Bird Taking Off at 20,000 fps (213 milliseconds) – Smarter Every Day 197

Bird Taking Off at 20,000 fps (213 milliseconds) – Smarter Every Day 197

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Hey, it’s me Destin Sorry for the vertical video there. I was recording for the Instagram story So I caught this bird with my hand and I got to thinking about it It’s kind of a shame to have a bird and let it go and not film it in slow motion So, that’s what we’re gonna do. Alright, this is my daughter’s butterfly Thing. Where you at little bird? Hey calm down buddy Calm down, calm down There you go calm down Okay, let’s hold you where you don’t get hurt There you go. All right. Let’s go let you go. What do you think? So I’ve always been fascinated by birds their wings in particular. You see that the primary feathers one, two, three, four, five six, seven, eight Nine, I thought they had ten primary feathers. Maybe they do and then these are the secondary feathers And then the feathers around his eyes It’s really cool. He’s scared so we’re gonna try to try to get him out of here real quick He’s wanting to fly away. I know this isn’t like a super in-depth smartereveryday video But this is just a target of opportunity something to learn really quick What I want to know is when he takes off if his tail feathers are correctin’ immediately or it has to wait until he’s moving in flight before he starts using those. We probably Won’t see that because we literally have one shot to do this But I’m really excited. Did you see his eyes like the little Feathery things around his eyes. I’ve never noticed that anyway, he’s getting tired. We got to let him go Alright here we go. Releasing the bird Three, two, one That was fast. All right, let’s look at it. I mean we we’ve probably just got the launch but I like birds All right, I set out to make a cute little video of a bird hopping out of my hand But I actually learned a ton from this footage. Number one It’s clear that the bird hops out of my hand, and I’ve never thought about that I’m sure that’s just common knowledge to ornithologists, but for some reason I always thought birds just start flapping to fly And he’s hopping why would they not use their legs to get further away from the ground? So their wings don’t hit the ground or my hand or whatever. That’s just cool. I’ve never thought about that number two I think it’s neat that he points his tail towards the ground on that hop And I’ve got to believe he’s doing that to reduce the vertical component of drag so that he can hop farther Another thing that happens is on the downstroke. You can see that his feathers are together But his feathers delaminate to reduce drag on the backstroke, we’ve seen that in a smartereveryday episode in the past It’s fun to see it again here number four. It’s cool to see him transition that tail from being pointed down. He raises it So he’s getting ready for horizontal flight so that transition from vertical flight to horizontal flight He straightens his tail out to get it in the game. He’s getting ready to make corrections in horizontal flight I think it’s really cool to make your own observations because all this probably exists in a scientific paper somewhere But it’s fun to actually see it for yourself and try to understand. I’m gonna be looking for these things Every time I see a bird take off from now on. Alright, that’s enough of this bird. You want to see my garden? These are my sunflowers. I grow them for All the ladies in my life My daughter my mom my wife While we’re here, you want to see my corns-es? My corns-es are bad. I think I overwatered them. These are my corn-es These are my corns-es and Right here look at this bad boy. Look at it. Beautiful It’s a good-looking melon right there anyway It’s a simple video. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m Destin. You’re getting smarter every day. Have a good one. Bye

100 thoughts on “Bird Taking Off at 20,000 fps (213 milliseconds) – Smarter Every Day 197

  • SmarterEveryDay Post author

    I hope you enjoyed my cornses.

  • Iain Brodie Post author

    Loved the video! Birds are amazing.

    Try to take time lapse shots of the seeds growing in the middle of the sunflowers. Nature has figured out how to mathematically distribute the seeds so that each flower has the most seeds possible in a given area.

  • Rowena Grinsam Post author

    Film your plants grow in slow motion.

  • Torstein Early Post author

    I subscribed because I like your melons…

    (Wonders how I've not been subscribed previously?)

  • DEEPAK JOSEPH Post author

    PETA is furious…wants to adopt and kill the bird by themselves…wait you didn't kill it?

  • Josh Carr Post author

    That my friends is the supreme perfection of Gods creation. Great vid

  • yhwh strateuma Post author

    I have a question that is unrelated and has stumped me. It's hard to describe to. So you take leftovers from the fridge in a plastic Tupperware pop the lid to vent and microwave them. When you take it out it's hot, and generating steam. If you now close the lid and shake your food as if stirring instead of the lid being bubbled from the steam pressure build up is is sucked in …. why what forces are at work.?

  • Silver Top Flyer Post author

    I have been amazed with flight since I was old enough to talk today im a drone pilot. I have been flying for a while have hundreds of hours on the sticks. but with flight I learn something new everyday. good job my brother

  • oldvideodude Post author

    Too cool!

  • krishna Post author

    wow… that launch is so majestic

  • Joe Scoggins Post author

    The mechanics of birds facinates me. Have you ever studied the muscles that are used in flight? Birds were using simple pulleys long before they were a glimmer in man's eyes. And the smaller the bird, the harder the bird's muscles have to work to keep the wings flapping. How a hummingbird can keep up its pace of wing flapping is a testament to their magnificent design.

