Barbie – The Trouble with Toddlers | Ep.51

Barbie – The Trouble with Toddlers | Ep.51

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Barbie – The Trouble with Toddlers Breakfast Mummy? Ken, can you please feed the twins? Sorry Barbie I have to take Stacie to soccer practice That’s fine Skipper can do it She went to the library an hour ago Maybe Chelsea can do it She likes to… Chelsea’s not here either Oh She has a play date with Madison Anyway, I’ll see you later Bye! Well that leaves me all alone… with the twins! Yay! Here you go girls Now eat your food! Thank you Mummy Good manners! I’ll be right back with your drink bottle… and no playing with your food! Uh, huh! I’m back! Were you both good… girls? What happened Annabelle? Doggy did it! Ahh, Taffy is with Chelsea! Chelsea did it! Oh Annabelle you could go on all day! (Laughing) Come on Annabelle let’s clean you up We still have to get to the supermarket Come on you two In the car Me first No, me first! Hold it! (Sniff) (Sniff) Alright! Who forgot to tell me they
needed to go to the bathroom? Isabelle! Thank you Annabelle Back inside Isabelle I stinky! Yes you are! Please be careful girls Now, what do we need… Oh! I forgot the milk You two stay here and be good! I’ll be right back! Ok Mummy! Hmmmm… (Splat!) (Splat!) Alright, got the… Hey! What happened here! We need tomatoes Mummy? Ahhh, yes, but not that many! Come on, let’s try and clean this mess up Yucky mess! Now can I trust you two girls to stay here
while I get some bread? Yes Mummy! Hmmmm… (Squish!) (Squish!) (Squish!) Well we can check bread off the list What’s… Isabelle! Annabelle! What have you done now? We need grape juice Mummy? No thank you Annabelle! Oh, I need a break! You two start cleaning this up now! It’s funny! No, not funny! Come on! Oh, and it’s on your shoes Just a few more things to get girls No more shopping! Come on Annabelle! Get up! It’s very dirty on the floor and I need to hurry! Uh uh… I help mummy? Thank you Isabelle, that would be a big help! (Squeak!) (Squeak!) (Squeak!) (Squeak!) Ahhhhh, not quite what I was thinking Isabelle! Phew! I’m glad that’s done! Me too! I no like shopping I can’t believe they made me pay extra
for the tomatoes and grapes! Anyway, no more causing trouble you two Eat your nuggets and chips before they get cold Isabelle no like this one (Smack!) Ouch! Food fight! (Smack!) (Smack!) (Smack!) No No No No! (Smack!) Yowza! Why can’t some parents control their kids! This day just keeps getting better… I’m not very happy with you girls! You caused a lot of trouble today! Can you please try to behave yourself next time? Yes mummy, we sorry! Good! It’s been a long day! I hope I can relax tomorrow Ken, can you please change the girls? Sorry, no can do! The girls and I are going to see the
latest super hero movie See you later! Wait! What are we going to do today Mummy? (Door shuts) No!

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