they’re looking at something wonderful I hope I’m gonna explain this painting step by step every part of the process to help me do that as my husband John hey guys you make sure you don’t miss anything fundamental any of the techniques any of the color mixing you zooms in you’re really able to create this for yourself at home now doing just this one painting is completely fine this painting is part of a 30 day painting program that would love to invite you to take part of so either way is fine grab your page grab your brushes come back and maybe these are right now I’m gonna show you how to paint two little birds today’s the color palette has Mars black had yellow medium bird Sienna halo blue halo green CAD red medium titanium white and to do the background I put aside a little extra white and phthalo blue to mix together so what we’re going to do is we’re going to use that mixture there and paint the entire surface of our 8×8 canvas with a light sky-blue color let’s get started I’m going to mix these together nice light blue using a big brush and get it wet load it up you can see I’m flipping the brush to load it I’m gonna paint this whole thing blue so for the next part I’m going to use a chalk tool and a t-square to create an eighth one inch by one inch grid across my 8×8 canvas let me put this back in I use my ruler and I make a mark every inch and using a ruler I create straight lines you when you have the grid in where you’re happy you’re going to create numbers 1 3 8 across the top 1 3 8 across the side this will help you with your reference when you’re trying to refer back to it to see where a particular line goes and how you use the grid is you find a square let’s say we’re on Row 2 horizontal vertical rows six all I’ve got to draw is what I see in that square not everything I see but this small amount of what I see and that is a really nice safe way to begin to practice drawing even if you’re not quite versed in it yet let’s do the whole image copying what we see in each individual square that is step one remember using chalk you can go back and change your lines reevaluate you can get the basics sketched in and still change your mind now for step two we’re going to begin painting in a little more of the dramatic background where we give it just a bit of a highlight around the birds so that they really pop and then the beginnings of the branch I’ll see you for step two in step two I want to create a bit of a light color halo around our birds so that they’re very dark values pop against this because your biggest dramatic focal point will be your largest areas of contrast so it’s important to create that sense of contrast I’m going to take my number eight cat’s tongue and put just a small amount of a little blue on it you can see this is really kind of the basis of the background of the sky we’ve already done but I want to do this one just slightly lighter and what I’ve already done and at first I’m going to just come around here a little more water on there so it’s out nicely begin in a very loose you can kind of see it’s like you’re wiggling the brush on the edge to give an irregular line so it kind of looks like clouds we’re just just lighter it could be clouds it could be something fuzzy in the background just they are [Music] against a lighter background as the goal we’ll let the viewer decide if it’s cold but the trick to this again is that I go on the edge of my brush getting clean lines around my main object but then I go on the edge and her dry brushing as you can see eating a regular line flipping your brush a lot – yes should try to get new areas of paint so every time you roll your brush especially if you load correctly when you load your brush if you load correctly you will have lots of pain in the belly and all the engage sides of the brush my pressure here is super light I’m kind of wiggling this around again it will feel cloud-like but it won’t be a cloud yeah but what it will be it’s cloudy lighter then our just mean background while still distinctly feeling blue this will also help our strong turquoise values really pop as well now I’m a kind of come in here and if I lose a little bit of my tail that’s okay because it’s gonna be easy for me to put in if you’re struggling with you know getting certain things in and you might want to paint a little more meticulously around the objects I’m not so it’s not as a big deal for me you’ve got to really just decide where your comfort zone is for you you can see it’s just about letting it of its little rough edge it’s just nice little rough-edged very loose very chill expressive part of the project next I want to put in kind of a branch and I’ll go ahead and treat myself to my number four round for that I’m gonna get my number from around wet I’m gonna go ahead and get a little of my deepest value which is going to be my black my brown and this time interestingly enough a little bit of green come off the surface looking right over your left shoulder there a little bit you you can even go around if you want she´ll stroking when you want to make a stroke narrow it’s a great time to practice lightening your brush