Animal Crossing New Horizons Japan Sales Are CRAZY + Switch Sales Console Sales Set New Record!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Japan Sales Are CRAZY + Switch Sales Console Sales Set New Record!

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What’s good everyone OJ here welcome
back to another video and I had to get this quick hit in because oh my gosh are
you gonna be blown away by the statistics when it comes to animal
crossing new Verizon’s on the Nintendo switch this game is a flat-out killer
and a system seller it’s a killer app system seller it is the definition of
that for the Nintendo switch because these numbers are absolutely phenomenal
so we’ve got the first three days of sales numbers in Japan for Animal
Crossing New Horizons now this isn’t any other country it’s just Japan and check
this out it’s not even digital – it’s just physical in stores with lockdowns
and with issues with what’s going on in Japan to see this many people still get
their hands on this game physical is absolutely crazy and wait till I tell
you guys the console sales numbers for the Nintendo switch those are nuts so
animal classic New Horizons has sold 1 million eight hundred and eighty
thousand six hundred and twenty six units in its first three days on the
market in Japan setting a new record for the Nintendo switch and also the
franchise no other game has sold that many copies in its first week ever on
the Nintendo switch think about that look at the games that we’ve had we’ve
had Zelda obviously that was launched we’ve had Mario we’ve had all sorts of
Pokemon we’ve had everything but to show you the growth of the Nintendo switch
system and how popular it is pretty much everybody else just needs to give up in
Japan because this is absolutely crazy and check this out not only did it set a
record for a switch in terms of week one and also for the franchise itself the
switch plus the switch light so three hundred and ninety two thousand five
hundred and seventy six units nearly 400,000 units in the same week that is
greater than the Nintendo switch launched in Japan and this was aided by
a brand new color right you have the coral and also the AC bundle which is
sold out and being scalped everywhere for prices five hundred and fifty
dollars plus with the average of being around
hundred dollars for that I have a number of things to say on disguise one this is
absolutely phenomenal but two I think that this is being aided obviously by
what’s going on people want to have social interactions with people and this
game facilitates that this game is not a game where you go around and run and
kill people and shoot people and hit people with stop although you can hit
people with the net in this game so there is that but this is a game about
social interactions in a time where we can’t have social interactions of people
because we are boxed in we are quarantined we are put in certain ways
so I think that that was aided that has boosted this game up in a very bad time
in terms of how things are going this game has been that light for people you
can send messages you can make custom designs you can interact with people
there’s voice chat on the app if you want to or you can just use discord
there’s so many ways this game kind of takes up the space or takes up the
feeling for actually being with somebody right whereas you can just do it in this
game and you can express yourself in different ways and you can hang out and
you can fish and you can do all sorts of stuff you can build things you can be
best friends you guys can go treasure hunting you can go fossil hunting you
can go on different islands and all sorts of stuff right so this game just
facilitates kind of what’s going on in the world or doubt on what people needed
and it’s a game but I think that more people bought because we don’t have
those no more interactions because it’s not a game about going out there and
doing crazy things or as you’re just building this amazing town in this
village and you can just play the game and it’s addictive and there’s crafting
and there’s just all sorts of fun stuff in there so I think that the climate
that we’re in is part of the reason but I also think that in tennis which it’s
been a while since we had one of these major games come out right since last
year people are looking for that big new game to play people are looking for that
next thing to play and if you look at Animal Crossing and the marking I think
that even with some of the blunders that they’ve had people complaining about one
Island or complaining about not getting enough information they did a very good
job of just waiting waiting build the hype with that direct and then unleash
it right there right man then they just unleashed it and that was the best way
to do it and we’re clearly seeing that it worked because this is the biggest
system seller that I’ve seen for the Nintendo switch even Pokemon with the
holiday see didn’t even get to where this is right
here now yes it was baited by the switch light yes you had that the animal
crossing bundle that was also true as well whereas with the regular switch
light that had and Pokemon switch like there was that but the animal crossing
regular switch which sells a lot people really thought that was the best-looking
one that was just amazing looking the color the design on top of the switch
like coral which I think people really love that and the female fan base for
animal crossing is higher than probably any other Nintendo franchise so you have
that coral switch with the animal crossing switch on top of the social
aspects of this game and tapping into new audiences that never bought a switch
