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– Oh my god! Yo, it’s your boy, Killem. Welcome to today’s vlog. So me and Moon have decided we want to make the
world’s biggest Cheeto, a hot Cheeto, I wanna make it hot. It’s gonna a good ol’ hot one. So we’re gonna go to the
shop, buy all the stuff. But first, just look at
this, look look look. These my chili plants,
they’ve been growing for ages for like six to eight months or something. They getting big. This one, look it there. There, look at that. Just starting to flower. They’re getting little flowers on. Apparently, when they start flowering, it means you gotta stop
feeding them, like, special stuff, and then
the peppers might grow. So it’s all looking good. Hopefully we’ll get some
good peppers on them. Not just that one’s got flowers. Other ones are just
starting to get flowers but that one’s actually
got them poking out which is really good. So, yeah. Whoa. Just walked into the table. So yeah, it’s looking really good for getting the chilies this year. Cannot wait, I hope we do. That’s gonna be awesome getting all these different fresh chilies. But first, me and Moon are
gonna go to the pet shop. We wanna get this play
pen for Mrs. Pebbles so we can take her out the cage, put her in this play pen
and she can run around without really running the whole room. But I don’t wanna get one of them balls because apparently they don’t like them. And then we’re gonna go to the other shop, buy all the things to make
the world’s biggest hot Cheeto and then we’ll come back
home and start making it. So, let’s do this. This is the wire play pen. You can put it out in the
bedroom like on the floors. You can get in, run around,
get out of the cage for a bit. Think she’ll like that as well? Get some toys for in. This thing looks cool too. Look at this guy. (maniacal laugh) Look, he’s dreaming. Must be digging or
something, he’s dreaming. We’re thinking about getting
another cage for Mrs. Pebbles. We don’t think the one
that she got is big enough so we thought about getting two and then connecting them with tubes so she can live in one and the other one’s like a
play area, what do you think? Just a small one like this, I think. I think that’d be really good. – [Moon] We want a happy hamster. – She will be very very happy. No way, look at this. Hamster toilet. Comes with a little shovel
as well to shovel the poop. No way a hamster can know
that that’s the toilet. You can’t train them. – [Moon] They do. – No way. I bought a load of stuff,
we forgot to get the cage so Moon’s just gone back in, pick it out. I’m hiding in the back. She’s coming, she’s coming. She can’t see me. She can’t see me. She’s laughing, she sees me. Hey girl. – [Moon] It’s the wrong car and there’s a dog in the back. – Let’s go buy some food. Let’s go make the world’s
make the world’s biggest– – [Moon] Flaming hot – [Both] Cheeto. – Yay. (Moon cheering) Need some of this. Cheese, lots of cheese, flour. It’s insanely stressful. We need this thing called caramel which we can’t find,
we can’t find anywhere. But there’s this thing
called plur something. I can’t remember, it’s just
apparently the same thing. We can’t find that either. So I think we’re gonna
have to cheat this time. I’m gonna put everything back and we’re gonna buy loads of Cheetos, crunch them all together, yeah. I don’t know if it’s gonna work either. It’s the only thing we can do. I’ve not got anything
and I really wanna make the world’s biggest Cheeto. Found Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Puffs over here. Here we go, look look look look. Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Puffs. Loads of them. Just gonna get a lot of them. That should work. I’m gonna do this. How many we need? – [Moon] All of them. Whoa. Where you going? – I don’t think that’s enough. We need some more. – [Moon] Really? You serious? – Let’s go. Let’s go. It’s rainy as hell right now. God, I’m so soaking wet-through
going back to the car. Anyway, I bought 15 bags of Cheetos. 15 big bags with eight mini bags inside so what’s that? What’s 15 times eight? It is 120. 120, I’m sure, 120? – [Moon] It’s not 120. – 120? – [Moon] That’s why you
have to do YouTube isn’t it? – Eight times 15, 120. 120 bags of Cheetos. I’m gonna smush it all together using a bit of water and stuff. – [Moon] Shh! Not the secret ingredient. – Okay, go go go. We got the play area set up. We got a little seesaw, some water, a thing to nibble on. We’re gonna give her some treats as well. Now, we gotta get her in. We’ve not got used to
holding her on the hand yet. So we got this little pet thing. We’re gonna see if
she’ll walk into the bed. Some little treat’s in there. We’ll get her into this and
then put her in the area. So then we have no
accidents, no droppages. Pebbles. (whistling) Moon’s setting up the other cage now. We’re gonna have a tube