pressure and kind of improving that as I come to the ends I’m gonna want to get a little more of my brown and green together and a smidge of my cad yellow and then kind of on the edge of some of these branches I’m gonna add a little bit of that green kind of value to it sometimes new growth tends to get a little green and let’s put a few highlights on the branch highlights are gonna be fun because I can take a little bit of my cab read and Mike had yellow in my burnt sienna and it makes just a brighter color I can come along the top and I’m adding that in it’s a nice start maybe I will take that around the side never know he might take it around the side just get around there yeah I’m on the toe of my brush I’m just kind of eating this back in Forsyth there’s a bit of continuity but you see that there’s a lot happening there born to my yellow go ahead and grab some of that white into that now if this is too wet the light color may not like glide over it so I’m gonna dry it real fast so I can really pop my light and my dark values doesn’t take a lot in anyway get going it’s just nice to have it there so now when I come over I can do some cool things which is I can be more dry brushing which will help make things feel more like bark on the top of this branch roll out my brush to get a nice little bead right on the toe I go right there maybe not as you know much going on right here and I was like leaning into odd positions to stay out of the way of the carriage on then I don’t think I actually am out of the way may not even be effective you can really see that dry brushing effect it’s really helpful I’m gonna get back into my brown and black just come under the branch maybe on the edges of some spots that just put the shadow back in yeah the contrast of these two will just really help it you know and I can always kind of come under this bird a little under this bird saying oh you know the brand she’s highlighted but they would be blocking a little bit of light a little and get into my lighter color and rinse out my brush so it just gives me a bit of a dimmer just not as bright as what might be in some way that’s my friends is step 2 – step 3 will come back and start working on the birds which was the best part of the whole painting mm-hmm birds for step 3 see you there so we’re gonna start putting in the basic sort of shapes and values of the birds I’m gonna be leaning towards my dark core values as I start blocking this in I’m really excited about all the interesting colors on these birds they’re I think they’re called Kingfisher strong hmm I didn’t know that yeah there’s a couple really colorful birds out there that I get really excited about this this is one of them I picked them a lot and I’ve wanted to paint this pair for a long time I’m gonna go ahead and start with my turquoise color which is going to be my phthalo green and my phthalo blue let’s go ahead and begin to put this in we’re gonna go ahead and use a dark value at first i’ma put where I see the turquoise I’m going to paint the dough turquoise mm-hmm now on this little bird a few feathers coming over the branch is going to be okay because we’re fluffed and lo apparently they’ve got a hunching position that they’re into hunching position a hunching position hunching – I’m gonna just get this and again this is my deep turquoise I will build up from here it’s a nice place to sort of start behind our little fellow here our little pairs right is another bird this one’s kind of more on the lookout that right there not as over the branch because the body is elongated so the feathers are not flow weird to think that a bird can hunch but they can and do hunched over then what do you do gain time in that’s what you do you can see that phthalo turquoise is a fairly transparent color but we’re gonna be painting this in pretty loosely so you can be very relaxed I do kind of chop my brush strokes a bit like feathers just so that as I layer on there you know it is feather-light there’s a couple other places on this particular bird we have some stronger blue my daughter says burb what honey says is burb just don’t know whether the gums room but it so cute it’s like I love burbs there we go there so that bit of blue is represented then we have a neat little wing here kind of like this cool orange color so let’s start again with our cad red and yellow much more mixed in too and you can even get a little bit of your burnt sienna kind of tone it or something now I’m going to come to the wing and a look at the shape although that’s kind of orange also the top of the head kind of a similar orange now this bird and I’m gonna get on the corner of my brush to do this and I may have to like roll out and get to the corner when I come here the beak is a little bit on angle and these feathers are a little bit up so just go ahead and take the time to talk about that now it’ll work out well in the final painting with birds it’s kind of fun that you can kind of as long as you generally get um you can get like this sense of them that’s fun I like it also kind of coming off his beak is a bit of this like orange feathered ruff great version of