yet I guarantee you there are so many people who still play new leaf or played
new leaf all the way up to this point that hadn’t bought a switch yet so
finding that extra market with this game system seller through in and throughout
and setting records for the Nintendo switch and the franchise I think the
Animal Crossing team is probably estatic Nintendo just made a small fortune at
this point but it’s not gonna stop because guess what guys this is just
physical sales and that’s what blows my mind about this I mean we saw what
Pokemon did that was 16 million in no time this is beat that you know this is
beat that but we have to see the digital sales which the digital sales from what
I understand are still really good the digital sales on this are absolutely
phenomenal Nintendo is selling a bunch of digital copies of this game it’s
number one on the eShop it’s up there in the top when it comes to Amazon sales
and that’s what I was talking about when I was discussing this with you guys
earlier I was talking about the Amazon bestsellers list you can see kind of
what a feel for our countries because so many people use Amazon and Amazon Prime
you can see how games are signed without the best by gamers Club right people buy
games from everywhere but man Amazon gives us a good indication of games that
are just killing it in sales if there is a physical version of the game it just
gives us a good indication every single time we see these huge blockbuster sales
you can check Amazon Japan you can check Amazon Europe you can check Amazon here
in the US and those games that we see just
great sales numbers are always near the top or the top game for long periods of
time just because of how much distribution and stock Amazon has and
people just want to get the game at their door two days shipping whatever
the case is or same day shipping for the release of the game so people have their
games delay but they still paid for it so it’s just incredible it’s incredible
to see that but more so than anything the digital sales for this game aren’t
going to be what the truth teller is and we’ll find that out we won’t find it out
any time soon soon but it’ll be in April when Nintendo talks about their year-end
sales for the fiscal year q4 and I don’t think that this game probably had a
record when it comes to digital sales numbers I think this is going to be the
highest sales penetration for the first month or for the launch of a Nintendo
switch game ever because of the type of game that it is because of what it does
just because of how it is it just fits for digital this is a game that you’re
supposed to play a little bit every single day or you can play a lot that
not play for a while then come back to it you’re probably not gonna sell the
game back or anything just because it’s such a huge type of game so I think the
digital sales for this game are going to be pretty crazy
once the tendo’s shows off what’s going on there but I am just absolutely blown
away by how well Animal Crossing new horizons did and I’m very happy for the
development team it’s been a while they need to make this money this game has
been in development for how many years now I think they said seven to eight
years depending on the launch of the Japanese game the concept and the
planning for this game so they spent a lot of time on it despite the simplistic
look of the game it is still a game that’s in-depth with tons of mechanics
and takes a lot of time and takes a lot of testing to make sure that the game
does not break and it’s their first HD game this is a heck of a debut for a
real animal question we’re not talk about amiibo festival and stuff like
that our pocket camp that’s next the game – but we’re not talk about that
we’re talking about HD console game you need to develop way more into those
games than what you do for spin-offs or smaller games or a mobile game because
pocket camp is nowhere near the size of a game like Animal Crossing new horizons
so shout out so the Animal Crossing team – what they do they made a phenomenal
game that I’m still playing so much I think it’s an amazing game that more and
more people are just gonna get I think the hype is getting a lot of people
you’re seeing people stream the game thousands of viewers across different
platforms on YouTube and on twitch mixer well maybe not mixer but on YouTube it
twice there’s so many people there is streaming it in terms of having a huge
audience I’ve gotten plenty of people watching the game and it’s just one of
those games to work people just gonna keep playing because I’m gonna add DLC
they’re gonna add events and it definitely deserved these sales but man
a new record for the switch and for the franchise the switch having larger
launch sales with this game and I’ll cross it I have not seen that we have
not seen that in Japan since then even with the Christmas holiday seasons that
we’ve got all the big games to have those sales be above it just amazing
just absolutely amazing so I would love to get you guys this take on this what
do you guys think about Animal Crossing new horizons topping 1.88 million units
sold physical only in Japan setting records across the board on top of that
the switch selling over 390,000 systems just incredible numbers let me know
about all that what you guys think in the comment section below alright guys
that wraps it up for this video here check out the link in the description
we’ve got twitter going to give us a follow and stay up to date on all the
latest gaming news and information also make sure you like comment and subscribe
and share this video if you can thank you guys so much for watching and we’ll
catch you guys for the next one peace

