Amazing Things This Genius Dog Can Do When She’s Trained Properly (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Amazing Things This Genius Dog Can Do When She’s Trained Properly (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

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I thought she’s a customer for a haircut.. You wanna perm your hair? Oh my gosh~ Yep~ Thanks She’s better than hooman hehe She must be..a genius dog..? I’m Sunsim Gotta show what I have (A customer arrived.) Welcome~ Do you want a haircut~? come over here. You will need this one CORRECT 🙂 Wait wait..! Huh.. a book lol READ IT She’s saying a bit tough.. My Sunsim who helps what I need by herself♡ Of course.. All things are useless. Someday, you gotta use them, huh? But brings too much.. So, I got too much work to do.. it’s too hard to clean (Let’s eat up to remove it as fast as possible) What’s that sound!! You drive me crazy.. Acting like you’re a victim here again? Well it’s tasty man Phew.. She even opens the fridge and brings something more now.. Looks like she was trying to bring me a cup of coffee for me, but made a mess again.. Unlike her intention.. things go bad.. Such a silly dog Sunsim.. After watching Hoya on SBS Animal Farm, I tried to teach her to do one by one just for fun Weirdly she followed to replicate any action This doggo must’ve had a sign of genius.. How come she has a fool now I will bloom your genius Animal Behaviorist : Ok.. Have a sit there. Let’s see how Sunsim take it out throw it down Pick-up pick-up Throw it down Am I doing well;; Dogs usually push around and tap it like this But she’s weird lol There’s food inside.. All you gotta do is to take it out and eat up.. We should admit what she just did now WOWWW~~ Am I a genius? Genius? Sunsim has a sign of genius~~ But the owner didn’t bring her genius out that well Sowie Don’t cry, you fool Wipe your tears Tell her to put it back. Bring it over there! Bring it back What the heck should I do? You should also teach her which situation will go on next If she understands that, she won’t repeat those behaviors again But, you’ve taught Sunsim in a one-sided way You always give her treats only if she brings things to you, that’s why she has blindly brought them all. As the training ends every time she brings things it only nurtured the habit of bringing Open it Teach her how to open the door by herself Bite! All right! Come out~ Sunsim, wait! Am I doing well? House!! Shut the door!! Roger that Oh My..God.. It’s only been 10 mins since we began.. But she quickly learns the situation, which proves that she has an excellent learning ability~ More practices to go Bring a towel GOOD JOB I used it well~ Put it back there! Bite! After teaching the situation, step by step.. House! YOU ROCK!!♡ If she shuts the door tight- Good job Practice makes pawfect Sorry, Sunshim.. I didn’t know how to bring your genius out The stupid one was me, not you Agree As you learned hard with me. Let’s show up on SBS Animal Farm as a genius dog later!! Keep it up! Hope to see you soon here

This little rebel!!

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The rain scared my dog last night that I actually fixed him a little bed in my room. When I woke up to check on him he was curled up in a ball with one of his homies #dogs #Rain #CorpusChristi

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