“Bird” Instrumental (Hip Hop/Trap Type Beat) [Prod. By TheBeatCartel]

“Bird” Instrumental (Hip Hop/Trap Type Beat) [Prod. By TheBeatCartel]

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30 thoughts on ““Bird” Instrumental (Hip Hop/Trap Type Beat) [Prod. By TheBeatCartel]

  • Abdullah Khantk Post author

    Its WoW..♡♡☆☆

  • Sirena Brooks Post author

    If you want to go to work tomorrow and I will be there

  • Sirena Brooks Post author

    I was just playing

  • Shark Tornado Post author

    Fo nous goumé goumé goumé
    jiska temps fanmi la ke nou gangner
    Kon dit tifree zanmi nou kay flexer
    Fò janmin kè nous abandonner
    floo en nous sal yo ka envie copier
    Tout sèl en nous fanmi nou kay river
    Dèpis nou toujou ka kwè en bondié
    Paskè c li selment i ka regner

    Madanm en mwen c lizzie
    Jalousi a yo ka senti
    C messie ni envie menti
    Rn ja gade yo en ka ri
    Yo ka fuck vou et yo ka souri
    I ni en jou ke yo ke pris
    Lanmo la ka livree et sa du lundi au samedi
    Chak fois en vancé yo aigris
    Allè la c faux zanmii
    Yo ka ose crie mwen fanmi
    Monni ka rapotè yinki putrii
    Fo toujou gade pou flex en vie aw
    Fo pas janmin fanmi ou prend tete aw
    tout les jou fanmi fo ou gade baw
    En vie en mwen yo ja decevoi mwen
    C pou sa en solo en tete mwen
    En pas si ti buzz 2,3 pentin

  • bertho junior fortune Post author

    Wow @thebeatcartel i love this beat ,can i use it for a personal song,how can i get the clean version please ?

  • Poutcho BazMusic Post author

    الصح و لا باطل و نا منسمعش الراي
    لعيب ساهل ندير لعيب فلايف
    فسطاد يبكي و لاخر يناركي
    سطاد الزنقة نتا بلاكة و نا نطاكي
    شعب برد و الدولة تغتصب
    انا السالب ادا نتا موجب
    مطيحش راجل زعما كي موشم
    حفظ الرول و هبط و هدر
    لبكبك ملبعيد تبان محلول و لا تحت الارض
    هنايا تحترم فرض
    حاول تلحق يجيك المرض
    عقلية حديدة شدينا لفليزة
    تمشو مع ليزا
    تبييشة ولا سلعة خردلة
    الخبر جبتوه توما وحنايا تولا
    حبست تسمع الراب قالوها لولا
    حبست السماح ناس مشي قاع منوالا
    طيح كل ما يروح لك الخيط
    فسوقنا يطيح الشيات حاكمين الريط
    جاك التور هنايا تبور

  • Maria Leon Post author

    Rock on these niggas i Just Play my cards how they get dealt to me
    nobody ever felt for me they acting so selfishly
    Then they want some help from me
    The realest go through hell for me
    I will never back down just move at a better speed

    Name ringing bells boy I'm here to change the game
    I love stacking money wild boy can't be tamed
    Fuck what you bang
    I'll always be the same fuck the late nights trapping you just think you getting paid
    You prolly need a strap cause i stay tucking mine
    peekin out the blinds
    headshot knock you out your mind Get your own paper hater paper chaser till I die riding

  • Chunni Post author

    Quiero llegar a lo que me prometí
    Quiero lograr y llevarte con migo a ti
    No tengo na y aún así seguís con mi
    Deja de flashar y todo eso vivir

  • Mr.Sleepy ASMR Post author

    Offset type of beat


    this is 🔥 checkout my latest upload

  • Martin Dykes Post author

    If this is your thing then you might like this 👍🏼 https://youtu.be/N4YgKYJbefY

  • YOUNG BLACK MEX Post author

    Bruh. Can I used it. ??.

