Beware EVEN MORE Villager Glitches in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?!

Beware EVEN MORE Villager Glitches in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?!

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Despite Nintendo saying that the “I’ve
Moved Out” glitch had been patched in the 1.2.0 update, I was still receiving
comments that it was still happening to people. If you haven’t checked out my
video on that glitch then you should go do that. And make sure your games are
up-to-date to the latest version so that this glitch can hopefully stop happening.
However, this video will be going over a couple of the other glitches I’ve been
hearing about that are plaguing villager homes on people’s islands. The first one
that I’m sure you’ve heard about is: villager houses having the wrong
exterior. If you haven’t had this glitch or seen it, what it looks like is that
when a villager moves out and a new villager takes the plot, the outside of
their house will have the same appearance as the previous villager who
had just moved out rather than the current villager’s exterior. The interiors, however, will change. This glitch particularly sucks because you may have
picked a villager specifically for what their house looks like. What I initially
was reading was that this glitch was only happening to people who had been
time traveling during the move in process. They would time travel to move
the villager in faster and then time travel back to the current time and find
the exterior was wrong. But after looking more into it, this
seems to also be happening when moving villagers in from the campsite, both
naturally and with Amiibo. So basically nobody is safe. Unfortunately, once again,
this is a glitch that Nintendo will have to patch. However, there is one
method that has fixed this for some people. But I have to emphasise: it is NOT
guaranteed. The only guaranteed fix will be a patch from Nintendo themselves. If
you end up with the glitch, you can try kicking the villager out and then
re-inviting them, but you must NOT time travel to speed up the process or else
you risk yourself getting the glitch again. Again, this is not guaranteed but
some people have reported that this method fixed it for them. The second
glitch that was brought to my attention is the villagers forever in boxes glitch.
This glitch is particularly frustrating because, as you can guess from the
description of it, you end up with villagers that never leave. Each day you
load up the game you will get the “We bid our farewells to -whatever the villager
name is- as they are moving out” and yet they never do. After looking into it
people were mostly having this happen after a villager asked to move out and
you agree, then when they are in boxes to leave, you invite another villager to
move in but they take a different villager’s place. I know that is a little
confusing, so here is an example: Say you’ve had Apple living on the island
for a while and one day she asks to leave. You decide that “sure,
Apple, you can go”. The next day, Apple is in boxes preparing to move out, and at
the same time Audie is visiting the campsite. You’ve already decided you want
Audie and ask her to move in but she wants to replace Gonzo, and you decide
that that’s fine. Gonzo and Apple are now both in boxes on the same day. The next
day, Gonzo will be gone but Apple will be
stuck. She will not move out. This seems to be a conflict of having 2 villagers
trying to move out at the same time. I’d imagine the game is only programmed to
have 1 villager try to leave in a day, but I don’t know. However, I received a
message from someone with this problem who didn’t mention trying to move out 2
villagers at the same time so I’m not sure if this can happen regardless. My
suggestion would be to wait until the villager has fully moved out before
trying to move someone else in. Another method the community has come up with is
again to use the campsite, either with Amiibo or naturally, to get the villager
at the campsite to kick the stuck villager out. In my example, you’d use
Audie to kick Apple out. If the villager at the campsite selects a different
villager, reset the game as soon as their name appears so it doesn’t save and try
again until they pick the correct one. This seems to be working for people but
again it’s not guaranteed. Please give us a patch Nintendo. This glitch also does
seem to be affecting when people visiting come to adopt villagers for
their island so just be careful when villagers are moving out. I’ve seen
reports of people ending up with the wrong villagers. Just to end on a few
small things I want to acknowledge: When villagers are in boxes they can still
sometimes be crafting in mid-air. They’ll just be hammering nothing. You
won’t be able to get a DIY recipe from them because when you speak to them
they’ll just tell you about moving. This isn’t major but it’s really inconvenient
and honestly, just annoying because there’s nothing you can do about it.
Likewise, sometimes the villager can be crafting all day. I’m not sure what
causes this at all. Again this is just inconvenient as they’re supposed to
rotate so you can get a different DIY recipe and I’m not sure if it clashes
with the rotation, but they do seem to fix themselves by the next day. Finally, I
just want to talk about Celeste and shooting stars. I’ve seen so many people
talking about whether this is a glitch or not, even now two months in. You are
not guaranteed Celeste if you have a meteor shower and you’re not guaranteed
a meteor shower if you have Celeste. She’ll just show up at random. However, if
villagers acknowledge that you’re going to have a meteor shower and you don’t
get one, that is a glitch and unfortunately I don’t have a fix for
that. I hope this video has been helpful a like would be appreciated if it was.
Leave a comment about any more glitches or issues you’ve come across in New
Horizons down below; I really hope there aren’t many. Subscribe if you’d like to
see more from me, and if you like you can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram,
the links are in the description. And I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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100 thoughts on “Beware EVEN MORE Villager Glitches in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?!