going from here to there. I’ve got it. I’ve got her, I’ve got her. – [Moon] Don’t drop her,
get her down, get her down. She’s not used to it. – Yeah. We did it, we did it, we got her in. – [Moon] She looks tired. (laughing) – [Killem] Whoa, she’s out, she’s out. – [Moon] Thomas. – [Killem] Go down down down. Go go go. – [Moon] Yeah, that’s it. – [Killem] She’s good at climbing. It’s all done, this is the area as normal. – [Moon] Whoa, she’s going in. – She’s going in. Mrs. Pebbles sees the new house. Whoa. (giggling) This is for sleeping, this is the chill zone
where she can peep and poop. So here’s a lot of Cheetos. This is crazy, I didn’t even
know there was that money. It didn’t look like that
much in shopping trolley. Anyway, we’re gonna go all out. We’re gonna open every bag. We’re gonna crunch them all in the bag. Put them all into this bucket. Put a bit of water in there crunch, so, yeah
wait let me start that again Gonna crumble it all in here so we’re gonna have Cheeto dust. And then we’re gonna add a bit of water, try and mold it, smash it in oven, see what happens. Aw, it’s gonna take ages. It’s Cheeto man. Can’t breathe in here. Cheeto Puff Flamin’ Hot flavor, I’ve never even asked for these. Really nice. We’ll just crush them up. Pour it in. – [Moon] Just another 242.3 times. – What? It’s been like 10 minutes. It’s taking far too long. We’re getting there, I’m squishing, Moon’s tipping them in. Taking too long, so new idea, Moon’s idea. We’re gonna just pour them all in and then get this tater masher thing. That’s quicker. – [Moon] Can’t stop licking my fingers. – Hey, you. This is for this. I’m running out of room. We’re running out of room. Still got this many left. We’ve done this many. Okay, we’re gonna start mashing. Oh god, wait I’m gonna
put it on the floor, put in on the floor. Oh god. Cut that out. And that. The last bag. There we go. It’s all 120. They’re not for me later. I promise. (childlike chuckling) Oh, yeah. Oh yeah, yeah baby, yeah. Half a bucket of Cheeto dust. – [Moon] How many calories is one bucket? – 69 times 120. I can’t, have to work out it. Something close to 1,000. So now we’ve got to try and mold this into like a big Cheeto. So now, we’re gonna make
it all stick together. I don’t know with water or eggs or what. We’re gonna try a few things. Yeah, so that’s the next
thing we’ve gotta do. Let’s do it. What’re you laughing at? – [Moon] What I’m laughing at? You. – So the eggs will
hopefully make it stick. How many we’re putting in? – [Moon] Just one first. – A bit of water. Jacket’s coming off. I mean business. It’s really warm, why is it so warm? Okay, I’ve got Cheeto dough. For sho’ you know? Cheeto dough, yeah baby. – [Moon] It’s so disgusting. – Let’s try and shape it like a Cheeto. That don’t look like a puffy Cheeto. It looks like more like a proper Cheeto. All mubbly and stuff. – [Moon] That’s good. Looks like we’ve done it. – That looks like a Cheeto. Onto the tray, it goes. I hope that looks better
when it comes out oven. Okay now, let’s put it in the oven. That’s for you, that. For free. – [Moon] It looks like a turd. – So we’re leaving it just slightly open. Then the air gets to in it, all the moisture comes out of the oven and it should make the crisp more crispier because it’s a crisp, it’s like a chip. It’ll make it more crispy. Just, you know what I’m saying. (singing a song phrase cheesily) I think it’s time. We can’t
leave it in much longer. It’s been like an hour and 15 minutes. 75 minutes. I don’t know why. (background chatter) – [Moon] Just a bit. Ew. – Oh god. It’s a bit crunchy. So we’ll leave it to cool down. Hopefully it’ll set a
bit when it’s cooling. That’s gross. Lovely grease, lovely grease. Lovely grease. Let’s get that off for now
but before we try this thing, I just wanna do today’s shoutout. Today’s shoutout goes to Ruby7890. If you want a shoutout
in tomorrow’s video, make sure you give this
video a nice big thumbs up. Make sure you got post notifications
turned on this channel. And then leave me a comment down below telling me when you’ve done it. Anyway, let’s do this. Jesus. Solid. Here is the world’s biggest Cheeto. Wait wait wait wait wait. An actual Cheeto next to it. Normal sized Cheeto. My Cheeto! Wait, I wanna see if I
can pick it up first. Smells fishy, is there fish in it? – [Moon] Because it’s maybe
the batter of the fishes, the same thing.
– Oh, maybe. Yeah. – [Moon] No, with fork and knife. – Wait, I wanna bite right into it. Look. – [Moon] Look at the grease. – It tastes like the
batter around the fish. – [Moon] Seems really crunchy, isn’t it? – Crunchy but sticky in the middle of it. That tastes good. It
doesn’t taste like a snack, it tastes like something
you’d have on a meal. I can’t believe it turned out alright. Go follow me on Instagram. (high energy techno)


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