Animal Wonders – A Home for Huckleberry | Project For Awesome 2017

Animal Wonders – A Home for Huckleberry | Project For Awesome 2017

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I thought filming this video outdoors
would be a great idea with my chickens and my dogs.
And then the wind had other plans! Kia ora, my name is Jepha and this year
my project for awesome video is about a small creature just like me who’s
visually impaired in their right eye just like me!
When I saw the video by
Animal Wonders Montana called “A Home for Huckleberry” I just knew I had to help
out my half blind buddy. Us uncoordinated folk have gotta stick together.
high-five! No.
Huckleberry is a beaver who came to animal wonders as a baby. As well
as his visual impairment, Huck was diagnosed with ataxia which means he sometimes
has trouble balancing, climbing and maneuvering in his environment. Huck is
still learning to manage his disability. I still haven’t quite figured it out
myself *music plays* In the wild beavers use their amazing
teeth to chew off branches, using them to strengthen their homes against leaks and
predators. Stay Out! As a bearver, huckleberry needs to chew, needs to
swim, and needs building materials. For Huck to be as happiest and engage in
similar activities to his wild counterparts, Jessi and the team want to
build him a special Huck safe environment. They want to build
Huckleberry a home with a large chew-proof yard, an indoor area where he can stay
warm in the winter or cool in the summer, he also needs a pool where he can learn
to swim and dive safely. This pool will need to be built into their current
plumbing system so that it can be temperature controlled and cleaned easily.
It is a big construction project but that’s why I’m here, because with your help it’s
possible! In total, Animal Wonders Montana need to raise $30,000 to build Huck’s
indoor outdoor enclosure and pool to give him a happy healthy life.
When they filmed the video “A Home For Huckleberry” they’d already raised nearly
ten thousand dollars, that’s a third of the way there! So here’s where you come
in; you can donate to the project for awesome and get awesome perks. At the end of
the project for awesome the top voted charities will each receive a share of
the money raised, or you can donate directly to Animal Wonders Montana.
But Jepha what if I don’t have millions of Internet pennies to spend on the
Internet? That’s cool too! One of the most
important ways you can help is by voting for this video at the project for
awesome website, all of the links are in the doobly-doo down below. Share this
video with your friends ask them to vote, most importantly subscribe to Animal
Wonders Montana so you can keep up with Huckleberry and the development of his
new home. So from one half-blind half-pint to another happy home warming
Huckleberry and happy project for awesome byeee! Boo!
Ooh far out!

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