  • Mordechai Sheinson Post author

    That's a sick shot

  • Sutha Varathan Post author

    That bird will never know that it’ll live in YouTube forever…well done πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Craig Kamps Post author

    That is way cool

  • Craig Kamps Post author

    Would love to see more of this. Maybe put the camera on a bird feeder or a hummingbird feeder?

  • Haakon Dahl Post author

    Don't be shy about posting short punchy videos. This was great. I know, algorithm etc, but press on.
    And I wouldn;t worry about the conrses being bad. You are all the corn you need.

  • Frank Blangeard Post author

    He doesn't say how he measured the 20,000 fps velocity at take off which is mentioned in the title. Modern rifles with high performance cartridges can have a muzzle velocity approaching 4000 fps. So the bird was more than five times as fast as the fastest rifle bullet?

  • Rizwan Liaqat Post author

    just one word: WOW!!!

  • Reynold George Post author

    Love you brother

  • Praveen Kumar Post author


  • Bruno Carlos Caetano Santos Post author

    So you trapped a bird god knows for how long just so you could make a video?

  • Michael Keller Post author

    ha ha – "dya wanna see my garden?!" – great segway! πŸ™‚ very cool quick vid.

  • The AJ Kid Post author

    That was dope man!

  • Ja Ac Post author

    You just showed us your bird

  • Shelby Bryant Post author

    So gorgeous! Thank you! Your channel is wonderful!

  • Roy Crowe Post author

    Quick observation on the corn. From the video it appears you have just one or two rows of corn. You will get better pollination (more corn) if you plant at least 4 rows. Corn is air pollinating and needs the proximity… then again you may have a reason for the way you planted it. Enjoy your vids. Thanks.

  • AXMRDR Post author

    Nice melon. Love your stuff, keep it up!

  • floyd nelson Post author

    I think you should've held the your hand lower so we could see more flight

  • Sean DePoppe Post author

    So cool!

  • Siiri Tuunanen Post author


  • Anderson Justino Da Silva Post author

    Sempre imaginei que vocΓͺ fosse um amante da natureza

  • Arman Clark Post author

    one of the better videos, spontaneous and saw your cornsy and what a melon

  • Fryad Rafeeq Saleem Post author

    Excellent job buddy.

  • Choong Post author

    The bird took off like an F35 with rear exhaust pointing down for lift and then gradually straitening flat for horizontal flight.

  • academic pachyderm Post author

    You should name your melon Carnegie

  • Justin Schofield Post author

    Dustin I hope the other birds don't smell the human scent on it cause it will be attacked to death

  • Roxanna Camille Post author

    Wow that slow-mo is just phenomenal

  • amommamust Post author

    That was AMAZING footage! Well, inchage…

  • Theresa Kleinfelder Post author

    Awesome πŸ‘

  • S. White Post author

    I grow them for all the ladies in my life.. my daughter, my mom.. my wife. Ooh bet your wife was pissed about that order! πŸ˜‚

  • George Theodosidis Post author

    If you take out the hand and the flying bird from the phantom-cam footage, The blurred background with the sunflower field and the cloudy sky is a fantastic impressionist canvas. Like a Van Gogh waiting to be seen 😊

  • Mattis Cuypers Post author

    unsubscribed to be able to subscribe again for your melon

  • Tracey Hills Post author

    I took a photo of a chaffinch (in the UK) on a table. It was quite a wide shot and when I looked, the bird had used gravity to fall from the table edge before starting to fly. It happened so fast that I had never noticed anything like that before, but it was fascinating. I have chickens and I love to sit and watch them, it's very calming and I enjoy them very much. If you love birds too, then there are three books I highly recommend. The first is "Feathers" by Thor Hansen (he's done one on seeds and another on bees too, he is a great writer) and the second and third are "The Most Perfect Thing: Inside (and Outside) a Bird’s Egg", and "Bird Sense: What It's Like to Be a Bird", both by Tim Birkhead. The main thing which sticks with me is Heinrich Wickmann and his pencil up a hen's bottom…….but it was a great scientific experiment (and the hen apparently never complained…..) and he found out something new which has since been shown with live X-rays but otherwise couldn't be seen and which we still might not even think about otherwise…'s all fascinating stuff. Sorry for rambling, I love birds too.

  • llave brooks Post author

    I think I'm going to unsubscribe so I can re-subscribe for the melon…and the cornses

  • Hawaii Aerial Visions LLC Post author

    Super cool 😎

  • Sagi Alush Post author

    What’s the name of the camera?

  • CyberSERT Post author

    Why not angle the camera upward a little to have a chance of getting more footage?

  • Bram Moerman Post author

    Beautiful! Thank You!

  • David McCoul Post author

    Good flight analysis!

  • Mike Rouleau Post author

    I would love to see hummingbirds in slo mo. I watch them a lot at the feeder and they are amazing

  • Geoff Geoff Post author

    Animal cruelty is not very smart

  • KCHstudio Phx Post author

    Thanks, I've always been fascinated by birds. There walk, stride, maneuverability,
    group communication, just the day to day life stuff. Thank for the quick look at Destin . Kase

  • 巴士道 Post author

    I suppose the "hopping" part of the takeoff is unnoticed simply because it's fast and the bird is so light. I have a pet crow and he's about 700g. When he takes off from whichever part of my body, you really feel the force of the hop.