the color joins down into the neck like I’m in a bit and if you paint over where you think something is going to be what’s fantastic about that is that you can go back with lighter colors or different values and kind of work that in now I’m gonna get a little of my brown into my mix bin of my black have it wrenched out rinsed out my brush if that is showing here at the base the Ling I’m going to bring back a little bit of this color and you can see I’m pulling the brush back so how come you’re not rinsing your brush because the orange is valued through the whole thing so I might as well keep that value it’s a continuity um sometimes referred to as a mother color mm-hmm well it wouldn’t really be a mother color in this because I wouldn’t do it through the whole piece but in the orange even as it goes darker Brown it all has that cast to it so the only way to really get that is to mix the darker colors incorporate it and get there a month here yes now cutie-patootie here as a bit of a tale coming out here you I know does this word fan thing mm-hmm I gotta get that shape sort of in and then there is this one little tail feather weird little tail and you can get more dark as you come forward you just trying to bring that through sometimes it’s hard to paint around objects like a branch let’s go ahead and put this dark value in under all that now bad so we’re getting in it you you you let down I’ve around that branch a little bit and I may have to touch that branch up in front while I’m here I’m going to go ahead and get into some blue and I mix those two together as you can see and get a little white into it you bringing those little colors round not doing bad so I’m going to say here is step three only because we did a lot of mixes and we’re gonna be really radically changing some of the colors a little bit and some of the other underpinnings that we’re doing so if we go forward from Step three into four kind of finishing it out I think it will be less overwhelming for you hmm Emmie everybody in general right so let’s come back and forth and continue doing what we’re doing we’re gonna continue doing what we’re doing keep doing what you’re doing we’re gonna keep doing what we’re doing so the next little run of colors I’m gonna get is I’m going to get into my yellow I think so there’s this wonderful kind of yellow and I’m gonna let me rinse out my brush really well that had a bit of a black still in it sometimes you got a really wrench out vigorously if ever you see that that’s what you do just rinse out I’m gonna get a little bit of my red just a bit into that because I will be brightening it with the yellow and the way but this is a nice base to start with and I’m gonna look at the top of his head and go all right there’s a little bit of that bird neck coming down here and even though it kind of felt super orange initially right mm-hmm on the canvas that looks quite yellow I yet still do have a little room though to add or brighten up the yellow on the chin and a little bit out there and then definitely and it comes really sort of an angle almost curved around that way funky fluffy weird little birds there they are weird little birds right get the next little run of color which I feel is kind of like an off-white so I’m going to take a bit of my brown into that yellow mix I just made get a lot of white into it well then again that gives us some more room to brighten that there and then I’m going to add a line coming down here line coming down here again we’re just blocking in we’re just determining where stuff goes you can sit there and say there’s a bit the top here radiates out pretty fantastic when they’re I don’t know why what I did I did it and we’ve got some black coming down let’s go ahead and make it a brown in black though you it comes back to about here there’s certainly some around the neck kind of happens you another little black area of where the eye is going to be at a block there I’m gonna come here and add a little more black and it’s the brown and black a bit there you just looking for places where I would see that color obviously we have the nice little beaks so the beaks are kind of two values I think it’ll probably be easiest to do the darker value first and then come back and do the lighter value and I’m going to just I’m not even gonna switch my brush I’m just going to tap out kind of general shape of the beak that I feel that I’m seeing I’m back in you you I see the bottom of that beak great mm-hmm do a similar deal you here we go darker be you adding a bit of weights to this just not super light but just later me it’s interesting to say how I turned this to capture the top but let’s even maybe a little lighter though always interesting to find how light how dark is we really wanted to show oh just a touch it’s just the beginning right you for those birds now are in their little perspective there is some nice kind of gray at their tail I think we can kind of do I’m going to add a little brown to it white there we go here’s the color I’m looking for and I’m gonna go ahead and just paint this branch back in after I’m done because it’s just gonna be too hard