Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park opens for the season

Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park opens for the season

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May 15 was the original
stay-at-home order was supposed to end. So we planned on opening that day. And
then when it got extended and we were pretty much ready to go, we just said hey
we’re gonna roll with it. And people obviously, we got, there was a good and
bad related to that, and we just said, you know we’ll roll with it and if there are
repercussions we’ll just take them as they come. As of now we’ll just kind of
wait and see what happens we’re hoping, obviously everybody hopes there’s no
repercussions. But we also, yeah, money’s always a thing. We got
bills to pay every, everybody does. Everybody’s in the same situation. It’s
unfortunate. But we also just want outside, let’s all get outside and
let’s all get some nice weather. But again, let’s just respect each other too
and let’s just see how things go. We’re an 80 acre park between the bus ride,
the park, really the only indoor spot is our gift shop and admission building and our
reptile house and those were really, we got markers in all of those. We got
signs everywhere just saying respect space, six feet apart.
We have sneeze guards at certain areas that we require them. So yeah we’re
really doing our best as well. We have hand sanitizers all the way around the park here. We did mark 6
feet intervals for the social distancing in front of a lot of our busier traffic
places. Our sidewalks are plenty wide enough for two-way traffic. We’re working
on obviously the buses, you know, social distance on our bus rides, every other seat,
or every two seats, whatever people are comfortable with. And after every ride we
disinfect them. We spray down the seats, get the next bus and then put it back in
line. Again with all the handrails and everything people can touch, disinfecting
that throughout the whole day. Today we’re a small crowd, everybody
really is respecting each other’s space very well. I do see some face masks which
we’re not, you know, if people want to wear them absolutely, if some
people said something me I would wear one too. But yeah, I mean we’re very pleased with what’s happened today and just by watching
everybody is respecting each other very well and I’m very pleased with that.

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4 thoughts on “Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park opens for the season

  • eastonreader Post author

    Thank you Boulder Ridge! Our state needs more patriots like them. We were lied to and told that we needed to shelter in place for two weeks to 'flatten the curve'. We did. It is past time for this unconstitutional lock-down to end. Those that are too afraid of this bogeyman, by all means, stay home and distance. No one is forcing you to venture out into the world… The rest of the state needs to work, to play, and to live our lives. Keep Calm & Carry On!

  • Chevy Mustang Post author

    Caged animals, running your mouth ,hope your business fails and you have to get a real job…animal cruelty

  • Anthony Post author

    God is good, he created true diversity with all cool looking animals big and small.

  • Sandra Christensen Post author

    You shouldn't be breaking our governors law…for money. Your putting us at risk…

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