A Short Visit from Doggy Friends

A Short Visit from Doggy Friends

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Well… Good wonderful beautiful morning Pawdience! Apparently… Winter has returned.
I didn’t know it was gonna snow but um… Not only did it snow,
it’s snowing right now. So I guess Alexa was right,
when she said it was gonna snow. Right, so Shelby already went out
way earlier but Memphis… Memphis likes to sleep in.
Don’t you, Memphis?! Ready? Ready? Check it out,
there’s snow again! She’s like what the heck is all of this. Yeah, it’s only a dusting
but it is still snowing right now. So… Welcome back winter. I like it when it snows,
everything looks so fresh and white again. Who’s here?
Who’s here? Who is that? Who’s here, Shelby?
I told you your friend was coming. Who is that?
Who is that? Who’s here?
Who’s here? Oh my goodness! He’s like, can we go outside and play?
Can we go outside and play? Oh my goodness,
who is here? You gotta let… you gotta let us open
the door so y’all can go out. He’s like, yeah, let’s go outside and play. Oh my goodness,
are you freaking out? She’s like, ah, I’m gonna freak out, I’m gonna freak out, I’m gonna freak out, back to the door There’s a Shelby.
Hi Shelby! Shelby says, hey look, my friend is here. Memphis is like… Memphis just want us back inside. She’s like I don’t wanna play out here,
I play inside, I wanna play inside. Hey, at least they get to
play in the snow for a little bit. Charles: Yeah, he hasn’t seen snow since like January. Happy dogs. Well, it’s the next morning and I didn’t film a whole
lot with all the dogs playing together. Charles and Thor were only here a very short time and they’re heading home right now. Are they leaving? Are they leaving? I know, next time we’ll see them, it’ll be for a lot longer and we’ll do camping and fun stuff. What do you think? Memphis is like, I think, my friend is leaving.
Yeah, he’s leaving. Yeah, so as I said,
Charles just came up for the day. He came up and hung out at game night last night. All the dogs got to play. So that was really nice. We all stayed up way too late last night.
Today is the next day and believe it or not it is… snowing again. So the weather said it was actually supposed to be decent today, and it’s snowing again. I don’t think, any of the snow is gonna stick.
It’s supposed to be 60 degrees in like two days. So I don’t think, any of the snow is gonna stick,
but it’s snowing again right now. Also, I wanted to remind you guys if you live in or around Michigan; This weekend… We are gonna be at the West Michigan Pet Expo
with the dogs. It’s April… 5th and 6th and 7th, it’s this weekend,
this coming weekend. So if you guys live in or around Michigan
and you want to come out and… meet the dogs at the
West Michigan Pet Expo… we will be there. Apparently, you can’t bring your own pets to this Pet Expo, which I thought was interesting. So we’ll have a little booth set up, if you guys wanna come… What the heck… you guys wanna come say hi to us. What are you doing?
You’re so cute! You know, ma’am I was just working there.
You stayed up too late too. You played hard yesterday. You played with Thor
and you played with Lana and… you played with…
Who else was over here? Oscar was here for a little bit
and you played with uhm… Yoda! I’m like, what’s the other little dog’s name?
Yoda, you played with Yoda for a little bit. We had a dog… it was like a early Memphis birthday party. Right, Memphis? We should have made pupcakes. I wasn’t even… I wasn’t thinking,
I wasn’t prepared for that. Otherwise, I would have made pupcakes for
all the dogs that came over and hung out. But anyway, I’m heading to go out to
lunch with some friends. And ah, yeah… It’s super windy, super windy and crazy.
What a weird weird weekend. Say my goodness,
what a day… it has been. Things have been… crazy busy around here and it’s
already the end of the day. You believe that? Can you believe
it’s already the end of the day? Your friend left. We didn’t even get to hang out for super long
and it is already the end of the day. Yeah, it has been a wild day today.
I am so tired! I think, I said earlier, We stayed up till like three or four in the morning for game night last night. It was crazy and then Charles stayed the night here last night and he had to get up really early and go home. And so I got up this morning. I’m like, wow, I’ll get up and talk to him a little bit this morning, and I thought I’d go back to bed. But that didn’t happen. It just it didn’t happen. Yeah, there was just like so much stuff going on today. It was crazy. I can’t believe that it’s the end of the day.
It’s gonna be a short vlog. I tell you what, cause I just… I didn’t pick up the camera. This is one of those days. Sometimes you just have one of
those days that are like… That’s just real life. This is life in general.
It’s like sometimes… You just.. you just don’t do a whole lot and
I don’t think we quite have told you the story. I think, I talk about it in a podcast and
I guess, I could tell you now Jamie actually… Matt was here for a little bit. Jamie just took him home. The other day Jamie
possibly cracked his rib. We don’t really know if it’s cracked or anything like that. It sounded like he cracked it. He was trying to crack my back and he
