Can You Guess The Animals By Their Weird Facts? | Ok Tested

Can You Guess The Animals By Their Weird Facts? | Ok Tested

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After so many days… I’ve been invited to the quiz.Anybody who knows me, knows that I love animals. Dogs, especially. At one point I had five pets. I had three dogs and two cats. I don’t know if I have a spirit animal but… …if I did, I would like to be the cheetah.
My spirit animal is a cat. Cuz I will love you as long as you feed me. My spirit animal is Kung Fu Panda. I’m just like Po. Today’s quiz is guess the animals by these crazy facts. Are you f**king serious? This is the f**king quiz. This will be interesting. Let’s see how I do in this. What is the punishment bro? Oreo with BhutJolokia in it instead of the white sauce. I love Oreos. I love mirchi. But the combination of two of them together… … kinda like f**k all. What is the procedure to withdraw from this quiz. The heart and brain are in the same place. Who the f**k has their heart in their brain? Oh, me! Me! Because I think from my brain, not heart. Must be from the insect family. Idk. Snails? Is this an earthworm or something? So, the only animal with a heart in his head… which can only be one thing… …the thing he eats alive in Oldboy… …and it has 8 legs Octopus!!! But I don’t know if an octupus has a head. Ermm… I think it’s Akshay. He’s a sweetheart. Shrimp? What?! OMG!!! Let’s go with earthworm. Might be wrong but I think it’s an educated guess. Earthworm. Akshay is a chimp and the answer is shrimp. So… I was close, right? C’mon guys!!! I’m guessing an alligator will never be at a crime scene… Kangaroo? Kangaroo might not be there too… maybe. No, not Kangaroos. They have hoofed paws. So, can’t be. Chimps or Koalas cuz they have very similar paws to humans. Is it panda? Cuz they also have really… No!!! But their hand has fur. I’m going to guess monkey, chimpanzee something like that. We are from the same family. So, I think I’ll go with that. Monkeys? Chimpanzee? Monkeys? Is Monkey the answer? This is a koala bear. Most people will think it’s a primate or something… …like a chimpanzee or something. No! It’s a koala bear. Kkuuuuuuala bears Oh f**k yeah!!! Aaahhhhhh!!! If Bohemia had a koala, what would he sing? Koalai de nali, gaddi de sheeshe kaale.Kaustubh!Maybe like a hippo, never seen it jump. No. But hopping hippos is a rhyme, right? Today if you tell me a snake can jump, it will change my life. I think snakes can’t jump. So, I’m guessing a snake. I know this…ermm… It’s elephant. Elephants can’t jump. Elephant. I’ve not seen all the other animals jumping… …I’ve seen the sentence that… …elephant is the only animal that can’t jump. Elephant. Yes!!! I can see the Jolokia going away from me. I can’t see it’s Jhalak. Shit! I’ve never heard of this fact. Three percent? Oofff! There are polar bears in the north. Penguins don’t live there. No, it’s not polar bears. Polar bears are not… Antarctic? You’re saying Antarctic? So, not polar bears. Polar bears aren’t there. I only know one animal that lives in Antarctica. Penguins. So, penguin must be the answer. I will say penguins. And you will say wrong answer. That’s ok. Let’s go with penguins. Idk… I’m just gonna say polar bears. Cuz in the cold, only they can pee. You know when the storm comes… …they just huddle into big groups. So, I’m guessing the outer ones are the ones who are peeing a lot. Indian woman.Must be something cute, that doesn’t even fart. But even I am very cute. And I fart a lot! There are animals that can’t fart? What a sad existence. Idk… one answer must be leeches. Snails secrete while walking… so they don’t have any like… by random logic, I’m gonna say snails. All my former friends, snakes.My answer is ant. Ants cannot fart! Prove it to me that they can fart! Errr, let’s go with kangaroo. I’m in shock that kangaroos can’t fart. Whenever I look at them, I’ll just be like… Shit.Owl? They have really big eyes. But then wise as an owl, is a saying. It’s a chicken. The chicken. But it could be wrong also, it might be something like fish or gold fish. Is it a meerkat? Because I’ve seen meerkat with huge eyes! And they have small heads. Timon. Basically, Timon from Lion King. Oh god!!! Ostrich!!! I know this. Ostrich. Yes! Cuz I’ve cracked this joke on many people. My answer is pigeon because. No because, just pigeon. Idiot are you an ostrich? Your eye is bigger than your brain. Ostrich!!! I knew this man. I knew this. This is definitely Kanishk with the food that I get. Sharks can smell blood like. If I’m here then that animal can smell me… …..all the way from f**kin Noida. Just by the looks of it, should be elephant… ……cuz their noses are itself six miles away. Could be a shark. or it could be a cow. Mongoose? Mouse? Idk man… Pass!
I’m just gonna say… ….Wolf. Idk why I’m saying cow. Just because they have big noses. Maybe thats why I’m saying cow. Let’s go with shark. Cow is the right answer?! Cow can actually smell till six miles away? Wow! I will never look at cows the same way again dude. That’s crazy! Hmm, whoever thinks that cows can’t do this… cows will be like Moo me le le. Go for it Akshay. We’re waiting.
I don’t think it will be that bad. Yeah, it’ll be like…
Sorry!I’m so sorry, idk why I hit people.You have to have the rest. It’s very spicy, very spicy. The sweet is helping a little bit. This can be fine.Somebody feed me rabdi. Hhhaaaa… If you like this video, don’t forget to… LIKE. SHARE. And COMMENT. And SUBSCRIBE to OK TESTED. F**k! It’s some really spicy stuff.

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