Can You Re-Freeze Mice and Rats for Snakes after Thawing?

Can You Re-Freeze Mice and Rats for Snakes after Thawing?

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– This video is probably going
to be pretty short and simple but that’s kind of my goal because this is simply a question that I get asked all the time and I didn’t really know
the answer for a bit. So today I want us to
talk about whether you can refreeze frozen, thawed mice and rats. So ideally if you’re going
to be feeding your snake frozen mice and rats compared to live, there’s a lot of people that say live is more beneficial, but I
disagree with them completely, mostly because one, it is less
humane on the rat or a mouse, two, it’s more dangerous to the snake because there’s a risk of it fighting back or biting the animal, and three, because it’s more expensive. People will argue that alive is better because it’s more natural, it keeps the snake more interested, the snake enjoys it more, a bunch of random things
that doesn’t make any sense, we can argue about that later. What we’re focusing on
today, is whether you can reuse and refreeze, re-thaw,
whatever you wanna say, frozen mice and rats. If your snake doesn’t eat
it, if you thaw too many, thaw the wrong size whatever, or if you just have to throw the mouse or rat away and waste it. Which is unfortunate,
because it’s a living animal even if you don’t care about them as much as your snake or a person, still a living animal you
don’t wanna waste a body it’s kind of weird. But unfortunately, the very
short answer to this question if you don’t wanna watch the video is don’t refreeze them. Now I’ve tried it many times because I was really
adamant on figuring it out and I’ve tried many different kind of ways and different amounts of time. ’cause back in the day if one of my snakes would not eat I would end up leaving the
mouse or rat in the enclosure and then hope that it takes it overnight which sometimes it would,
oftentimes it would not. It’s worth a try if your
snake is not eating. I have a couple videos all
about snakes not eating and what you can do to
attempt to get them on feed. But either way, I would
leave the mouse overnight. If they did not eat it,
then I would take it out. And a couple times I
tried refreezing it then, and immediately it was just disgusting. This was a mouse or rat that was sitting in an enclosure for hours and hours overnight and it simply rotted away too much to even potentially use, so I immediately just
stopped trying to do that. And then I tried to do the same, but immediately after I
tried to offer the mouse. For example, I’d thaw it out, offered it to the snake,
the snake doesn’t eat it, immediately I refreeze it. This meant that it was
only thawed out for at most like fifteen or twenty minutes. But when I thawed it back out, it would just have this weird smell to it and I tried this probably
a dozen times or so, and no matter where I bought the rat, no matter how long it was thawed out, it was still just really bad. And then I had to move
homes a couple times and there was a point
where the fridge or freezer was unplugged either because of the move or just by accident, and there would be a pack of rats that wouldn’t even actually thaw out. I guess they would kind of thaw out, they would lose that
solidity of being frozen. But they would still be very cold and I even tried to refreeze these packs to not waste an entire
25 or 50 pack of rodents, but unfortunately, I couldn’t use them. They smelled disgusting, it was awful. So basically, even just
refrigerating a mouse or rat and trying to refreeze it afterwards and then thawing and then eating it again which is still not an option. It smelled just off. There was more of a dead scent to it. And I even sorted through
some to find those that didn’t have a strong with a scent and offered it, just to see
what the snake would think, and none of them ever took them. I probably could get a really
hungry lizard or turtle to eat it or something. But there is going to be that hazard because there is more time for bacteria to grow and develop inside the rodent. So basically, I tried everything from leaving it out for hours and hours, refreezing it and then trying it, and even just refrigerating
the mouse for a few hours, refreezing it, thawing
it out, and trying it. And even that which is super gross. So unfortunately, my
conclusion of about a year of testing different times and different temperatures of freezing and thawing and everything, there’s just no hope. Originally, my first thought was maybe if there were no punctures, no bleeding, no wounds on the rodent, they’d be able to freeze it, thaw it out and use it one more time. But it seems like this
is not at all the case. And essentially, it being frozen
more than once is just bad. If you have a live mouse,
you ended up killing it and freezing it, and thawing it out, you could use that as long as
there was no wounds bleeding or whatever punctures. But it appears that the
fact that it’s thawed out more than once is the problem, no matter how much time there is. So, no reason to extend
this video any longer than it needs to be. That’s the answer. My suggestion is do not use the rat. You unfortunately have to throw it away. It is kind of a waste. But it’s better than feeding your animals something that might make it sick or just not even take
it in the first place. Save your freezer, just don’t put gross, left out rodents in there. My recommendation if
you have multiple snakes is only thaw out maybe half or two-thirds of what you need. And then if everything is taken thaw out a few more for the rest. Don’t thaw out everything
that you need up front because then you’re gonna
have a bunch left over. Because then if even a
single snake doesn’t eat you’re gonna have to waste some rodents. Ideally, your entire snake room is going to have every snake
taking every single time. But it’s kind of rare for that to happen. Usually there’s at least one
or two that are kind of weird when there’s twenty or thirty in the room that’s kind of how it is. And then if you have one snake you just might have to waste some rodents which it’s not the worst thing on earth and it’s part of snake keeping. So, let me know if
you’ve tried to refreeze. If it’s worked for you, if
I’m may be missing something. But I kind of doubt I am because I’ve tried a lot of stuff. What if you like, leave your opinion and a comment on refreezing mice and rats. This video was maybe kind
of boring, very simple. Just wanted to get my thoughts out there on whether you can refreeze. Hopefully it helped if
you’re looking for an animal, this is Gobe my personal corn snake. But you can go to and see what animals
are available for sale $45 overnight shipping to
almost anywhere in the USA. It’s pretty cool. We also re-home animals if
you need something re-homed. If you have an ill animal you can’t cure we like to try and work with
those and figure stuff out. So, there we go. Thank you to the members for letting me start to get on a schedule. That extra income that I’m getting means I can open up more time, put more projects aside and focus less on the money making and more on the content creation. So I really appreciate it. Thank you to those that have
your name on the screen. Oh yeah. More interesting videos are on the way. There should be some
cool ones coming shortly. So that’s it, I’m Alex
and thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Can You Re-Freeze Mice and Rats for Snakes after Thawing?

