BISSELL Commercial: BarkBath™ version 2 Long

BISSELL Commercial: BarkBath™ version 2 Long

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hello I’m Chuck Martin general manager
of innovation here at Bissell at Bissell we know pets and the messes they make
around the home and when it’s time to bathe them the messes they get even
bigger we focus on cleaning up the messes that life brings including the
pet messes now we’re bringing these insights to the dog baiting process the
Bissell bark bath truly is the next generation of baiting your dog a faster
easier and less messy way Bissell’s strengths are really around
understanding the consumer in the needs of the consumer especially the pet
parent and we know pets we know how pets interact with the household and the
messages they make in a home we realized that people are very frustrated with the
baiting process and we took a look at that we thought well if we’re cleaning
up after the dogs when they come into the house and they leave spots and
stains on the carpet and upholstery and we’re never really addressing the animal
itself that is dirty we started taking a look at the technology and the knowledge
we had of both pets and cleaning and we found this great new idea and this new
concept about saving your animal anywhere in your home so marrying the
insights that we have around the consumer experience and around the
consumer with the engineering now is the perfect match as we know pet you know
pet parents we know meses we know dirt bark bath is really important because it
gives the consumer a new way outside of their traditional way of bathing to
actually bathe their dog anywhere in their home that they want whenever they
want what it also allows people to do is clean more frequently in ten minutes I
can have all three dogs just just look like cleaning and the smell goes away
and everything I mean it works great because you could actually bathe your
dog every other day if you wanted to and it wouldn’t be a chore or were before it
was a chore to bathe three dogs you can use it in your kitchen and just within
less than 10 minutes you can wash your dog this is different because we’re
actually changing the way that you wash the animal normally you would wash from
the fur down and what we’re doing is we’re feeding from the skin up that’s
how we can actually use less water because in the traditional bathtub
method of washing your dog you use about 19
of water to wash an 80-pound dog we use less than 48 ounces of water because
we’re much more efficient at the process so our nohrin shampoo is really unique
because it doesn’t have a lot of the harsh chemicals that other shampoos –
and it’s really safe and effective on the animal are you going to give
yourself a ball it was perfect there was no mess and that was about an
hour shorter than what it would have taken me to give him a normal bath it
was great and he dried a lot faster you know when
I first saw the product I thought that there was no way that this was actually
going to work an Oreo she’s got too much hair it really really worked good it’s
better for the homeowner because they’ll use a lot less water better for the
homeowner because they won’t have to wrestle the dog to get them in out of
the bathtub and it really delivers on the promise is supposed to give to the
pet parrot which is we’re going to take care of your dog in a way that’s never
been done it’s easier for you and easier for your dog please join us in this new
adventure in caring for your dog be one of the first to get your bark bath order
now and keep checking back with us as we’ll be posting new videos and updates

24 thoughts on “BISSELL Commercial: BarkBath™ version 2 Long

  • Wizerd Post author

    but iaent  it better to wash your dog with a bath tub because what if your dog has a aligrey to the sope you have to put int that and dose the bark bath cleaner it self can you even yous it ah a spot bot for stain or carpet I'm  vacuumcolcter but your  bark bath is just a Bissell little green with a toll to cean your dog  and for a cheaper price you can just buy a Bissell little green wich is $40 were I live then all we nee to do is buy that tool or you can be like a normal person an just do it in the bath  tud your take a product that you have had on the market for years but adding a new tool to it I know how you vacuum companies work now that your made your fancy nevr  seen befor vacuum now ther going to be  $70 $80 $90 or more and then you make just bad vacuum your older powerforcec I loved them your new one all they do is die you should just be giving the Bissell powerforcec away for free because they die so fast an I lve Bissell and I know this sound rude and mean but I'm tired of vacuum compnes taking a vacuum then making it last a month but before you do tht you are takeing old vauums andn new changing the coler and name and sayine its new and inproveed bu the only thing you are changing is mabe the hose or the dusting brush but then you sell that vacuum for a big price I'm sorry I'm done buying hoover Bissell dirt devil dyson Kenmore all these cheap plastic vacuums and why cant you go to just bagged vacuum ther so much better for the world I'm goin back to my all Kirby vacuums have a nice day

  • Danny Martin Post author

    Looks great can not wait to get one for my dog.

  • Olivia Seaman Post author

    Hi there,

    My name is Olivia and I'm writing to you from Jungle Creations. We are an online publishing house and own a host of Facebook pages including: Viral Thread, Nailed It, Matty Robson, Game on and Food Envy.

    We have made a viral video using some of your brilliant content and hope to put it out across our collective network. Besides our own channels, the content will also go on celebrity affiliate pages that we work closely with, including Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and Kim Kardashian.