  • Brad Coleman Post author

    Great idea and video! Birds are amazing.

  • Eddie Sprouse Post author

    Great little video! Thanks for sharing! πŸ•ŠοΈ

  • Natanael Tavares Post author

    You should vlog
    I loved just seeing you be you
    Love to see more of you're garden

  • pax woj Post author

    Awesome background for the shot, awesome soundtrack. Thanks for thinking and questioning. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cat Post author

    Poor birdo

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    Here for the melons

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    More birds taking off or inflight! Plz

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    It was a majestic take-off anyways.

  • The killer Hurricane Post author

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  • The UnNamed Person Post author

    0:49 OI! Mr. Camera we all know what you tried to focus on! Naughty camera!

  • Vartik Shandilya Post author

    I'm surprised that someone as smart as you didn't know that birds hop to take off! Nice quick video though.

  • Faisal Khan Post author

    Liked for the melon

  • ashupashu Post author

    Would be 10/10 if there was no text at the bottom corners.

  • Mike Fifer Post author

    Seeing nearly anything in slow mo is just plain cool.

  • Kessler Dupont Post author

    You can see each feather go vertical on the upstroke

  • Waugy 370z Post author

    Its actually beautiful to see in slow motion.

  • Rohini Tailor Post author

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Destin: do u wanna see my garden? 3:35

  • justin rock Post author

    Very Nice.

  • prashant koirala Post author

    Its a good looking melon right there

  • Latanya Mc Post author

    Probably disgusting but you should probably do a spin tooth brush actually breaking down plaque or something similar

  • -Colin- Post author

    Pure Texas man : these flowers are for all the ladies in my life β€œ my daughter”

  • lilithmarleen Post author

    You should collab with BirdTricks and tag along on one of their free flight expeditions. Plenty of opportunity to study birds flying up close and personal πŸ™‚

  • David Cerveaux Post author

    Can you donate a Mac pro to me (like through your sponsors) David Cerveaux 15 Randabel lane 5eme mile belvedere Beau bassin Mauritius πŸ™πŸ˜…

  • texaswildcat2000 Post author

    Try to get some black dirt, some super rich soil…or add a lot of fertilizer…plus the watering you mentioned you may have overdone, lol…in the south, black soil is some of the best for corn…

    Outside THAT comment, I've watched this video a couple times over the past year, and even though I've known the way a bird takes off, flies, and lands, since I was a kid and learned all this plus how to fly ((planes, of course to those that might want to play with my words, haha (flight has always been a love of mine)), it's still awesome to watch in super slow-mo now and again….looking forward to more like this…

  • Zeppy GH Post author

    It's nearly 5:30 AM, and I'm tearing up watching a video of a bird flying in slow-mo.

    God, I love life sometimes.

  • Thanos in daa hood Post author

    When you let go the birds other birds kill it

  • 🌞🌷🌟Rahβ€’Bβ€’83🌟🌷🌞 Post author

    Sooo cool!

  • Duana Post author

    After watching this, I think it'd be cool if you visited a Falconer, then you could get multiple flight shots!

  • Joe Medley Post author

    You need to keep it in your, even if you had two in your bush.

  • Carl Anglin Post author

    Your videos are always educational AND entertaining! Don't remove how I found you, but I'm happy I did!

  • King Krapper Post author

    It's fun having a little peek at what you do on your own time instead of smarter every day videos

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    Next time position you hand at the bottom of the frame, not the middle.

  • John Jaromack Post author

    Both life and nature take great pride in ignoring your production schedule. But if you can adjust to theirs, they’ll both give you some of your best content.

    Thanks for the short!

  • DLTD Post author

    Dang the one time you do want vertical vid! Lol

    Love that camera! I’ve always been obsessed with microscopes and telescopes and also slow cams!!

    Wish list!

    Hey anyone here see my comment and is living near the sf bay? And has time to make cool stuff… lets me up! I’m trying to build a flying suit!
    Can’t tell the details but at first goal we lift off! Hit me up!

  • Gregory Hamlet Post author

    When I 1st read it!.. I thought it was saying 20k flaps per second ( fps ) and thought you are joking.. By bad lol

  • keith Obando Post author

    I need to know the song that you used for the take off it was amazing!! So dang acoustically pleasing 😫

  • Robert l Post author

    How did u call the bird and catch it?

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    That camera is so loud

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    Song sounds like it should be in a cruise ship commercial. Love it

  • J Maxwell Post author

    Thank you Destin…for all you shoot. That was too cool.

  • Jonathan Hall Post author

    Spontaneous bird video. It works.

  • Ornithocowian King Post author

    that poor birb in the beginning

  • em sa Post author

    To the bird it’s probably like us humans getting abducted by aliens

  • Mark Bisson Post author

    430 cats disliked this video for letting the bird get away. I'm not a cat. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

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    Destin: Wanna see my garden?

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    This is actually a very interesting video XD

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