  • turgsh01 Post author

    I don't know what methods you use, but in my experience, I have not had any issues at all in re-freezing pinky mice and fuzzies. It could be due to the fact that my mice are much more fresh as they were not store bought and were produced from live mice within my home. And I have a procedure for killing them which involves quickly drowning in warm water (they're dead within 5 – 10 seconds). That rinsing process maybe helps clean them minimizing bacteria. I've re-frozen a fuzzy twice and it was still fine for consumption to my African House snake. The mice did not stink, not even slightly, it did look slightly discolored (and I do mean slightly) because maybe the water I used to thaw the mice slightly cooked it? But… for the sake of safe practices, I do not re-freeze more than once now that my live mice have produced a lot of babies.
    One thing I noticed with store bought frozen mice is that they all look freezer burnt, as if they'd been in there for years… broken / missing limbs, white specs all over them and they thaw differently too, they feel more rubbery. Also, the way they store the frozen mice and how they stick their dirty hands in the bag of mice spreading bacteria all over them… no thanks.
    Also, I put 2 mice per mini zip-lock bag and they all go inside a metal thermos and into the freezer. The thermos insures a much more consistent temperature since my freezer has a defrost timer which could cause pre-mature thawing of the mice. Not something most ppl think about.

  • LemonBlade Post author

    You have some dog looking weirds

  • Noodle Post author

    I tried refreezing a pinky cause my frog wouldn’t eat it but I thought it looked weird so I just threw it out

    But I’m glad I watched this video cause I’m sure it wouldn’t end well for my frog

    And those snakes are pretty

  • Carly Lane Post author

    The rat in he thumbnail looks just like my pet rat and it made me sad even though I have snakes I have to feed rodents to

  • Jeremiah McBride Post author

    When mice freeze, the water in them forms expanding ice crystals. These crystals break down the cells into mush.