  • Thot _ Post author

    I get this weird glitch/bug where: I can visit other people’s islands but other people can’t visit my island. I’ve tried sooo many things like using a hotspot, changing my DNS type, using a different WiFi, and many other things too. Nothing seems to work. I can’t change my NAT type (B) because I have satallite internet and I’m stuck in a stupid contract.

  • Am D Post author

    Im just watching this so i know what to do if it happens

  • Samborkitty Post author

    Rip money tree

  • tehee Post author

    I think this is a glitch but still, these are my actions that took place. So one day, a shower took place on my island. (I had wished for star frag btw) next day, I look at my shores to find not a single fragment. It’s been 2 weeks since that had happened. Is this a glitch???

  • Aly Post author

    when u dont have animal crossing but your dying to get it

  • Curious Creator Post author

    There is also a glitch where someone else (for example Raymond) has the clothes that you gave to another villager (for example Peanut) in their closet. Never happened to me tho. It’s another villager glitch.

  • •Snowy’s World• Post author

    Oh, so like if a villager were trying to move out and a new villager arrives in their house when you time travel, the house would have the same exterior as the previous villager. Let’s say If Hazel asked to move out and you say yes and let Audie move in, Audies house would have the same house exterior as Hazel. I hope this is correct because I don’t know I’ve had this glitch before sorry for the long comment 🙁

  • lvnie Post author

    i didn't even know this was a thing! i visited someone's island who had tia (I've also had tia as one of my starter villagers) and tia's house on their island was completely different than the one I had, but the interior of her house was the regular cafe set up. I just figured it was because tia was my starter villager on my island and the friend moved her in.

  • Joshua RoCraftMon Post author

    My firend while trading me marshal he had marshal with the glitched house but marshal was fine just in boxes and then marshal moved in with his normal house exterior

  • Yee_haw_buster Post author

    I think I came across a glitch? I had Celeste at my island and I posted it so people could come. People came, then one person left quietly. Once everyone walked out of the airport, Celeste was gone?? And all the people who specifically came for her had to leave, which was pretty annoying.

  • Riku! Post author

    When I sold Kiki for 50 nmts I time skipped a day so it would be faster. When i tried to go in her house it said, Ive moved out. I skipped two more days and the plot was ready to claim.
    Also when I switch Carrie for Zucker when he was in the camp he had the same exterior as Carrie

  • Sofia Lefort Post author

    tutu is currently living in del’s house exterior. it’s so ugly bro i hate it

  • frenzygundam Post author

    I found this glitch quite useful actually, I have wolfgang living in Graham's house and I think it fits wolfgang nicely

  • la lunelle Post author

    dang. my girl rosie be havin sprocket’s exterior 🙁

  • Zimeatsgirswaffles Post author

    I know glitches happen in pretty much every game, but the amount that this game has is a bit excessive to me. Especially since a lot of them are causing real problems like the no balloon presents glitch, and the moving villager glitches which seem to be a reoccurring issue. My game has not experienced anything like this, but I definitely think a major update is in order so we can get this shit fixed

  • Cherima Post author

    I have a glitch where Bob’s supposed clothes is stored at Flurry’s place lol anyone else?

