Animals SAVING Other Animals!

Animals SAVING Other Animals!

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From a dog jumping into traffic, to a monkey
performing CPR, here are 11 amazing stories of animals saving other animals!! 11. Dogged By Traffic
We’ve seen it in a thousand movies and TV shows, the heroes end up on a busy street
and have to bob and weave through traffic in order to both stay alive! But you’d be surprised how many animals find
themselves in traffic with no way out. In Santiago, Chile, a dog got clipped by a
car, and couldn’t drag itself out of the way. Enter another dog, who saw this, dove into
traffic, and then carefully and methodically got the other dog out of there little by little,
until some construction workers helped get them fully out of harm’s way. This is extraordinary for many reasons. One, that the second dog didn’t even blink
in regards to helping the first one. Two, that the second dog used not its teeth,
but its body to help get the first dog out of the road. And three, he did all of this while being
careful of the traffic to make sure he didn’t get hit or put the dog into the path of another
car! Most reports say that the first dog lived,
and hopefully the second dog was rewarded for a job well done!!! 10. Save the Horse! There are many times when animals will band
together for a common goal. Getting food, building shelter, etc. But sometimes, it’s surprising just how conscious
they are of what they need to do in a dire situation. In England, a group of five horses were minding
their own business when suddenly, one of them was shot by a crossbow. To be clear, no one was hunting the horses,
which is illegal. Someone was being extremely cruel, and this
horse getting shot was the result. Anyway, shot, in pain, and no doubt screaming
for help, the other four horses rallied around it, and would nuzzle it to show that they
were there. They also took turns licking the wound. You may think this a bad idea, but in this
case, the opposite was true. This action helped both stem the bloodflow,
and also, it helped ensure that the wound wouldn’t get infected. The owner eventually found the horse in this
horrible condition and saw the other horses helping it and commended the other 4 for having
saved it! The owner got the horse the help it needed
and it made a full recovery. 9. Cats and Dogs
Cats and dogs are usually rivals. They are rivals for the affection of humans,
they don’t seem to like each other, and it’s often been played up by the media and even
cartoons! But, in nature, anything can happen, including
one saving the other. I have two stories to share with you and you
might even have more! First, at Germany’s Stroehen Zoo, a tiger
cub was born (I know it’s not a cat per se), yet it was immediately rejected by its mother,
which usually means the cub won’t survive. Instead, a dachshund, who was actually the
pet of the owner of the zoo, found the cub, and raised it as her own. This dog, named Monster, sadly died, but the
cub was still taken care of via Monster’s daughter, Bessi. Must’ve been genetic to want to protect the
cub. Tigers and Dachshunds, who would have thought! Another great tales comes from Russia, where
another zoo had another cat issue. In this case, a trio of bobcat cubs. The zoo owners were afraid to bring these
newborns to their parents in captivity, fearing for their lives. So, they did the next best thing, they gave
the cubs to a German Shepherd named Cholli. This mother of five became a mother of eight
overnight, and she apparently loved every minute of it, and the bobcats loved her in
return. She didn’t seem to notice the extra kids! And now for number 8, but first if you are
new here welcome! And be sure to subscribe for more stories
like these!! 8. No Monkey Business Here
It’s a fact that one of the biggest dangers to animals all over the world is humanity. Not just that humans hunt animals, both legally
and not, but our actions and constructions directly affect them. Which is proven easily by this story of a
monkey in India. The monkey in question was hovering around
a railroad and accidentally got itself electrocuted, knocking it out cold. Another monkey saw this, and spent 20 minutes
trying to save it by bringing him back to consciousness. It’s remarkable to watch as the monkey uses
many different techniques to awaken the monkey, and absolutely refuses to give up. Eventually, the monkey was somehow revived,
and the other monkey stayed by it for a while to ensure it was ok. As for the people nearby, they gave the rescue
monkey a standing ovation, which he deserved. 7. Don’t Touch My Baby! In the wilds of Africa, there are a lot of
predators you’d be wise to avoid. One of the biggest ones though are lions,
who aren’t afraid to chase down and kill bigger animals in order to get their food. And in this case, a pride of lions decide
to go after a baby Water Buffalo. Perfectly within their capabilities. Yet, once they do, that’s when things get
crazy. First, the pride actually has some trouble
securing the baby water buffalo, as they knocked it into the water during their hunt. As they try and get it out, they’re besieged
by crocodiles. The lions win out in the end though and get
it onto land. But they’re hardly safe. The baby’s herd finds out what’s going on,
and in masse, they go and charge at the pride of lions, sometimes even throwing them high
into the air until the baby, still alive somehow, is able to get to its feet and make its way
back to its family. If that’s still not enough for you, after
the baby was safe, one of the water buffalo, more than likely the mother or father, chased
down one of the lions to ensure it didn’t come back! 6. Stuck In The Mud
Elephants are among some of the most majestic creatures in the world, and yet they are subject