  • Mimib Reyes Post author

    I've watched all your how to care videos
    I don't even have a snake
    Nor the possibility of having one HSF

  • Nadja Stohler Post author

    You shouldn't refreeze your own meats, and it gets even more gross with feeder animals. I do feel bad throwing a rat away 🙁 meanwhile i don't feed all snakes the same day and thaw maybe two rats… that works for me at the moment.

  • mathew chen Post author

    “Live is better because its natural” ah yes i plucked these antibiotics from the antibiotics tree yes

  • AgentPedestrian Post author

    Reheating more than once is always a bacterial crisis waiting to happen. Don't do it ever with any food.

  • Ery Post author

    I'm enjoying the different messages in the background. 🙂

  • Devin Cherry Post author

    Went to a petsmart (ugh I know, there's no other good option around me) a month ago and their mouse freezer was propped open and the entire thing was thawed out. I alerted the cashier (only person in the store) and all she said was "Did you close it?" Ridiculous.

  • arosesthorn Post author

    My power feeding Ball python would not take anything whenever I bought frozen from a specific petsmart because the rats would be refrozen after shipment :

  • eternalozzie Post author

    i tried refreezing once years ago when i had my first ball python i bought from Petsmart that wouldnt eat when i first got him. when i rethawed it it smelled so bad i tossed it. never tried it since. i had to feed that snake a live fuzzy the first time he ate. then he ate a thawed fuzzy every time after that. i wouldnt refreeze food for me so why would i for a pet?

  • Ben Werner Post author

    I got my male baby ball python on Christmas Eve and it has never refused am meal

  • Jacob Jordy Post author

    Carion lizards would have no problem eating refroze rats

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    imagine feeding your snake live and then the mouse starts throwing hands

  • Dalicia Puente Post author

    For my snakes that don't want to eat when I thaw the mouse I actually wait till it develops that odd smell and it gets my picky ones to eat .

  • Christ Kevin Post author

    I do think i would refreeze, luckily i watched this.. Thank you!

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    I love your videos!!! Thank you so much!!! You have made me enjoy snakes so much more than before, and I really appreciate the information you give every video, so once again, THANK YOU!!!!

  • Callista Shultz Post author

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  • S1ick Balisong MLG 2k18 420 Meme It Post author

    I've refrozen pinkies and gotten my corn to take them, tbh never put much thought into it being bad

  • not relevant Post author

    Luckily, I live in Arizona and right in the middle of a desert wash, so any extras get tossed there. There’s plenty of reptiles and carnivorous birds and mammals and the rat is usually gone quickly

  • kitt Post author

    It'd be really nice to not have a big photo of a dead rat in the middle of the thumbnail

  • oneredsock Post author

    I got my baby girl today! I already love her so much

  • Nazareth Post author

    Tbh I wouldn't refreeze it but I would just put in in the fridge and decide what to do with it later, I live in an apartment building so throwing out whole animal carcasses isn't gonna be really appealing for anyone, thankfully I live near a mini nature reserve so maybe I'll take uneaten food there, my snakes only ignored their food once and it was because it was a new item(from rats to chicks) and they weren't aware as to how they should get the head in their mouth.

  • RIZADON the RAT Post author

    See even he thinks live feeding is bad. It’s animal cruelty!

  • BadVibesJames Post author

    I give my bp prekilled bc he won’t take anything other than that he is pretty young so when he gets older I will try again bc he’s still fairly small

  • MyPeopleNeedMe Post author

    I new someone that refroze a mouse that his snake regurgitated ?

