Banana Bread Recipe | Cooking with Dog

Banana Bread Recipe | Cooking with Dog

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Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, mash the ripe banana with a balloon whisk. To help prevent it from discoloring, add the lemon juice. Toss to coat evenly. Next, beat an egg in a bowl. Add the raw sugar. The raw sugar goes great with this recipe but you can substitute regular white sugar instead. Now, add the vanilla extract. And mix until the sugar dissolves completely. Combine the unsalted butter and milk in a cup and gradually melt it in hot water. Then, add it to the egg mixture. You can also use vegetable oil instead of the butter. Mix it evenly. And now, combine the cake flour, baking powder and salt. Stir to mix. Then, sift the flour into the bowl. You can also use all purpose flour instead of the cake flour. Now, distribute the mashed banana into the bowl. And coat the banana with the flour. Then, mix the batter with minimal folding actions until all the flour is moistened. Make sure to avoid overmixing otherwise it will have a dense and firm texture. Line a loaf pan with parchment paper and pour in the batter. Drop the pan on a flat surface several times to remove any air bubbles. Even out the top. Before making the batter, make sure to preheat the oven to 170°C (340°F). Place the pan into the oven and bake at 170°C (340°F) for about 50 minutes. If the top browns too quickly, cover it with aluminum foil at the final stage to keep it from burning. Now, remove the pan and place it onto a cooling rack. Skewer the bread with a bamboo stick and if the stick comes out clean, it is ready. Let it sit until slightly cooled. And now, remove the bread from the pan. The outside is crispy and the inside is moist and fluffy. The bread is still warm and looks so delicious! A tip to making delicious banana bread is to use an aromatic ripe banana. Alternatively, walnuts, cinnamon powder or rum can be added to taste. The sweetness depends on the banana so adjust the amount of sugar to taste. When storing the bread in the fridge, it is best toasted to enhance the fluffy texture. Good luck in the kitchen!

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  • Marissa Aizprua Aradias blog Post author

    Like my last pic please, help me

  • ศรีวิไล วงศ์ถาวร Post author


  • 1964Yojimbo Post author

    add some chocolate chips or drizzle chocolate syrup over top.

  • Felicia Tjuatja Post author

    Macaron please…:( { by the way macaron and macaroon is totally different}

  • troberts1 Post author

    Again you tempt me to make things I've never wanted to eat before. Every time I've had banana bread I've really disliked it, but this seems really nice and fluffy.

  • blueskyblue Post author

    This banana bread is totally different from the usual US banana bread, which is very dense.   Although I used half whole wheat pastry flour and half all-purpose flour , it still came out light and soft. Thanks,Chef and Francis!

  • Nao Post author

    whoa! i just realized there's a background music!

  • Amirichi Post author

    i love this show, it was one of the very first channel that i've subscribed to on youtube… KEEP IT UP DOG!!

  • amanda60005 Post author

    How much rum should i use?

  • Jay Post author

    I tried this recipe out yesterday and let me tell you… this was the BEST BANANA BREAD I've ever tried!!! I've been making banana bread for years and in search for the best recipe… I've tried 6-7 recipes and this one is the best!! Thanks sooo much!

  • ruredred Post author

    I like your recipes and LOVE Francis.

  • Shy Chan Post author

    i just made this, word of advice: if ur using an old oven that youve had for years or live in the states, try setting the oven to 410 to 450. 350 was way to low for me, otherwise, this is an amazing recipe and the bread taste awsome!

  • Louis Lam Post author


    Do you happen to know how much volume your loaf pan can hold? I can't seem to be able to find that specific size anywhere.

  • chame ye Post author

    I just came back from Hokkaido recently and noticed that their bread are all in that small, square shape. I tried to buy their loaf pan to bring home but couldn't find any..I didn't find the household shops. 🙁 Hokkaido bread is one of the tastiest I ever eaten…probably because of their butter quality.

  • Megumi Yagui Post author

    Tsukute mimasu..oishisou……Dog kawaiiiii….

  • raneemu Post author

    I am making this RIGHT now. c:

  • SNOWWHITE LAM Post author

    Yummy yummy!

  • Choctawnic Post author

    I use bananas which are much riper.

  • surprisebitch Post author

    Look at Francis in the intro, look how happy he is with the wind blowing in his face ^_^

  • shingie281 Post author

    Tried it, came out beautiful and delicious

  • Nana Shibuya Post author

    I have been a fan of your videos for many years now but this might be the very first recipe I actually try to make lol Please wish me luck!!
    With love and best regards to Francis and Chef

  • 蔡惠心 Post author

    I did it last week , and it turned out sooooo good!!!!
    but how can I transfer it to chocolate cake? can i substitute 20g flour to cocoa powder?

  • Emily Uhde Post author

    Toasted coconut flakes, pecans, and dark chocolate chips are also great things you can add to banana bread!

