Bad Dog…but not really!

Bad Dog…but not really!

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Hi, Miss Dot here from the library. Today,
we’re gonna read “Bad Dog” by Mike Boldt. I have a new story time
friend, but I don’t know how good of a listener she’s gonna be. Anyway…Look what
I got for my birthday! A pet dog! My dog has black-and-white fur. Pointy ears. And
a cute little nose. Her name is Rocky, and she really is a bad dog. Rocky doesn’t
listen like good dogs. “Hey, Rocky. Come. Aww. Come on. You can do it.
Rocky! Come here, girl!” See, Rocky is a bad dog.
Good dogs like to go for walks. But not Rocky. And Rocky really doesn’t like
other dogs. She is great at climbing, though. “Bad dog, Rocky. Come down!” Rocky
doesn’t listen. She is a bad dog. I am teaching Rocky some tricks that good
dogs do. “Sit, Rocky. Stay. Rocky, fetch. Rocky, roll over.
Shake a paw?” Rocky is not a good dog. But Rocky isn’t all bad. Rocky doesn’t
bark when the mail is delivered. And Rocky doesn’t have accidents on the
floor. She doesn’t chew my toys either– though she does like to play with my
shoelaces. What else does Rocky like? Rocky likes to
sleep in the sun. And sleep on Dad’s chair. And sleep on mom’s clothes.
Rocky really likes to sleep. I thought Rocky liked to play in the
water. But she is not a fan of bath time. “Come down, Rocky!” See, Rocky still doesn’t
listen. She is a bad dog…with black-and- white fur. Pointy ears. And a cute little
nose. You know what? I think Rocky would make a pretty great cat. Well, most of the
time. Thanks for listening. See you soon.

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