Black Friday Pet Haul 2017!

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hey y’all Mandy from my hectic life pets
where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today I wanted to share
with you all the stuff that I got for Black Friday so there was a few things
that I was really hoping would go on sale but unfortunately they were not but
that’s okay I made do and I got a ton of cool stuff and I got a few new fish as
well so as you can see I got a couple bags of litter I really wanted to get
more but this was all I had of the type that right now I like to use that I got
some cute little cat toys or presents for my kitties and I got Buster and a
little bone a little femur bone a cute little penguin that he’ll probably shred
in like two minutes but it was like $2 I got all kinds of
cute little ornaments for Christmas for my fish tanks little Merry Christmas a
couple little Christmas trees because I will be checking out my tanks
for Christmas and a little Santa and I know my kid is gonna love helping mommy
decorate all the fish tanks for Christmas and then they did not have the
five gallon that I wanted on sale unfortunately I know there was a bunch
of tanks that were half off and of course the five gallon was not one of
them but I will still be on the lookout for a good deal on that one but I did
get another 2.5 gallon because it was 50% off so I had to write and then of
course I got some more gravel which was not on sale but I don’t have enough
leftover gravel for a tank so this tank is actually gonna be for my daughter
it’s not really a Christmas present I just figured since it was half off that
she could use another fish tank cuz she’s starting to get really into fish
and she’s only four but she loves it and she loves the live plants and all of it
she loves mommy’s fish tanks and she loves her own fish tank so I know she’s
always asking me for she wants more fish she wants more fish tanks and I think
it’s really cute and I definitely want to encourage it and of course you can’t
get a betta size tank without getting another beta I got her a twin tail
Halfmoon just the glare on this Cup is terrible but that’s okay once I set up
the tank and everything you will get a much better view of her new betta fish
that the name she’s come up with like I don’t think I can even say it again
because it sounded kind of like gibberish Frederick I think she was trying to go
for Frederick but it came out like fur Jurek so this is fur Jake
I guess that’s a step up from stinky and taco and of course because fish were
half off I could not help myself if you can see them I got a couple of
Madagascar rainbow fish it comes one swimming out to sea these guys are really pretty they are
not the special fish that I ordered for this tank
but those fish have been taking forever there’s been a whole whole thing with
those fish so I don’t know if they’re ever gonna come so I decided to go ahead
and pick these guys up because they’re really pretty and they kind of look like
hilly fish even though they’re not just the way their their bodies are shape in
their faces I’m hoping after being in my tank for a little bit that they’ll start
colouring up a little more and there’ll be a really cool addition to my aquarium
and that’s when it gallon it definitely seemed pretty happy in here lots of
hiding places lots of stuff going on in this tank any room to spread their
things then I also got another big cat tree for my cats when you have three
cats you can never have enough cat trees okay so I feel like I did pretty well
for my Black Friday extravaganza I’m pretty happy with the stuff that I got
and I can’t wait to set up this other fish tank for my daughter and start
decorating all my other tanks for Christmas so that’s all for today’s
video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel
where I post new videos every week thanks for watching guys bye

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