  • Shadow Wolf Post author

    Beau moved in from the campsite and he still has gastons exterior and I’m so annoyed

  • Shadow Wolf Post author

    Beau moved in from the campsite and he still has gastons exterior and I’m so annoyed
    I did time travel 1 day just to speed up moving another villagers house and then he showed up and because he is my 2nd favourite villager I had to invite him. When I finally got him to come I went back to the real date and gastons house was still there but beau was living inside it 😞

  • D BD Post author

    I gave one of my villagers a phrase but suddenly two other villagers started to use it too 🙁

  • OBTV Post author

    And here I am – with Judy's beautiful GREEN house :')

  • Tina Blank Post author

    I’ve had a villager saying there was a visitor staying at the campsite when there wasn’t anyone there

  • goldfin/ch🌻 Post author

    when two villagers are in boxes at the same time, they both move out the next day, but the second new villager will wait an extra day to move in, so two villagers should never move in on the same day.

  • - ana - Post author

    I have a glitch happen to me. spike asked to leave and I said sure. and after I checked the campsite and got francine from it gladys went into boxes I sold gladys and today (the next day) spike is not in boxes he is just normal…..

  • Julius Caesar Post author

    the house thing happens if you go back on move day

  • Estelie Post author

    I found Judy on my campsite, but her house’s exterior looks like Broccolo’s. I don’t mind it so much, but it is indeed a bit annoying. Also, kicking and inviting Judy doesn’t sound so safe because I’d have to spend millions of bells or thousands of NMTs to find her again. Hope Nintendo fixes it soon 🙁

  • Corrin Arisato Post author

    Ah I thought I was the only one experiencing the house exterior glitch

  • Stephanie Lynette Post author

    I invited people for the first time via dodo code to come round and grab a diy, someone left via the save route and it glitched my entire island, all the visitors and the villager, Rudy. He stopped crafting and i had a bunch of unhappy people who weren't upset with me, but that they didn't get the recipe. After a few minutes, he went back to crafting and one or two people were able to try again and got the recipe but one person still missed out cause it stopped working again. Luckily i had a spare and i could give that to them

  • Luma Post author

    God I got a glitch where GiGi was trying to craft but I knew she didn't have a crafting station, so the game just didn't let me interact with her door. It can be fixed by just reseting the game and they'll get a basic crafting station. Was annoying though.

  • Soggy Cactus Post author

    Celeste gave me a diy but I went to check my pockets and it wasn't there. Sucks I'll have to run into her again to get a diy I rarely play at night.

  • Bones T Post author

    id be complaining about the house exterior glitch if an old one didnt fit the new villager better than their actual exterior where ive gotten it

  • Becca Ray Post author

    Idk if this is a glitch it but I’ve have the game for almost 2 months now and I haven’t got flick. Also I’ve only had one meteor shower

  • Señor Sano Post author

    Bianca has a house that looks like Canberras 🙁

  • Affable Sage Post author

    I've actually had exterior glitch happen for two villagers I have now. One was Tasha, who I moved in via Amiibo, but who kept Zucker's exterior when he moved out. That one was an easy fix, cause I just used her amiibo again to bring her back later, and she has her correct exterior now. Unfortunately, the other one is Raymond. I moved him in naturally via my campsite (Lucky me!) and he kept Bertha's home exterior even though I waited two days for him to get fully moved in.

  • Kainos Teleos Post author

    I got the exterior glitch, after letting my villager move to someone else's island, while the new one (Amiibo) was already waiting. No time travel involved at all… This seriously needs a fix. Can't have Drago living in Whitney's house forever.

  • Zackary D Post author

    I only realized that Coco had the same exterior as Soleil after she moved out and I got stitches and it fixed itself thankfully

  • Heidi Myrvang Post author

    I don’t know if this is a glitch but I can’t get villagers that moved in via campsite to want to leave. They are not the last one to have moved in, and the thought bubble have been on everyone but them and the last one to have moved in.

  • TheRubinator13 Post author

    1:41 OK are we seriously not gonna talk about how you just kick filled in the gold dig spot with out buring at LEAST the 1,000 bells? Idk say always do 10k, but to not bury ANYTHING? Thats just pure insanity!

