Bring Animal To Join Group - Introduce New Pigtail To Join Ambers Group

Bring Animal To Join Group – Introduce New Pigtail To Join Ambers Group

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40 thoughts on “Bring Animal To Join Group – Introduce New Pigtail To Join Ambers Group

  • Monyet Suara

    If some of you are going to get so emotionally worked up and “literally sick,” it may be best not to watch the damn videos.

    Your lashing out and complaints fall on deaf ears, the people doing this won’t change their conduct because of someone freaking out on a YT channel. If you want to try and make a difference, contact the countries’ respective wildlife enforcement agencies and ask they enforce laws and regulations, though I expect they’re not going to give a rat’s ass what a westerner thinks.

  • Barbara's Plummer

    Hes scared so sad

  • Joeleen Ladououcer

    That is so cruel he needs to be with human . He can't survive the wild and he would not have a good life . No he simply must stay with the man

  • Glenn Borden

    Another dum ass man that needs to be in jail.This one starved to death.How do thay think that monkey going to feed it self.

  • Наталья Эйрих

    Очередная мартышка на растерзание операторам!!!

  • Glenn Borden

    How do you be friend one day,and the next day thurogh him out.After you teach him every thing he knows,then leave him in the woods to fend for himself.

  • fiona swann

    so sad. how can people do this? he feels safer with total strangers than he does his own kind.

  • Randy Tomblin

    Chain to tree

  • Primate Exterminator

    Feed it into a hand-cranked meat grinder, feet first.

  • Reagan Tongbram

    Hey you losser Shit brain throw your Fucking monkey if you want to screw up and release

  • Tess Margaux Helén

    It's heart breaking to see how afraid Kiko is!
    Jail to that cruel owner who abandoned her!

  • Livyrlif Peacefully

    Please dont leave him there

  • Kate Starling

    Releasing that monkey into a forest environment is just horrible. The sweet monkey doesn't know what to do!! It's like throwing a human toddler into the woods alone and expecting it to know how to survive.?

  • Stackdeck123

    Feed him some sleeping medicine and drop it off in the park that way all the other monkeys can check it out when it wakes up the owner will be long gone.

  • Carolyn Smith

    Do these people see monkeys live at the temple so they can just drop theirs off and it will be ok? Ridiculous this little girl knows nothing about being a wild monkey

  • Carolyn Smith

    She is so frightened this is sad

  • Melissa Burnett

    Just like Axel DOESN'T stand a chance. The end.

  • Juice0708

    I understand that sometimes there's orphan baby monkeys that would die if nobody fed them I understand why some people take them and try to take care of them till they get to a certain age and drop them back. But maybe they shouldve just let them die

  • Pam Duncan

    At least he was making an effort to 'introduce' the monkey although that is not the way it is done and its something that takes an hour or two one afternoon when you have free time. It boils down to abandoning a monkey with no monkey skills to fend for themselves in a group they most likely will not be accepted into. they do not even know how t9o find food not given to them. This is why you never take that baby monkey under any circumstances unless you take them to a rehab that can see they are taught to be a monkey not a animal of no real sort dependant on humans and only know how tho get what they need from humans

  • Brandon Bauer

    Ha ha stupid rat. Run it over with your car

  • Tyler Koflanovich

    Isn't this the monkey who was killed by a large male?

  • Zhang Ruyi

    Very cruel! In China, these people would be locked up!

  • Steve Hamil

    You people are horrible, nasty monsters who don't care about anyone but yourself! That poor monkey is terrified! Your mom should have dropped you off in the forest somewhere and left you there. Everyone one of you assholes get rid of your monkey as soon as they are not small. You all deserve to go to hell!!!!

  • Patshhi4

    That man needs to go to jail.

  • Tami Garrett

    I’m not a fan of monkeys but this is really quite cruel. Humans should just leave these creatures the hell alone instead of torturing them.

  • Ty Johson

    It’s a coward. It needs to be beaten. Not beating it is abuse

  • Claus Von Bülow II

    Real idiots ! To take a wild animal and then raise as a pet only to dump them off like this is so cruel ! They don't know how to survive in the wilds ! Dumb stupid uneducated 3rd world people very selfish ! Pisses me off so much !

  • Teresa Gary

    Dude should be ashamed of himself!! They should start arresting and making these would be owners financially accountable for their abuse of these animals!! If you want to play with stealing these animals when they are babies, and then toss them away like garbage, then you should have to pay!!!!

  • Teresa Gary

    Does anyone know where he is as of today?

  • lex la jodienda

    The monkeys are probably saying there's a new kid on the block lets check him out Lol LMAFO ?????& at the same time this lil fella lookz lost…has no idea or clue on what to do next…They probably had him inside a Cage for a while….Just saying folkz That he lookz lost…Tru3Talk


    fucking man that its not pet wild whit whild

  • Dom Jonah

    Sweet lil thing scared

  • Jason Cunningham

    VO: YOU need to start having these people ARRESTED for dumping these poor animals to die! If you do not then I am going to have to start reporting your videos for your irresponsibility and hopefully others will follow my lead. I have seen TOO MANY of these pets die already! Your methods of trying to introduce them into the wild when they can't forage for themselves DOES NOT WORK!

  • Trevor Taylor

    You just never stop, do you..

  • brian stuart

    Store bought monkey for your channel for more views nice try

  • Tommi Walker

    I hope he remembers the terror in his pets eyes when he was trying to dump him back in the wild…hope he sees it every time he closes his eyes..

  • Ann Sko


  • JulieAnkha N.

    His only fault: he grew up and is no longer a cute baby they can dress as a human one.

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