  • Chloey Autumn Post author

    Does anyone know any corn snake breeders in Kentucky? I'm getting my enclosure and substrate and all the contents soon but can't find any near me, help would be appreciated:)

  • Alma Martinez Post author

    I don’t get why that’s a debate. It’s a health hazard for both the snake and the owner!

  • CamilaSnakes Post author

    A frozen mouse is a living mouse? Lol

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    Anyone have any recommendations of frozen feeder rat websites?

  • Nat K. Post author

    Refreezing has worked well for me if the digestive tract is removed, however this is done on my own mice immediately after dispatching them. I've never frozen a whole rodent, thawed, gutted, then refroze. Thawing-refreezing a whole rodent is always gross due to the bacteria in the gut. You get that smell of death/rot within hours. With the stomach/intestines removed though, it can take a couple of a days for them to even start to smell bad (gross, I know, but I've got ferrets and sometimes they steal and stash and I don't find it right away). Not sure if snakes can eat gutted rodents though.

  • Hot Dog French Fries Post author

    I really don't get why people think its okay to re-freeze whole ass rats, if you can't do that to ground beef than you can't do it to rats. Simple

  • Ben Davis Post author

    I've heard that freezing and refreezing can cause some of the blood vessels and other internal structures to be damaged due to how ice crystals form.

  • Greg Williams Post author

    I never do, if the snake doesn’t eat it I just toss it in the trash. Not worth the risk of getting my pets sick trying to save thawed feeders

  • saif ghost Post author

    hey Alex I needed to ask you something i see that sunnys tongue is red but my ball pythons tongue is white is that a bad thing
    pls reply im worried

  • saif ghost Post author

    and also I got small mice for my snake from petsmart and when i take them out to thaw them there is blood on them

  • Janos Pergely Post author

    dont care for snakes, just think youre cute 🙂 subbed

  • 789Dreamymimi789 Post author

    I think the difference between frozen mice and the meat that we eat is that our meat is just pieces of muscle, whereas a frozen mouse is a whole animal with food in its stomach and waste in its body.

  • Monica Jean Post author

    Ive refrozen a few times (as in refreezing once per mouse, multiple times) and havent had an issue. I do the thaw, try and refreeze method, not left in the tank. Used to do it often for baby garters, thaw eniugh to chop and refreeze then thaw for meals, no problem

  • DeeDee Post author

    I only re-freeze if I can’t get the rat out in the trash till later in the week and don’t want it to get gross and smell. I don’t have to do it often but it’s never good to re-thaw and feed them to your snake!

  • Citron Post author

    Where do you buy your frozen mice? Love your channel! I hope to adopt a ball python soon!

  • xI-RayzorJet-Ix Post author

    i was asking that to myself but i always knew it wouldn’t end up good refreezing them i wish i could go back to frozen rats but my snake is scared of them and refused them, so she didn’t eat for 7 months i’m breeding now big mice and give it to her i’m fine with it but i’d rather stay on frozen thawed

  • Del Otte Post author

    Hey I have a friend that has a very over active ball python and I was wondering if she could reach out to you and get your help?or if you could shoot me In the right direction for who to go to?

  • Erin Radecki Post author

    When I first got my ball python, he was eating freshly killed, so in the process of switching him to frozen thawed, there were a handful of times I refroze the mice and used them again. I only had them thawed for 5mins the first time and did not notice a smell either. I threw it away if he didn’t take it the second time but he took a couple that had been rethawed. It didn’t seem to be much of a problem.

  • Laura Poore Post author

    Food safety rules for humans should be the same food safety rules for snakes/reptiles!

  • Erin Radecki Post author

    He’s a very healthy and happy boi now and always has been. He’s a great eater now.

  • PolarMetroGames Post author

    I'm thinking that it's might be because places that freeze the rodents flash freeze them.

  • OwEn hjkl Post author

    I got in trouble for eating a frozen rat that was left out at a pet shop. WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?! I mean it was just sitting there looking delicious!