  • The Occasion Post author

    Imma count it up ,
    Ooh , ooh ooh–a ,

    Imma stack it up ,

    No confusing us,

    I ain’t spreading ain’t no love ❤️

    Don’t Come at me with that lovely Shit ,
    Twisting ya words that you won’t commit ,
    People get close and intimate ,
    Remember shit , that you won’t forget ,
    Where’s the pain ? Just let it hit ,
    Gotta free my mind out on this bitch
    (——-) got the weed and we rollin it ,
    I got the trophy and I’m holdin it ,

    Ahhh take a deep breath ,
    For whatever that really comes next ,
    Be true to self and only self ,
    Fuck ya hand man , i don’t need your help ,
    Keep it Soulja , and move hella stealth ,
    So they don’t know ya moves ,
    Don’t leave no clues ,
    Nah shawty
    Cause thats what children do
    I can’t be wit you , I have to be with me ,
    You caged my mind , I’ll set it free ,

    To whom I might be ,
    to find my destiny ,
    To show the best of me ,
    To express My legacy ,

    A nigga had to go ghost ,
    The occasion ain’t trustin these hoes ,
    I’m in love with money ,
    The expense on my clothes ,
    The scars in my heart ,
    will harden some mo,
    Look my teeth it’s 10 Karat Gold ,

    Nigga kept shining .
    smoke a ounce while rhyming ,
    Ain’t young thug but I keep on sliming ,
    Don’t slip on my drip , yeah , nigga keep grinding ,
    Speak from the H ,
    straight out the damn Nawf ,
    A lil salt can’t kill a damn boss ,
    You sippin on fiji , I’m sippin I’m voss,
    I fell off the map , my nigga I’m lost ,

  • Ashish Bairwa Post author

    Man too much beatcartel! Just introduce in the beginning and end. It seems annoying.

  • Nikotine Beats Post author

    Sick beat beat my g
    i would love to get your opinion on my beat if u got the time <3

  • lil shrekt Post author

    (Intro) 0:14
    Yo so, theres a lot of negativity around my name recently,
    from being a racist to them getting pissed because i gt braids.
    fuck it, this is what i say
    a new start

    beat drop 0:30

    Im just, trying to rap this shit isnt easy /

    dissed for being too cheesy and racist /

    they missed my explanation to this stupid playlist /

    of saying the word on a cover? if im hanging arund with black people what do you wonder?

    ok yes it was immature but ive erased it /

    face it! and stop embracing it, its old now shut the fuck up /

    please and let me finish these lines, when im done these guys /

    can throw some street signs and meet you as it seems spines /

  • kashif anwar Post author

    That beat was lit🔥

  • Jai singh ranawat Post author

    DON'T LISTEN TO THIS WHEN YOU'RE HIGH 😵 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iJV2ZiPQnw

  • Namiko Sai Post author

    imma bird! CAWCAW CACAW!!

  • Simplicitas Post author

    Perfect beat for beginners. If I upload a video with it, is ok? Tell me how you want to be acknowledged.

  • Chico Post author

    Tungkol sa chismosa etong tiga samen walanangang magagandang sasabihin bukod tangi ang bibig pag silay akala mo may uubra pero hindi ako nabahala pero kase ang habol ko kaya chill out pero ang bibig nila puta parang machinegun kase nga sila ay etchapwera walanangang magandang sasabihin kaya etong lang ang masasabi ko tsismosa tsismosa

  • Jer Brown Post author

    this nigga thinks hes black liek hes off the riff raft, he only came wit 2 bars 2 rip like a kit kit, thes3e rappers sweet as candy, a lot wont get that, cuz they all stay away from bars like grabben 6 paxayyyy look mmma i made it now arent you proud that im surround by crowds, had a quiet day turnt up get loud, burn up lay down , wake up blaze up blow clouds, get on the track, lay down uh sound
    that be bumpin from town to town,
    we can go at it pound for pound.im goin on ham all i need is the pineapples n pepper , cuz n me u go together like fine asses on heffers, talkin trash wit no effort on the mic leve u severed, get bodyed up decapated caskets get measured// throw the trash in the shredder, make em get out da stretcher, my pleasure to her vagina like elastic i stretch heryea but u didnt know i trold them 2 make the trade i put the pressure on, espn said the owner" tom gores did it 2 van gundy

  • Firelight Post author

    Great music

  • Firelight Post author

    Best type of shit song i ever heard


    I purchased license for this a year ago and never used it

  • BRIANNA MARQUEZ Post author


  • WASER officials. Post author


  • sangr3al Post author

    kuş misali uçmak

  • Mk Jonas Post author

    Crypt brought me here!!!!!!this beat fire

  • Derek Eversole Post author


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