Baby Monkey | Doo Eats Cooked Corn With His Family

Baby Monkey | Doo Eats Cooked Corn With His Family

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Hello, our dear friends Today, Doo’s family visits the grandparents (Mom’s parents) On the way, we see a roadside stall which sell cooked corn We go to the stall to eat cooked corn because our family really like eating corn This is a pot to boil corn These boiled corns are so hot Doo’s very excited to want eating corns immediately This is for you, dear Thank you so much, Daddy Be carefull, Doo..It’s so hot Doo..please eat slowly Little Doo, be carefull.. Some guests in this stall are asking about Doo Look Doo to eat so delicious This is for you, honey Thank you, honey This is a place to stop and eat corn for some guests to go away. They can rest for a while to reduce get tired and then go on Corn is delicious, sweet, flexible and fatty The food will the pouch under his neck first and then it moves down his stomach Everyone meeting Doo also loves him a lot because he’s very obedient and super cute Doo…don’t eat that please Is it yummy? Yes The corn is very flexible and fragrant Thank you so much for watching and support Have a nice and happy day with full of laughters and love


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