A Puppy Playdate | Puppy Days

A Puppy Playdate | Puppy Days

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Let’s go. Good girl. NARRATOR: In LA,
Karma is growing up in a single dog
household, so there’s no buddy to show her the ropes. ADRIENNE: Today, Karma’s going
on her first big play date with other dogs. Not only that, but
bigger dogs than she is. So it’s important
that Karma socializes for a lot of reasons. One is her breed. She is a pit bull. Come on, Karma. Come on. And I do not want
anyone to say to me she’s fulfilling a stereotype. But also just because
it’s important for her to play with other dogs. Yeah! That was so good! I can’t be her
playmate all the time. NARRATOR: They’re visiting
Adrienne’s friend Christina– I don’t know if I should
pick you up or not. NARRATOR: Who’s an
experienced dog owner. It’s OK. It’s OK. Hello. Hi. [barking] CHRISTINA: Shh. ADRIENNE (VOICEOVER):
We opened the door, and the dogs were going berserk. ADRIENNE: Hey, everybody.
Ghost is a husky, and he is a very big dog. And she was extremely
overwhelmed. CHRISTINA: So in a few
minutes, let her go. ADRIENNE: OK. CHRISTINA: Ghost. ADRIENNE: Hi, baby. OK, how do you feel? You re doing so good. You want a treat? ADRIENNE (VOICEOVER):
Karma, she didn’t cower, but I was expecting her
to be berserk and, like, just start bounding and
playing and gnawing on them. ADRIENNE: I’m so proud of you. CHRISTINA: Ghost, be gentle. ADRIENNE (VOICEOVER): I
was scared that Ghost was just going to
bound on top of her and not realize how big he is. [whimpers]
-It’s OK. It’s OK.
It’s OK. You’re OK. Ghost, did you really
have to jump over her? You’re OK. CHRISTINA: Let her be a dog. She’s not as fragile
as she may look. Because if you continually
pick her up when– ADRIENNE: Yeah, other dogs come. The socialization won’t work. ADRIENNE: Yeah. Because she thinks
that if you’re afraid, then she has to be afraid. ADRIENNE: Right. That’s a good point. One of the best
pieces of advice was that when Karma is
socializing, she could be nervous if I’m nervous. So I need to stay as calm as
possible, which is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Good girl. You got it, girl. Look at you. Look at you. You’re fine. There you go. Look at that. No one died. NARRATOR: It’s
important for puppies to be exposed to new
situations and other dogs between 8 and 16 weeks old,
or they can become easily spooked when they’re older. Bye, Ghost.
Bye, Summer. Bye, Kitty. ADRIENNE (VOICEOVER):
I hope that we can do this again, whether
it’s here or at our place or at the beach. I would love to hang
out with their dogs, and they’re great people. NARRATOR: And as
first visits go, this turned out to be a
pretty productive play date.

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