  • Nintendo Main Post author

    “Press the + button on ACNH, go to update , and please get the latest update of ACNH right now”

  • Camille Collins Post author

    I had a weird glitch where I couldn’t visit Alice’s house and whenever she’d go home she would stand and stare directly in front of the door. So I moved her home twice and it fixed it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • CuteLittleAngel Post author

    Oh so that's what happened with Beau. I was using Amiibos to help a friend get a new villager they wanted and I had Beau before I did this. And after I was done I moved him back in. And his house wasnt the same exterior as before. I mean as much as his house was cute. No other villagers had log exterior so I'm kinda okay with it being glitched so the house fits in with the others

  • RYAN DO3S STUFF Post author

    The exterior glitch happened with Audie but i fell the previous exterior fits my islands theme! She lives where fang lived.

  • Nagito Melon Post author

    I assumed that after a campsite visitor kicks out someone they just moved into that villagers house-

  • Astrid Night Post author

    But what if its an amiibo card? I have been trying to get Biskit to move in and go into my campsite but he keeps saying that he's on a big move and won't come to my camp..idk why this is happening. All of my other cards work, expect for him. I have tried for 5 days and he keeps saying the same dang thing, and refuses to come to my camp.

  • JJJustinHHL Post author

    Oh shoot. That almost happened to me w/ Cherry & Stu. Luckily, it didn’t happen but that exact scenario happened! (Stu has a cloud; Merry came in via campsite). Close one but I guess I got lucky that they both moved out

  • AJ O Post author

    I hope this is only happening to people that are hacking

  • Ben Townson Post author

    I got super lucky then with the campsite glitch. A couple of days ago Billy was in boxes about to leave and I invited Drago to my campsite for the last time and he took Ken’s place. Everything moved smoothly and billy and Ken left and Drago and Rex came to take their places. I guess I got really lucky

  • Sachi500 Post author

    I had two villagers in boxes at the same time but everything went normal. They both moved out and the one I had at the campsite moved in and a day later one I found on an island (seems like only one per day can move in). So it can also go right.

  • Cheeky Chica Post author

    Yeah now yoy say that I have got nan move in chesters place my his exterior was there and it confused me xD and I had to see who was in there xD

  • Musuu Post author

    From my experience, the wrong exterior happens whenever you time travels backwards while the villager that’s leaving is in boxes

  • Lunaeruu Post author

    Lmao Raymond has Rocket's house in my island :,)

  • Mayor Mina Post author

    Do any of these glitches hurt your game forever?

  • gogi joji Post author


  • Inky Machaaane Post author

    I’m not sure if this is a glitch but one of my villagers who I’ve had for almost a month if not a month already and the game still won’t let me give them anything, I’ve had other villagers after them and they don’t have that problem. I’m not sure what to do specially since I want to get rid of them

  • literally satan Post author

    for the exterior problem, i had this and solved it by moving the house. but it also happened to a friend and moving their house didn't fix it for them, but its worth a try

  • MemeExplosion Post author

    I had Harry and Chadder move out on the same day but it didn't glitch for me.

  • Gabo2825YT Post author

    3:08 there’s no Audie amiibo lol

  • millsabine Post author

    Octavian’s house looks quillson’s old house and I wanted his cool exterior

  • millsabine Post author

    As for the first glitch, where they keep the old home. You can time travel FORWARD until they are at least in boxes, this will be in their proper (big I’d do it so they are unpacked and properly moved on just in case) only then can u time travel back to present time and they will have their proper house

  • Kaminari_Denki Post author

    I got the i moved out thing i just skipped one day and it was fine

  • UmbreonTwinkle Post author

    This is scary.

  • Maleficus1215666 Post author

    I have a villager who is cleaning to leave… but I timed traveled and every single day he is still there cleaning to leave:( but during it I successfully moved another out, why didn’t that at least trigger him to just leave.

  • Demoniiqe Post author

    I had to move out marshal because wrong exterior. Good thing I have his Amibo, though..

  • The Smiley Snowman Post author

    When Nintendo patches this glitch… Is it going to fix all existing houses or is it only going to prevent the glitch from happening anymore?