to paint around just easier to paint over that yeah just so much easier you you you you there we go this is fantastic right really it’s coming together I’m going to continue to use my number six right here and I’m going to continue to block out and paint the values and different elements that I see in these wonderful birds hey I think that I’m gonna want to kind of come in and work on my wing a bit so let’s get a little bit of our yellow and our red again where we make our wonderful orange and for some of it I will want more of the cat and for some of it I will want more yellow and then come here and just tap line of that color in and then maybe a little more CAD and see just create sort of a bit of that red right more yellow maybe a smidge of white you get at the tip they’re just looking for places that that color might be relevant I’m going to go ahead and add a little right here maybe at the tip of those feathers because it just looks nice you bringing it up to the top there I might even add these a bit to the top on him that’s super fun I can just move right on into my CAD right I haven’t rinsed up because we’re just kind of unifying those colors right you you that’s super fun you you now won’t might get back into my yellow and I’m putting those little different yellow values at the top of the head what a happy little pair of birds verbs and verbs a little bit rinse out early you a little black and brown you it’s kind of refining that you look again I’m gonna take I’m gonna make sure this is really really rinsed out we’re gonna have some fun in some of my favorite colors which is turquoise I’m gonna take my green in my blue I might mix a little stronger to the green and I’m going to add some white and come here one more blue you a little more white I might even grab a little yellow into it pulling it over the branch some perhaps a little bit of that right there I’d even grab some more white and I’m going to tone it with some brown and kind of see it’s still in that blue range but it’s grayed out a bit mm-hmm right here perhaps right on the outside of here on the inside of right there in some little way that we can see I rinse out and I wipe off and then we come back into my blue because I might want some stronger color right here maybe even here where there’s an overlap at the way just playing with those values blue just back and forth trying to create that little version of him that’s super lovely I grabbed a little more green you and just trying to shade his little ball body where you can really see what he’s got going on I’m not trying to paint every feather we’re going to do the same trick ways right here the green stay low blue together you you let’s just brush this down there’s a little bit of whistle here there time I just away I like how the layering comes in it’s just nice isn’t it just a little bit of this nut and you now close to the body I’m gonna get a lot more available on me where these two are close together add this is kind of a value change a wipeout in more blue the layers really make those feathers look complex they do even though they are just what we’re doing talk about what we’re doing back into our turquoise I was into a little more blue even sometimes into a little more green getting that there and I’m yellow it a brown and some white gives us kind of that muted under the tail color and again if I have to come back all right with my branch color I can do that so if you lose anything you can always put it back I think this is a good place to stop before the next step just to let you guys kind of catch up because we’ve got a few more highlights a few more little touches here and there and letting you take it in and smaller bounce is going to allow you to really succeed at it so we’re gonna be moving on to step six now and it’s a good time because I’ve really got everything in if I’ve got any left over chalk I’m gonna take a clean damp brush and remove any of those lines and marks so hopefully at this point what I have is just my focal Birds and the beginnings of some highlights and some lowlights and some really cool different effects I want to start putting in maybe some of this yellow and the little white and the black it’s just kind of like playing with those back and forth I think I’m gonna begin with the white however and I’m going to take a little of my blue I don’t want very much of it in there because I do really want this to be quite a light line across here where I know this is make sure that I’ve got that there you and I’m not switching to my round because this is really good practice for me to like get brush control right that’s what we’re doing is working on our brush control mm-hmm seeing how we can be very light and easygoing with things and still get big results when we want them I’ll rinse out now initially we did some red right and yellow and I’m wanting to do some of my yellow paint I may grab a little of my white into that mix you some of that right there definitely some of that white maybe even more why this is so nice out there because it’s like very highlighted there you go and more into the yellow and you can see this is