    Of course, we will credit you throughout the video and in the Facebook caption. We can also add a link to your website or social channels in the top comment box on Facebook if requested. However, if you don't want us to promote your content, please let us know at the earliest opportunity.

    Kind regards,

  • e m griffiths Post author

    Hopefully is quieter than the little green machine I have, it sets the dogs off into a frenzy

  • Ken Driscoll Post author

    Chuck, you and Maggie have hit the nail on the head with the Barkbath it is awesome. My dog Turk and I cannot thank you enough, for an awesome new way of cleaning my beautiful Dog. I was paralyzed as a Police Detective and Turk is my service dog, he is a 110 pound German Sheppard… He already loved being vacuumed, this was how we trimmed his hair. With Turk, we have worked with him since he was a puppy to let us vacuum him with us giving him treats, so he associates it with a good time. I always play with him while my wife vacumes him. So we knew he would like this and he does. He is a brilliant dog that seems to love us as much as we love him, in fact, I can't go out, without him, he will cry like a baby until I get home. Between you and I, I cry near as much and always rush back home so I can be sure he is OK. So now we have him with us; I rarely get out of the truck, and always park in a way so I can put down Turk's window and the public can stop and pet him or tell him how beautiful he is. He really likes the attention. I know now they will not just compliment his looks, but with the Berry shampoo, they will compliment his smell. It is so easy that I can do it. Which might not sound like much, but I am a paraplegic and have been since 2001. So I thank you for making what has become the answer to a major problem, for me, it might not be obvious, but being disabled can also be humiliating, and to be able to do something as important as cleaning your own dog, because like hand feeding, bathing your dog builds a bond, we are already close, but now I can strengthen that bond, and more important I can take pride in doing something that before this machine I could not do by myself. I have to say, it put a smile on my face, gave me back something was taken away with the use of my legs. a little independence in being able to do something myself. .If I can use this machine in my living room next to my chair, anyone can do it. A nice tip, some dogs have dry skin issues so I would recommend maybe shampoo once or twice a month and a nice warm rinse the rest of the time. If your dog doesn't like the sound, run your regular vacuum several times a day while giving your dog treats. Before long he or she will think that sound means treats or fun is on its way, I also play fetch with him and once he is worked up and having the most fun, I toss the ball over next to the vacuum while it is running, and he knows it won't hurt him to get his toy and get back to playtime. So anyone thinking about this machine trust me even if your dog is skittish around a vacuum, they can be trained to like it.

    Thanks again, this really is a miracle machine. I will post pics as soon as I can get someone to take pics while My and Turk are playing bath time (Thanks again)

  • s geddes Post author

    I have two miniature horses that this will work wonders on!!!! Can't wait to get mine 🙂 I will be sure to post videos!

  • Tarell Hudson Post author

    does it work on cats?

  • HarrLable Post author

    Doesnt look like it cleans very well

  • N Nathania Post author

    Can it also be used to spot clean carpets where the dog tracked in dirt? I need a multipurpose tool

  • todei79 Post author

    Is this still in development or is it on the shelves already? I like this idea and am willing to try it.

  • Megan Oglevie Post author

    Any chance Bissel would donate to our 501(c)3 senior dog rescue? We're Lily's Legacy in Petaluma, CA. Sure would be a boon to us!

  • Diego Ospina Post author

    This machine can be for industrial mode?

  • Scott Collins Post author

    With a Leonberger and a Golden, I felt very targeted by this ad. I could see this as a good winter solution to washing the dogs, but I don't see this as a replacement to a good saturating shampoo. How much time and water would it take to wash that muddy Leo with the Bissell? Answer= Get that dog straight to the tub 😉

  • Franklyn De Leon Post author

    Is this available in the philippines? Tnx

  • Lori Holt Post author

    Is this compatible with the Bissell Spot Bots or do you have to buy the completely separate machine?

  • interSpeces Family Post author

    Howcome this Bark Bath is not on

  • interSpeces Family Post author

    Redirecting to the German Bissell webpage, since thats where I am for a while. However, odd that it doesn't show up on the German Bissell site, since it's a very k9 living country that thrives on diy lifestyles.
    Sort'a wierd methinks.

  • Autumn Rain Post author

    I got one but it's very loud and scares my dog… Is there any way to make it quite..?

  • Dave Debang-bang Post author

    Omg. When is this going to available in the uk. I have to have one

  • lovelyone0509 Post author

    I just want to see it used on a DIRTY dog. Like the one shaking in the tub

  • jls Post author

    I only use organic and toxin free dog shampoos. Would this work with formulas other than yours?

  • Wanda Vaisvilas Post author

    Too expensive.. Lower the price

  • Train Dude Post author


  • Amanda Tikkanen Post author

    It's interesting that you used a matted dog to show how well this works.

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