  • Wilson635 Post author

    In the UK feeding live is illegal haha so frozen is all we got although I dont doubt people still live feed, if its nessasery then go for it 🙂

  • Julie Dority Post author

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  • Kittikomori Post author

    Thank you, I was wondering about this because I take a long bus ride to a local exotic store and I always take a Lyft back home to avoid my frozen rodents thawing just in case it isn't safe for my reptiles. Very glad I do that now, thanks for the video n.n

  • Trevor Hutcheson Post author

    I've made it work but you got to put them in a deep freezer. I bought a 50 pack of mice and they thawed out before we got home so I threw them in the deep freezer anyways and they were fine

  • ml_ne Post author

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  • Drgn8D Post author

    I've had new packs of rats that I bought and they got softish/pliable on the way home from the expo, and froze up just fine… Snakes seemed to not care at all about them and they didn't smell any worse than they usually do (the mice in particular). Though, I would never refreeze a warmed up rodent, that's just icky. They can get all bloaty in just a few hours, particularly if the snake hides it in the warm side somewhere! Luckily, it seems I can just put them in the green bin / food waste bin… No complaints yet…. 🙂 if the boa doesn't feel like being a disposal unit anyway 😉

  • leslie vital Post author

    Thanks so much for bringing this subject to attention. Its recently crossed my mind and I've not been sure what to do exactly with all the various opinions out there. Thanks again! ?

  • Heili's Pythons Post author

    Rodents have undigested food and of course all their organs etc. They decay and grow bacteria as they reach room temperature, the body cavities soften and insides turn to mush etc. The longer they are thawed. I am not an expert on this per se, but I am in the food industry, have my food handlers and have done tons of research….plus common sense…do not refreeze.

  • Amanda Bushee Post author

    No no no.. never ever refreze food.. refrigerate perhaps for a day . But wow.. people think it's ok do this?? Why? Fyi the smell only tells part of the story.. a food item that smells fine can make someone or a animal sick.. never ever thaw a frozen item and refreze. Just asking for trouble..

  • troy hookom Post author

    Than you so much for this information. I have been looking for a video on this subject for a while
    . thanks

  • Gloria He Post author

    I generally refreeze them once, often in the period of 1-2 hours. Any longer than that, then I toss it.

  • Sierra Shumate Post author

    I always let them thaw out in the fridge, warm them up in water for about 5 minutes. My snake usually takes them. But the one time that she didn't, I refroze it immediately to see how it would go and it looked the same, no smell or anything. She ate it no problem, but I don't risk it anymore. Maybe the short time period + thawing it in the fridge kept it in decent shape?

  • Katy Belyea Post author

    When you freeze things that have moisture the ice crystals that form are sharp and there will be micro punctures.

  • JanineBean Post author

    Take a cue from Snake Discovery and rescue a stunted alligator that will eat everything and whose stomach acid can destroy anything!

  • Alice Post author

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  • Miguels Reptilians Post author

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  • Samantha Panikian Post author

    Former food service person: any food between 40 and 140 degrees farenheit is considered "the danger zone" where bacteria are most likely to grow. Any health inspector will write you up for food between those temperatures that isn't actively being eaten!

  • Bonnie Bunny Post author

    I don't refreeze rats or mice or waste anything because if my snake doesn't eat it I have a pet owl that will. It's good when you have another animal that eats them so the rodents aren't just thrown away

  • Angel's angels Post author

    My snake completely refuses frozen thawed… she will only eat live I have tried everything possible

  • Cam Clark Post author

    The really simple answer to this would have been "you cant re-freeze your food, so you cant re-freeze theirs"

  • Travis Hunt YouTube PhD Post author

    Had my first experience with my snakes crazy feeding response.
    I had the mouse on the tongs and he knocked it on the ground. Then he started just following the tongs and biting nothing for a while. I think i got him to calm down by rubbing body as I always do before I pick him up. I think that may have got him out of it then I could pick up the mouse to redo it.

