BTS play Animal Kingdom (Hilarious!!)- ENGSUB CC

BTS play Animal Kingdom (Hilarious!!)- ENGSUB CC

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[Individual match:
Animals’ kingdo m game] [Each member will choose an animal
and show a gesture] [so that other members can use it
to point at the member] [5 rounds]
[The member who lost will get -1] Animals’ kingdom. [Welcome to BTS’ kingdom] I’m a snake. We don’t need to choose an animal, right? – It’s the kingdom of animals.
– Animals. [Gestures that’s not like the animal]
But it doesn’t need to be an animal’s gesture. – Right.
– Okay. I’m a bear. Sexy. – Oh the bear is Sexy – Right, a sexy bear – Ok I’m… – Move your arms, like this. – Elephant. – Elephant. – Ok Jungkookie – You are? – Okay, I’m an ostrich. – Ostrich. Okay! [He did it but he doesn’t get it] – What’s this? – A sloth?
– An anteater? – Kim Namjoon.
– Squirrel. But, It doesn’t matter
All you need is the hand gesture. – I’m an alligator. – Ok, Alligator. – I am Rooster. – Rooster. – Okay. – Like this.
– Okay. [Everyone chose animals and gestures]
It’s hard. Who will go first? [Let’s introduce ourselves first]
– Hurry up. – According to the beat. Kingdom of animals,
Kingdom of animals! snake bear elephant Ostrich. Aligator Rooster It’s hard. Okay, who’s the next? [RM… What’s up with your facial expression?] [Everyone can’t close their mouth] [RM chose by both sides] [Me!] Out Out Out Why did you do that? My knee hurts. [Members start laughing out loud] It hurts. [Professional game players] Let’s do it more speedily. – Right.
– Let’s do it faster. [Speed up!]
Namjoon. Kingdom of animals! [Many pointed at hope bear] [Fake motion! hope looked at
someone else and chose another member] [They can play better
without closing their mouths] [It’s much more speedy than
the previous round] [Members are getting tired]
Can’t we stop this? Let’s do this faster. [All you can hear is applause
and laughter] [Gesture to call someone] [Everyone laughs out together
and passes out] [It hurts]
– My knee hurts. – Right. – It hurts.
– I looked too ugly. [No way, kids. So cute]
Everyone’s face would look ugly. [While someone is laughing]
It hurts. [Sad]
My face looked too ugly. But you… [Like this]
Well… [Everyone teases each other]
Don’t try hard to make others laugh. When he does this, [Their face look longer]
Your faces become longer. While playing it…. – Everyone does this.
– Oh, my – Let’s continue. [It’s so much fun!]
So funny. – Let’s start it, fast.
– Okay. [Moving on to the next round]
– My thighs hurt. – 5, 6, 5, 6, 7, 8! [The faster it becomes,
the more their thighs hurt]
– Kingdom of animals. – It hurts a lot. Too fast… already! Let’s do it faster. – Faster.
– Faster. Faster. [Professional game players] [Oh, my] Faster Let’s go! Let’s go! froze Let’s go!Let’s go! [Did I make a mistake?] It hurts a lot. [Members groan in pain]
– My palms. – Look at them, they are red. It hurts. [Red thighs]
This… – Since it became faster. – yours and mine are confusing. – Really? – Okay.
– It hurts. [Moving on to the next round]
– Here we go! – Let’s do it! [So serious]
I won’t smile at all. [Will they keep the promise?]
– Okay, let’s do it seriously.
– Let’s not smile. I’ll be serious. Kingdom of animals.
Kingdom of animals. They look really… It need to be faster [It’s getting faster] [Members start struggling] [Breathing hard]
It hurts] [RM, what’s up with your facial expression?] [Jimin started getting confused]
– It’s confusing. – Faster. – What? – Faster! Faster! He missed the beat. [Hand gestures failed to follow the beat]
I missed the beat. Namjoon, will you continue
to make facial expressions? [So funny]
Will you keep doing that? [Unwillingly]
I was so immersed in it and I did it. [Park Jimin wants to take it seriously]
I don’t want to smile. Let’s calm down.
Let’s not smile and laugh. [All agreed]
– It’s the last round. – I won’t laugh. [Laughing one will be out]
Shall we eliminate someone laughs? – Eliminate someone who laughs?
– Okay. – Kingdom of animals that don’t smile.
– If you smile, you will lose. It’s okay to smile
but not make a noise. – Okay. Good. – What if we make a noise…
– If you make a noise… [Game over]
– When we hear the sound… – Okay. It’s okay to breathe hard. [Increasing numbers of exceptions]
Okay. [Last game]
– This is the last game, right? – It’s over. – If you make a noise, it’s the end.
– Let’s do it. – Okay. – Mute version. [According to the members’ opinions]
– Silent Kingdom of Animals. – Okay! – Let’s go!
– Here we go! Kingdom of animals!
Kingdom of animals! [The speed is picking up] [You, Jung Kook!] Why aren’t you doing anything? [He was watching him blankly]
Why aren’t you doing anything? [Whew]
Why didn’t you do anything? [They all think he’s hilarious] – What, what?
– His expression was so… He was trying to hold in his laughter. [Game results] [RM-2] [Jin-1]
[j-hope-1] [Jung Kook-1] I blanked out.

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