  • Terrasaur Post author

    I had Tia in boxes because I invited cole from my campsite. I time traveled because I wanted to see if I could get leif and buy shrubs from him. Anyways, cole now has Tia's house exterior and I'm upset about it, since I was going for a black and orange theme AND NOW I CAN'T BECAUSE OF HIS BRIGHT BULE HOUSE 😭

  • Samantha :/ Post author

    you don't know pain until julian's house looks like cyrano's house

  • Gacha Girl Post author

    I love ur vids! So helpful!

  • Gacha Girl Post author

    I just have to ask……., Are there any CREEPY glitches? Love ur vids btw

  • _lily.mocha_ Post author

    idk if this is a glitch but I was in a friends town and decided to talk to one of their villagers walking outside the plaza. when I did, they gave dialogue that they would give if they were crafting and I got the option to ask abt the diy. I did, they gave me a diy card, and I eventually left the town and all seems well. I just thought it was a bit weird but maybe it's not a glitch idk. there was no crafting tables around btw bc the villager was in the plaza

  • Random Artist Post author

    One way to prevent the wrong house one is, instead of going multiple days forward at a time to move them out, go day by day so that the game will register the empty plot. If you don’t give the game space to register that the plot is empty, that’s what causes that glitch.

  • Jillian Playz Post author

    Please help! I was having Francine move in today and then had her replace my villager Flip. Then I timeskiped to the next day and the house was the same and it said "I'm not home right now -Francine" but I can't find her ANYWHERE

  • Savannah McClung Post author

    Well I think all my villagers have the wrong exterior-

  • Nook inc.’s Trash Post author

    I got the red owl ( can’t spell her name, oof ) during a meteor shower

  • Grace Burch Post author

    oh i didn't even realize hoppers house was glitched before he moved out! huh

  • Eclipsa27 Post author

    That is happening to me as well.. I ask Marshal (Who came into my campsite naturally) to move into my island the moment Claudia was asking to move out and I let Zucker go.
    Those two were moving out the same time but the day after Claudia was still in boxes and Mashal bought the plot that was from Zucker. I just thought it was part of the game but I grew frustrated when I saw that Caludia was still in boxes and Marshal moved in unpacking.
    Then the next day She was still there packing and Marshal was finished unpacking. I thought at first that Claudia was taking her sweet time moving but now.. I'm disappointed to know that I got the bug..
    the bright side for me (i guess) is that I can earn more nook miles for island hopping to look for a villager until Nintendo fixes this problem.

  • Chris Svenson Post author

    I never had a meteor shower except for the first one that everyone gets at the start of the game in night 3/4. Now i waited for 3 months for the next one….i know that every veraion of the game has a different pattern for spawning meteor showers but…i think this might be a glitch too

  • Error Code: 397: user could not load Post author

    I just realized I wasn’t subscribed

    clicks the subscribe button cutely

  • Anna Mueller Post author

    Remember when glitches were fun 😭

  • Catzoomies Post author

    i had a really weird thing happen the other day and idk if anything similar happened to anyone, but basically freckles was stuck staring at her door for a while and then was basically stuck inside her house for three days. Luckily idk if i was able to jostle anything, but i had a friend come over and i tried checking again and i was able to get inside (???) beforehand there was a thought bubble over her head idk if anyones had something similar

  • Novi Post author

    I had the 'forever in boxes' glitch yesterday when someone came to take my villager to their island at the same time as the update- so online services crashed when they were leaving and before the system save. They did get the villager however I received the glitch.
    Easiest fix I found was to invite a second person to take the villager home. Once they queued to leave the second time, they left and the plot was properly empty.

  • xXSamanime Xx Post author

    Ahh yes I got the exterior glitch but I kinda like Stitches with a black house in the exterior and a cute aesthetic in the interior ^^

  • Siinix Post author

    Lily moved out and vivian moved into her home!