was standing just not the right way and like… He leaned back and I heard it pop. He heard it pop. It may have been like the muscles in between his ribs. We aren’t a hundred percent… Like he didn’t go get an x-ray or anything, but it hurt and it’s been hurting him to breathe and it’s been hurting… You know, he’s been hurting when he gets up in the morning, and it’s just been really sore. So we… the past couple days… we’ve kind of really slowed down on doing a lot of stuff because it’s been kind of hurting. So… You know, all the bathroom stuff we’ve been doing,
that’s kind of slowed down a little bit. Yeah, he’s kinda hurting. He’s doing a lot better today. He’s doing a lot better by today. It’s been… Just over a week. I think, since he did it. We didn’t really talk about it on camera. I do tell like the whole story on the podcast.
So if you go to CCMousePodcast.com or youtube.com/ccmousepodcast. We did talk about it on the podcast
a little bit, so you can check that out. Dan and I talked about it a little bit but… I’m running on such little sleep.
Like, I’m sure my eyes look horrible. The other day… one of the vlogs we did, somebody’s like what’s wrong with your eyes and I had noticed it when I was editing. I’m like, I must have just been tired. Like I don’t run myself ragged very often,
but holy man these past couple… It’s been… it’s been a day.
It’s been a day! Look at you. Look at how cute you are.
Look at how cute you are! We’re also like preparing to go to Grand Rapids this weekend. We’re preparing for the Pet Expo in… Canada that we’re going to. We’re going to have a friend
coming to stay with us … for a couple of days while he’s
transitioning moving back to Washington. Well, you guys know…
you guys know Jalyn. Jalyn is getting ready to transition
to move back to Washington. So he’s actually going to stay
with us a couple of days. If you don’t know Jalyn, you may have seen
him on other channels and things like that. He’s just a friend of ours. He was friends with Nick,
Nick and Jalyn. You might remember them. He’s coming to stay with us for a couple of days. We’re gonna take him to the airport and stuff like that. He’ll be here in a couple of days.
So we’ve like been… We were preparing for Charles to be here for a night and we were preparing for all this. So it has just been… kind of crazy. Kind of crazy and then
Jamie with a possible cracked rib, And then it snowed and then it’s
like 20 degrees and tomorrow… it’s supposed to be like 20 degrees
warmer than it was today. What is this life? Today is like a… random partial vlog, talking vlog, random blah vlog.
It’s just a random day of random. That’s all it is. Random day of random. Oh,
I think, daddy’s back. I think, he is. Are you…
Really? You know who it is. like… I know,
you know who it is. You know who’s
coming through the door. They’re like, but but what if it’s not,
what if what it was somebody else? Now you know,
who that is. Hi! They were so excited to see you! I told you it was just dad.
Like you didn’t believe me! I told you! Shelby’s like …oh Jamie: I think there’s something out there she wants. She must have thought you were bringing Matt back. She’s like are you bringing Matt back? I was just… Jamie: She’s like, is it still game night, guys? I know. I was just telling them that you cracked your rib, but didn’t really crack your rib, but might have cracked your rib. So I had to prove them
you were still alive. He’s still alive,
he’s here. I’m tired. We’re ready for bed.
Where did Shelby go? Okay. I was gonna say,
did she’d just take off. She’s like forget it
I’m out guys. I’m out. Memphis… Oh, now she’s excited. Hey, Dad,
you were gone for like five minutes. Five minutes he was gone. Oh, now you gonna get a toy?
You gonna take it to him? No, you take it right there. Are you happy now?
She’s happy now. Maybe they thought I was bring somebody,
or something els was happening. She did, she was, she was sure. She got super excited when you pulled up and I’m like what is going on? I bet, that’s what it was. She’s like but I had a friend here yesterday… and then there was all these people here and dogs
to play with and then now there’s not. My phone’s going off. I mean, we’re getting ready to go to bed soon, soon enough. That’s not soon enough! Oh man, daddy, gimme that toy. Give me that toy. Oh give me that give it into it. Yes! I got it, I got it, I got it. You got it? You got it. I got it, daddy. I got it. I got it. This is my toy. This is my toy,
this is my toy. What happened? Yeah! She’s like why’d you gotta film me all the time? I didn’t… I don’t wanna be filmed.
You know, maybe I didn’t wanna be on camera. Tall tales, that’s the brand of that toy. It’s missing its tail.
She really likes those. Almost as much…
Really? Almost as much as she likes the
little rabbit toy she’s got. Jamie: Because it’s made of the same as the… Yeah, is it over there? Jamie: That’s the squirrel.
Jess: Yeah, it’s made of the same thing. Bye Shelby.
See you later. She doesn’t wanna play with you.
She wants to go outside. All right, we’re calling it. Memphis actually just ran down the hallway and headed to bed. It has been a long day. We’re going to bed. Crazy weird vlog.
We hope, you guys enjoyed it. As always… Stay Positive, Dream Big. We’ll see you again soon. Goodnight Pawdience! I love you guys! If you love our Huskies, come along for the ride. All you have to do is hit subscribe. Follow as we share our lives with our dogs and join our adventures on Snow Dogs Vlogs!

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