distinctly definitely yellow this little throat area if you want to warm it with some red you can but the important thing will be to keep area still feeling like it’s yellow it really pops up sharing yeah yeah yes at some point I will break and move to my number four round it’s not that I will stay there the whole time but this is just a nice kind of way to keep the continuity going throughout the whole piece let’s go ahead and add another layer to this black and a stripe back here and we can come here and refine that thing all these little feathers are happening now there’s some weird little eyebrows that I’m gonna want to give and I am going to just personally move into my number four round but a lot of people wouldn’t have to and it’s okay if you don’t feel like it I’m gonna grab my white and a bit of my blue just on the number four round brush and let’s come here and and I’ve ad your little eyebrow the early and eyebrow just run of feathers that I’m super excited to pay sometimes it’s nice to get a stronger pop a blue hmm because these are just a little bit blue and they have a little bit blue on both sides of it so it’s like that start let me go ahead and get some weight I rinsed out my brush I’ve wiped it off and get some just wait and go into that and pull that back holy terrible is it mm-hmm it’s very nice come on huh I like the eyes yeah they’re gonna be super cute when I come in and grab some of my black and I’m gonna load up my brush and it definitely exaggerated some of that highlight there even glue and wine into this just for the top of the beak I don’t want to do it too much because I don’t want the beak to disappear into the sky all right so you’ve got to make sure that you’ve got enough there that the beak is still got nice contrast from the sky kinda see we’ve got a little bit that beak now get into a little more of my white in the center of the beak and add just a bit of a highlight there so the beaks kind of have some shape and function our eyes are interesting let’s get a little bit of our cad red and our cad yellow and make a really brilliant orange and back from the beak inside lack area we’re gonna add this those eyes really really like here’s my finger so you can get an idea of the size that we’re doing mm-hmm that big you you I’m going to take a little bit of my white yellow and kind of also we think about that beak you you yellow with just a little bit of red on to the upside of this I add the highlight I wanted a little more exaggerated than what I did there but just a little bit like we just want that value we’re gonna come back with black so it’s easy enough to get that now this is six and they come back at seven and we’re gonna do some more finding colors finding highlights and refining feathers and things and wrap up really quick so I’m gonna start finding highlights interesting colors little value changes I’m going to continue to use my number for round unless it starts fighting against me and kind of making these birds a little more resolved when I get into my turquoise color which is my phthalo blue phthalo green and this time I will a bit of my yellow into that play with so when I grab my white I have colors and values that will stand out and pop let’s come to the outside here and catch a little bit of feather highlights that are happening well where there’s a little green where’s the little bit of that right that’s nice he’s got a bit of that happening maybe down here I’m saying she I don’t really know I don’t know anything about birds yeah it seems reasonable a little bit right here these just lighter feathers that are I’m happening also interestingly enough there’s a couple spots on their chest where things are a little bit lighter and I do want to maybe exaggerate those those are fun to get into and talk about always you I mean with brighter colors seems just out it was where they need to be now there’s others everywhere on to play with others and when you find little bits and you add those dark feathers and you add the highlights you can see the birds kind of start to be Birds I get back into this wonderful little mix with the yellow in this particular case lots and lots and lots of white and some highlights there see bit there oh they’re running it together blending on the canvas that’s looking quite good on the wings I’m gonna go ahead and get my orange color going again of my orange with a bit of my brown much more yellow maybe let’s add some weight that’s some yellow and white to that there we go I’m eating right there and then there is a little bit of that happening here to the outside edge a few little shiny bits interestingly enough there’s this weird patch of green on the feather that I want to talk about on the wing so I’m going to add that right here and a brightly I liked it so I wouldn’t put it back maybe down here at the end where they I go in just fun little my blue and white haven’t rinse my brush though you you you a little up here little yellow and white see I’m just playing and in little bits of color little lots of things also it’s a great time to think about your branch again and I see I had these little highlights at