  • AYAKA AYAKA Post author


  • Ben Toliao Post author

    when can we add the walnut?  Can I use cashew nuts?

  • Orrespeon Post author

    I've never liked banana bread.. But your way I might love it 😀

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  • Luna McNair Post author

    Cant wait to make this :'''''-(

  • 爱美 Post author

    You know I love you guys and all your videos right? 🙂

  • Luna McNair Post author

    170р Flour how much for a cup measure pleaseeee i wanna make thiiiisssss ?????!!!

  • Linh Do Post author

    Thank you Chef for this lovely recipe. I made this today and it tastes amazing.

  • LaylaTB88 Post author

    Sooo tasty 😊

  • Jen Gonzalez Post author

    I made this and my family loved it! 😊

  • chelsiemalfoy Post author

    When converting the grams and oz to US cups it doesn't make sense. 170g = 1.3 cups, but 6oz = .75 cups. One and a third does not equal three fourths.

  • Francisco Gutierrez Post author

    nice video , but ur inglish sucks wtf.

  • Reeva N Post author

    Made it.. Was Awesome!! Thank you.

  • Selena C Post author

    How does a lemon cake sound?

  • Bitch-sama Post author

    I made a random banana bread/cake 2 days ago it gives you a extra soft and moist cake:
    I took 2 mashed bananas
    1 cup sugar
    2 beaten eggs
    1/2 cup of oil
    1 tbs of corn syrup
    1 cup flour
    Vanilla extract
    1 tbs of baking powder

  • David E. Post author

    This is almost the exact same way I made banana bread with my sister and my babysitter when I was about 5 years old. The only difference is that we used mushy bananas, which made the bread come out darker with a more gooey texture.

  • Csenge Szalontai Post author

    Can I use vanilla sugar insted of vanilla extract???

  • W諭 Post author

    oh i watch this too late…thanks for sharing

  • ヤマダナツコ Post author

    Looks so delicious‼︎😍

  • Fenny Wahyuni Post author

    Why does my cake won't rise?

  • Miso_exe Post author

    omg i love this channel after two episodes especially since i like watching cooking at quite a younf age

  • Anika L Ahmed Post author

    So, the dog is the narrator?

  • JP S Post author

    very delicious , i like this banana bread more than many recipe I used before.

  • JULIA LIN Post author

    Is it more like a bread or cake ?

  • Roof Cat Post author


  • xbleedingx Post author

    I made this at the weekend and it came out really dry even after adding an extra tbsp of milk. This recipe needs more liquid, the batter was very stiff, unlike when you make banana bread. I was really looking forward to trying it but it didn't really turn out well.

  • lam Post author

    I like to use brown sugar and regular white sugar to deepen the flavor

  • mseetc Post author

    This is the first time I've made banana bread and it just turned out exactly as you described – Perfect! Moist fluffiness encased in crispiness, I didn't think I'd ever say this.. but this is the best banana bread I've ever had 🙂

  • minh tran Post author


  • Yvette Foo Post author

    so…. hungry….

  • The Cheese Wedge From Hell Post author

    the dog is so cute and the recipe is great!

  • Cindy S Post author

    I usually add some walnuts and poppy seeds and it still taste very good.

  • eleniel buyco Post author

    i am your bigfun

  • Yas W Post author


  • thikky longbottom Post author

    francis is like Beyonce with that fan

  • Lisa Lin Post author

    18x8cm pans are hard to find in the US, but I really want the nice rise shown in your video… Would you suggest doubling the recipe and using a 9×5 inch (22.86×12.7cm) loaf pan, or will an 8×4 inch (20.32×10.16cm) pan achieve the same results?

  • Daniel Omine Post author

    Thank you for teaching. I reproduced your recipe and the result was "perfect". Very aromatic and tasteful. The difference was the sugar. I used the white regular sugar. The time and temperature also perfect. 170C for 50 minutes. The amount of sugar, i prefer half. About 50g.

  • Melody Sieber Post author

    Seeing her smile made me smile so much she is such a beautiful human being and her food looks delicious😻

  • Isabel Jose Post author

    Made this today with cinnomon! Best banana bread recipe i've found online! Defiantly try this if you love banana bread!

  • Fei妃妃 Post author

    I made today and comes out like yours but the baking powder to strong, maybe because double acting baking powder

  • JahkobahTunes Post author


  • Fatma Ally Post author


  • Fatma Ally Post author


  • Fatma Ally Post author


  • Eden Mac Post author

    omg i have to make this!! looks so delicious!

  • Hương Vũ Post author

    I made it today and it came out great !!! Thanks for your recipe chef 🙂

  • かぼちゃあのねあのねあのねの Post author

    うんと美味しく出来ました☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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  • 김인희 Post author


  • Productions Koze Post author

    can i baked and store it in fridge for later eating ?

