Bengal Kitten Introduction to adult cats – Part2

Bengal Kitten Introduction to adult cats – Part2

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Welcome to chapter two of this new cat introduction
diary. With their next interaction, little Chatzi
finds himself in a slightly confined space, although he doesn’t seem very concerned about
it. They’re both very much testing the water,
to see who wants to claim dominance. Teego has been enjoying a position of dominance
with Freya, an 8 year old Bengal female. But now Chatzi has arrived, the hierachy is likely
to get a little shaken up! even as an 8 month old kitten, Chatzi is a pure muscle ninja
– he hasn’t got an ounce of fat on him! Yet he eats as much as he likes – twice as much
as the other two! There’s lots of eye contact going on, a potential
issue, but if you watch their ears, they’re not going back, and no vigorously swishing
tails so there are no indicators of any fight about to start. Chatzi backs down, showing
that this isn’t really a dominance thing – there’s too many interesting thing to distract! After all, he is just a kitten, and Teego
is significantly bigger than him. He really is just a michievous goofball. He’s either
got incredible confidence, or just amazingly clueless about what trouble he’d be in if
Teego wasn’t such a compliant and tolerant cat! I love Chatzi’s stiff legged waddle! It’s
fascinating to watch Teego follow him around – he isn’t necessarily making any moves to
make friends, or to slap him into place, but Teego’s incredibly cool demeanour shows a
quiet confidence that tells me that Teego is still the boss right now. This is interesting – Chatzi’s ears are flat,
possibly a sign of a proper attack rather than playing, and you see Teego back off too,
but as quickly as it started, Chatzi’s ears go forward again. I think it was just instinct
kicking in, with all the excitement going on! chatzi is such a kitten – so easily distracted! How can you forget so quickly that there’s
a great big cream and brown monster standing over you!! Yep, he’s still there! Look at that straight up tail – a classic
sign of a happy confident cat. And Chatzi has no shortage of confidence! While chatzi is distracted eating, Teego takes
a moment to have a sniff… Yep, definitley a cat. Now we’re on the third day, and a new high
sided litter tray – Chatzi’s vigorous litter spraying makes too much mess! His great confidence is still present but
now you can see that Teegos cna see right through him. As soon as Teego approaches him,
Chatzi really isn’t sure what to do – until now, he’s been having great fun posturing
at an unreacting Teego. Teego calmly walks towards Chatzi, and Chatzi backs off – He
still has a happy tail and ears though, so no concerns. Quick as a flash, Chatzi is distracted again. You can guess what’s going to happen now! But Teego’s wise to that sort of trick! So at the end of Day three, you can see there’s
a lot more interaction, rather than day 1 where there was just a lot of walking and
curious looking Subscribe to our channel for more adventures
of Chatzi, the goofball fearless ninja, and find out if he meets Teego’s whappy paw of

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