to countless dangers and trials that other animals face. Besides poachers, and predators, they also
have to worry about getting stuck in a vat of mud. When one of their young finds themselves in
such a predicament, the herd rallies together to try and get it out. Now, because of their body type, that’s not
easy, they don’t have arms or legs that can reach out and grab onto it. So, they use what they do have…their trunks. It took some doing, and the entire herd had
to get in on the action, but the young elephant was finally pulled back out onto solid ground. Once it did, its family made sure it could
get back onto its feet. After all that, all’s well that ends well
and they moved on like nothing even happened. 5. Hopping Along
When you think of a kangaroo you probably picture it bounding along the plains of Australia. Or of a Joey hanging out in its mother’s
pouch! But what happens when something happens to
that mama kangaroo bounding across the plains and the Joey is left all alone? A four-month old Joey found itself very alone
after its mother died. Not knowing exactly what to do, the Joey did
its best to make it on its own. It would venture out, however, it always returned
back to its mother’s pouch because it didn’t know where else to go. One day though, a Pointer dog named Rex realized
that something was off in his territory. After some searching, he found the Joey still
in the pouch. He picked up the kangaroo by the scruff and
took the young little guy back to his owner. The owner praised the dog for saving the Joey,
and the kangaroo is not only doing well, but it’s still friends with Rex to this day! 4. Dig Those Holes
Here’s a great story of a parent doing what it takes to save their family. A forest fire in Chile threatened a family
of ten dogs, a mother and her nine puppies. To save them, the mother dug a hole under
a metal container, which is extremely clever and a great presence of mind under some very
stressful conditions!! She continued to dig until she could get all
nine of her puppies inside. Once they were safe, she was forced to run
off. The fire eventually died down, and firefighters
went out to assess the damage and found the hole with the puppies. All of them survived. Now, to truly show just how impressive this
hole was, it took the firefighters an hour to find all the puppies. That shows just how long, how far, and how
deep that mother dug to ensure her puppies would not be victims of the fire. After they were all retrieved, they were happily
reunited with their mother! 3. Two-For-One Special
If you’re stuck in a river without a boat, usually, you’re screwed. But in Kenya, a Wildebeest and a zebra found
themselves saved by an unlikely ally…a hippo! Hippos can be very dangerous, and are known
for being one of the deadliest animals in the world!! But in this instance, the hippo went out of
its way to save these two baby animals. The animals were attempting to cross the Mara
River, which is known for having a particularly strong current. The Wildebeest was the first to get swept
away, and the hippo rushed into the water, made sure that it was positioned to catch
the wildebeest with its body, then slowly worked its way to shore, making sure that
the young one was above water so that it could breathe. Eventually, they made it to shore, but the
work was not done. Not five minutes later, a zebra met the same
fate. As such, the hippo went back into the water,
caught the zebra, and just like the wildebeest, nudged it to shore. Once both animals were safe, they made their
way back to their families. And I bet the hippo felt pretty good about
itself. 2. Whale Of A Tale
One of the oddities that the ocean throws at us sometimes is when whales become stranded
on beaches or sandbars. Scientists are still trying to make sense
of why this happens because as of right now, it remains a mystery. When it does happen though, it’s big news. One time though it had a happier ending than
most. In New Zealand, there was a case where two
Pygmy Sperm Whales found themselves stuck on a sandbar. Some people rushed out to try and help the
whales, but nothing was happening. That is…until a dolphin showed up. Yes, a dolphin, and one that was famous in
this part of New Zealand. His name is Moko, and basically the minute
he showed up on scene to help the whales, everything changed. Moko actually talked to the whales, and guided
them in a way that humans couldn’t. You know, like Dory speaking whale!! A little while after, the whales were back
in the water safe and sound. The people on the beach couldn’t believe it,
but hey, sometimes you just have to know how to speak someone’s language. 1. I’m Drifting, Dog
Anyone who has been canoeing or kayaking knows that the worst possible thing that can happen
is for you to lose the ability to row. If you have no way of guiding your boat, the
river will do it for you, often with severe consequences. So what happens when that situation occurs…with
dogs? That’s exactly what happened when two dogs
found themselves in a canoe that was drifting down river. The dogs were terrified, and the people on
shore weren’t sure what to do. Thankfully for all, there was a third dog
nearby, who burst into the river, swam to the boat, grabbed a rope that was hanging
off the side (probably the one that broke in the first place) and then pulled the boat
to shore, and the dogs to safety. This dog should get like a thousand metals. It had to swim to the boat, then pull a boat
back while not getting carried downstream himself! That’s no small feat! A human would have trouble with that, and
yet this dog did it like it was nothing. You the best, dog. Thanks for watching! What did you think of these heroic animals? Which story was your favorite? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to subscribe and see you next time!

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