  • •OasisPhoenixx• Post author

    Ok I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this but I decided to move Dotty’s house. I save the game and leave because I had to go and do something else. When I come back I decided to go speak to Dotty. Dotty was stood in the middle of her house, she no longer moves when I walk into her, she doesn’t react when I enter or leave the house and she will no longer talk to me when I press ‘a’. I don’t want to time travel, and clearly saving and leaving does nothing. -The reason why I don’t want to time travel is because I have a new villager moving in and I don’t want to risk another glitch.

  • Serena Nguyen Post author

    Have a discord?
    Join us on this server.

    A great admin team who will taunt and troll to keep things entertaining !

    We have gained 3500+ and still growing! A come for the turnips stay for the great community and banter.


  • Martha Lockyer Post author

    Thank you so much this was really helpful. I have never had a glitch before so now I know what to do to prevent it from happening

  • Foxen Octane Post author

    Anyone know if they patched this in the new update?

  • R. Shannon Post author

    I had Poppy stuck in boxes for over 3 weeks before finally someone came to the campsite as I had no amiibo to use at the time. Kicking Poppy out with the campsite villager fixed the glitch, and I was able to time travel a day and have her leave. The Campsite seems to fix this glitch just fine.

    Also, I once at the "I Moved Out" glitch with Friga a few days after the game came out but it fixed itself naturally over around 2 weeks. I did nothing and eventually her house just cleared. There was no update when that happened so I have no idea how the glitch fixed itself.

  • fightmefairy Post author

    My villagers keep not rotating during the diy hours. It’s really annoying

  • Cheese Inhaler Post author

    i reinvited sprinkle so she didn’t have merengues exterior and i’m so happy it worked!

  • Laura Oioli Post author

    i have the first glitch, my fault because i time travelled in the wrong way (i skipped and then went back). So now apollo have the wrong exterior. i’m now using whitney amiibo, so my idea is to substitute apollo with her (no time travel) and then re invite apollo. can i do it even tho i had invited apollo previously?

  • Wat Post author

    One of my villagers says the custom sayings I gave to other villagers. :/

  • conspellation Post author

    I actually have something like the exterior glitch, but with the interior. I don't really know if this is intentional or not (most likely the latter), but here's an overview: one of my villagers, Nan, has a different interior than what she's supposed to have. It's been like this since the day that I got her, and I wasn't time traveling either. The exterior is fine, but for her interior, she has a blue paper wallpaper, a kitchen area, and a large bookshelf against the wall. Her actual interior is black-themed with piano and a picture of Chevre above her bed. Mines doesn't. I wasn't even aware to be honest, until I saw someone else post a picture of Nan's house, which was obviously different than mines. I got her through the three villagers that Nook forces you to invite to the island, but I don't know if that really says anything. I'm still confused on how it happened. If anyone can clarify, then that'd be cool =)

  • Dexxy Post author

    I have the exterior house glitch
    i got chrissy to replace ozzie and her exterior still looks like his

    he has a stone exterior sooooo doesn’t really match chrissy oof

  • Twofaced Night Post author

    Marina’s house is Dobie’s house, I hope it gets fixed soon,,,,

  • Cat Post author

    The other day I was talking to Roscoe as he was sitting outside under a tree and when I spoke to him, he was acting as if he were using his crafting bench and ended up giving me a DIY recipe. He didn't make the motions like he using his crafting bench but spoke like he was. I thought that was pretty weird

  • Avery Fowler Post author

    Ugh Raymond house looks like zuckers house now lol

  • MoldyTofu Post author

    You can also use the house glitch for benefit if you really like the house of one villager but hate the character

  • Chevre uwu Post author

    I think the most recent update fixed it. Mine updated today and audie moved in with the correct exterior

  • Cherry blossoms__blossoms When I’m here Post author

    If one of villagers just crafts all day ima be Like RECIPE GALLOR

  • Sky1106 Post author

    imo they need to make an option where you can pick if you want to manually save or for autosave to do its job

  • Theresa Kurth Post author

    I have a glitch where Cranston asked me if he should change his catchphrase. I said yes, and it changed it to "snack". But now Audie has stopped saying her preset catchphrase and also says "snack".
    Not the first glitch with Cranston, his wardrobe contents are switched with another villager's wardrobe contents.

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