  • ゆめ。 Post author


  • Suzy ohdee Post author

    Thought I should share my personal experience with this recipe for those who might find it helpful or not. I had extreme cravings for banana bread late at night but to my dismay I found out I did not have eggs. In a desperate attempt, I used 3 bananas to take the place of the eggs as the binding agent. Originally I planned to use only 2 bananas as the video called, but since I did not have eggs, I decided to add 1 more banana in case the
    bananas did not work as a binding agent.

    I thoroughly mashed/pureed the 3 bananas with a whisk to resemble as close as possible the texture of beaten eggs so that the bananas can work as the binding agent instead (compared to Chef's video the mashed bananas are chunky, which I prefer), and proceeded as normal to the next step in the video of adding sugar and so on.

    To my surprise the banana bread turned out great even though I did not use eggs! It did result in a good crust, however, the crust was not identical to my banana bread that was made with eggs (which of course, the crust of the banana bread made with eggs was definitely better in terms of desired crustiness).

    By the way, I did add some of my optional ingredients to the egg-less banana bread such as unsweetened coconut flakes, walnuts, and cinnamon powder. Also I did not have lemon juice, vanilla extract, and milk at the moment when I made my egg-less banana bread (nor did I have parchment paper. I transferred the batter straight to a unlined and un-greased pan). I chose light brown sugar and all purpose flour for the suggested variations of the ingredients listed in the description of the video. I also found that using a 18x8cm/7.1×3.1” loaf pan that is suggested by Chef (mine is a clear/glass pan), definitely helped and improved the overall texture, crust, and appearance of the banana bread or how it should turn out. Before I was using random inappropriate pans for my past banana breads and I could never get the same results as I did with the 18x8cm/7.1×3.1” loaf pan.

  • 김인희 Post author


  • 김인희 Post author

    도라도라 영어나라

  • The Minish Post author

    I tried that same recipe with apple(sliced in small cubes) instead of banana, and with cinnamon. It worked pretty well! Anyways, thanks for this great cake recipe chef!

  • Helen Nic Post author

    I looooove your Banana Bread. Moist, fluffy and not toooo sweeet!!!

  • Monica Stephani Post author

    This recipe a definitely a keeper… Love the texture

  • Nồm Mi Post author

    I've make this several times and in big batches so the bread turns out a lil fudgy and i kinda like it, but can anyone tell the problem? The recipe is so delish, i devoured five oven pan of bread in 4 days with the help of my brother, just as a snack after e.v.e.r.y m.e.a.l i tell you.

  • Angeline Lek Post author

    Thanks very much for sharing ‘will try baking it as soon as possible .

  • Angeline Lek Post author

    Baked this banana bread today, turn out good and tasty. Thanks again for sharing the recipe.

  • Vanessa Rose Post author

    Can you use pancake flour to make it fluffy??

  • ぬLetmedrawinpeacw Post author

    Your so beautiful there 🤗🤗🤗

  • Adaure Chikwe Post author

    Best recipe I’ve tried!

  • Mini Tangerine Post author

    I made this a few days ago and it was amazing! Very aromatic and had a lovely texture. Can’t wait to make it again! 🤗

  • Huynh Tran Post author

    How long can they stay outside?

  • Htet Htet Post author

    what is different between Yeast and Baking powder? plz reply me.

  • Creepypasta Post author

    Hope they give some cake to that dog over there too..please

  • Laura Autón García Post author

    I baked this yesterday and the result was PERFECT! The quantities and timings were absolutely accurate 🙂 Thanks!!

  • Arttainments Post author

    Francis (the dog) just came to life when that bread came out of the oven. XD

  • Khuê Tạ Minh Post author

    If i don't have a loaf pan , can i use the regular pan ?

  • Khuê Tạ Minh Post author

    I have just tried the recipe this afternoon, and it turned out amazingggggg… The banana flavour is so gooddd. The cake is really moist and banana-ly ^^ . Love it ! I'm about to put coconut flakes into the batter next time, or maybe choco chips, raisins. Hope it turn out good ^^

  • ルナLuna Post author

    This is the ever amazingly best banana cake I have ever eaten it’s even better than what you get in cafes. I already baked this 3 times and today I will make it once again and bring it to my mother in low she will love it too ❤️❤️❤️ thank you so much for sharing your awesome recipes Francis San and chef San

  • Charlyesmusiic Post author

    Oh my god !! just did this banana bread and it's just as Francis said "crispy outside and fluffly inside" it's just so good !!!
    Every recipe i've made from the chef and Francis are the best i've ever tried. (っ ॑꒳ ॑c)♡.゜

  • Shiena Baby Post author

    My one and only recipe of banana bread for years! Since i started baking up to now. I dont even want to try a different recipe because this is already a PERFECT one.

  • grisha adu Post author

    Оригото Фрэнсис

  • Love Yourself Post author

    Imma try this now

  • vega azarath Post author

    Ewww dogs and food should not be near each other. I would not eat her food. Probably has dog hair in it

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