the joints it helps the branch separate out yeah you all right the last little bit we’re gonna do is the resolution around the face anything else we need to evaluate and some feet think that’s gonna be eight birds bird feet verb so let’s get some weird feet in some resolutions and stuff now the one foot we do see of the forward-facing bird a little more available to our eyes so we’ll go ahead and kind of a dark value dang Hey oh my number for round there is a bit of implied foot back there and I’ll catch the individual toes with highlights going back and working my beak anywhere I need to keep having this boo-boo where I overextend the beak so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to my sky-blue color you you come back a bit let that have a rest well things about what it’s done it’ll have to dry before I can really work it but I just had overworked that bit of beat and get you here we go you interestingly enough bit of a challenge to not give these guys an extreme expression I will probably have to go back for a couple of times with the colors and things that I’m trying to talk about to avoid that you no more of my black and when I have to do things delicately sometimes what I do is I tap my brush up and down so that you I can get in there without working so hard you you you that beaks dry enough to address now don’t you just got to wait till it’s dry enough to deal with you know you if in my water a bit to improve the flow you I’m just kind of refining some of those shapes so they’re a little more burb a little highlight color so I’ve got some black and blue on my brush I’m adding some white just I’m just gonna just highlight the totemic mess that they show but just from the highlight when you see me rinsing out a lot of times I’m just rinsing out because I want to have control I’m gonna get some of my blue grey that I’ve got when we come to the front of the black part of my eye and add a little of that blue-gray I’m not gonna take out all the black I just want to add a little bit of that blue gray this will help me when I put in the reflection because reflections often are done a little too starkly and there is especially in a pupil there’s a bit of a light catch that it does hmm it’s just important to make sure that you I feel give it that like little caste and everything while I’m letting then have a dry I can always get playful with my feathers here I like that being a little playful a little highlight like a little Sun caught it I think that’s nice are you how are you doing John good good Birds I’m watching the birds come this is the last touch I think that we’re gonna do I think if we spend any more time on it we will start getting fussy I’m literally bird-watching literally a little bit of a I light there I’m literally using the word literally wrong that you are a little bit of a highlight there and you can see I am minor about that minor minor I don’t put it a big big oh no big anything look at that are they nice nice they really did they came in so beautifully now I am I’m gonna use my signature brush and I think I’ll get into I’ll go ahead and get a little of my yellow into it so it’s a very different color than the sky but I do want it to be lighter than the sky so that it shows but not a color that I haven’t introduced in the painting that makes sense yes your little signature on it that was a good bit of work for the day wasn’t it yeah a little happy birds doing little happy stuff being super chill who can’t get behind that mm-hmm I hope you enjoyed today’s time that you spent with these cute adorable little fellas I love putting in their feathers they’re so friendly they’re so cute I hope you really enjoy creating your own now as I mentioned in the beginning this is part of 30 paintings that you can do so to entice you to that I would like to tell you that tomorrow we’re gonna have this wonderful painting with cherry blossoms and a red umbrella good to yourself be good to each other and I want to see you and an easel really soon bye-bye [Music]

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    Hiya, I just had the amazing luck today to stumble upon your channel. Have been watching lots of acrylic (and a few watercolour) tutorials for months, not been brave enough yet to pick up the brush! I've been blown away by your work today especially the blue butterfly (I think butterflies are beautiful).

    I just wanted to ask a question if I may? I was under the impression that having a brush thats 'too wet with water' or adding a lot of water to acrylic paint wasn't a good thing? Messes up the chemistry/acrylic bonds so affecting it drying (or something like that!). It looked like you use quite wet brushes especially at the beginning? Do you use these media mixes/ fluid mixes? There's so many products it's quite confusing.

    Thank you for the indepth (but not overwhelming) tutorials on such beautiful subject matter. You make it look so easy and I have learnt a lot watching you today. Hopefully be able to share something I've painted in the near future 🙂

    Thank you again snd keep safe 🙂

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