35 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Horizons Japan Sales Are CRAZY + Switch Sales Console Sales Set New Record!

  • Tem Post author

    nice video keep it up bro

  • VCiPz Post author

    I seriously think the new Animal Crossing will reach way over 18 million in the first month for just the physical worldwide!! And yes, Animal Crossing New Horizons is a console seller! 🤙🏼

  • Hyper Sonic Post author

    Perfectly balanced… as it should be.

  • Haruhi Suzumiya Post author

    The switch sales have burned a hole in the switch supply
    Still those sales means that it's a lot of bells.

  • bobbywrtm Post author

    Weirdly enough; Coronavirus is a good free ad for Animal Crossing… P.S. It also sells like a hot cake here in southeast asia

  • DankMemeCenterX Post author

    Animal Crossing is too addicting….send help 😂. That's great sales.

  • darthweskr The Collector Post author

    Fear the Nook

  • Michael Mayers Post author

    Still waiting for switch pro

  • Michelle Tackett Post author

    Amazing. AC is going to set records.

  • ZER009 Post author

    Delay BOI here! Just got mine today.

  • Ry H Post author

    People still doubt me? I was saying 20 million was easy for the lifetime figure but it could be even bigger if Nintendo do future expansions to keep the game fresh to bring even more people in.

  • Corey Post author

    It'd be a great "system seller," if there were more systems to actually sell…

  • Keen James Post author

    I snagged the Animal Crossing version switch. It was the last Switch in my town. Had to have a second switch with the kids being home. Stores can’t keep switch on the shelf and it’s more because of the social isolation than Animal Crossing.

  • El Chupacabra Post author

    Omg these sales are ridiculous, AC probably sold well over 2 mil in Japan in the first 3 days with digital included and selling about 400k Switches in a week is nuts. I think there is a decent chance that Animal Crossing is approaching 10 million already lol

  • LRrealest Post author

    Stop tempting me lol

  • pINKprotege Post author

    Imagine if they hadn't delayed the release last year… Thanks to that they had the extra development time AND they just hit the jackpot on GOAT release window for a video game ever.

  • Mike UK Post author

    PETA is trying to stop that lol

  • Ruric Post author

    People not expecting Animal Crossing to be a huge system seller and a massive success, are probably living under a rock.

  • XxCocohontas Post author

    Dude doesn’t sleep , scrolled through twitter like “I’m on it” at 3 am and made a video on the sales info…like CHILLL MY GUYYY (as I type this at 5 am because I couldn’t sleep after waking at midnight.. gonna get breakfast idc I need to leave the house for like 5 mins 😷)

  • XxCocohontas Post author

    Animal Crossing is the greatest game on God’s green earth 🌎

  • karenroseleaf Post author

    Just want to clarify a bit that while some people do social distancing in Japan, everyday life is still the same for the most part that I don't think it's enough for the main reason for people to buy it. But I gotta say, AC is REALLY popular in Japan. I've seen so much people playing Pocket Camp before New Horizon came out

  • MsTaz98 Post author

    There’s no lockdowns in Japan btw
    It’s business as usual (except for schools they’re closed)

  • Not Bad lad Post author

    Only able to achieve this on a Nintendo console absolute genius when it comes to fun and innovation. Nintendo are gods 😍😍😍

  • Mark Portch Post author

    question. can anybody get Nintendo Voice chat App working . It dose not show even my friends who playing animal crossing. my friends have same problem

  • Konatari Post author

    I'm sure the digital sales will be huge for this one. I usually always go physical with games but AC is the first full price title I bought digitally because as you said it's a game that you just play continuously. I don't want to switch cartridges for maybe 20 minutes of playing down the line. Rn I'm playing for hours but I know that this will get less over time. It's better to have a game like AC always available on your system. However I will still get a physical copy of the game later down the line.

  • Team Alkaline ELITE GANG Post author

    Animal Crossing

  • Weeb Culture Post author

    I'm having a blast day playing persona 5 royal. Better than animal crossing new horizon

  • The Artisan Post author

    This is why the Switch will last a while… all Nintendo needs to do is continue
    to release 1st-party games of this quality.. a lot of new Switch owners too who've
    never played an Animal Crossing game have now discovered it during really tough times…

    At this point, just wait until Metroid Prime 4.
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2.

    Those are enormous games… that will keep driving the console

  • Willie Bivens III Post author

    These are insane sales I can't wait to see what it sold worldwide!

  • Will Bowden Post author

    The digital sales are gonna be even crazier. A lot of people are just staying at home and this game is perfect

  • Dollarbill Post author


  • Fernando Romero Post author

    get fucked Gamefreak

  • Naiko Post author

    I think is confirmed that this is the biggest launch in the history of Japan

  • UltimateSacrifice Post author

    I don’t want to mean to AC fans. The I’m sure they love it for a reason but I have to say it. Of coarse it’s selling. It’s the only big game on the Switch right now.

  • Tulus Hairston Post author

    Animal Crossing Is An Amazing Game 😀

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