  • Samantha Narvaez Post author

    I had bought frozen rodents from a reptile show that was about 1.5-2 hours from me, and by the time I got them home they were partially thawed. I put them in the freezer and contacted the company, who said they can handle a single thaw/refreeze. I trust this, solely because they could have told me no, they weren’t good, and made more money off of me. Anyway, my snake takes them with no problem.

  • Micah Garner Post author

    What about canned rats and mice?

  • gooble gobble Post author

    I never needed or tried to re-freeze Mice but I only have one snake that loves food but it's very useful to know this just in case.

  • Thomas Doyle Post author

    I know so many people that refreeze, even 2-3 times. It's disgusting and dangerous but I can't convince them to stop because they don't wanna waste $$$
    Consider wasting rats as a cost of owning a snake. If you don't want to waste a rat here and there, don't get a snake.

  • Lucía Frau Post author

    What are your favorite snake related YouTube channels?

  • Waterboi Fendi Post author

    I agree with everything except leaving a live mouse in a cage with your snake over night…. don’t do that. Ever. If you feed live for whatever reason do NOT LEAVE YOUR SNAKE UNATTENDED WITH A LIVE MOUSE OR RAT I suggest if you thaw a mouse out and it doesn’t eat, remove the tail leave that in the cage and place the mouse in the FRIDGE and try tomorrow. If it’s not been eaten then throw it away

  • Shelby Abbott Post author

    Also you as a person you shouldn't refreeze meat…

  • Michaela Post author

    We have a 14lbs cat (he is big, not fat) and he will scream the entire house down when he notices we are thawing mice for our corn snakes. He even starts destroying the wooden door to the snake room and the front door if we put him outside.
    Needless to say, having to throw away thawed mice is an unheard of occurance to us lol.

  • Lizard Wizard Post author

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  • Pedro Crane Post author


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  • Cass Post author

    I never want to feed live but a particular ball python is very picky >:(
    Edit: my gals very young (6 months) and I've been trying to feed her frozen for a while. But she only takes live. She also sometimes just doesn't eat so that's fun. Yayyy ball pythons !

  • kitsune0rei Post author

    Yeah, bacteria risk just seems too high. I usually put down a rat for my snake from freezer to fridge in the morning, and then feed her in the evening. Then a lot of the ice is gone. I warm it up (in bag) in a small tupperware of hot water. She has been a great eater so far- it's gotten so she knows feeding day and is ready and waiting, but my monitor lizard is always on standby if she decides not to. He definitely will never pass up a rat.

  • Snek gaming And stuff Post author

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  • Shy's Alley Post author

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  • Gabriel Freitas Post author

    If I had to guess a cause, I would say that when you freeze a mouse in a house freezer, it freezes slowly and so the ice crystals are big. Big ice crystals damage cell structure, break membranes and shit, disponibilizing more substrate for growth of the bacteria. So when you thaw it, it rots more readly than a fresh dead mouse..

  • Rusty shackleford Post author

    Germs grow after food is below 140 bacteria start to grow. So thawed if it gets contaminated than germs grow. You have to freeze it before it touches the ground or dirty stuff.

  • Daisy Letham Post author

    I have two snakes and my older garter snake is not great at taking food anymore so I only thaw out one and if she doesn’t eat it I can feed it to my baby. Most of the time this is the case. But I’d like to be able to give her bigger meals but if she didn’t eat them my baby snake wouldn’t be able to take it

  • ash wri Post author

    I just want to know how old that corn snake is for comparison to mine.

  • Megan Burg Post author

    I buy mice at an expo about 30 min away from my house. i bought a 25 pack of mice, they were in a bag for 30 min on the way home, and then i put them directly into a freezer. Now when i open the bag it smells bad, but also some of the mice have fecal matter on their fur, so i thought that was normal. I don't think they really defrosted at all on the way home, and I'm not sure if they smelled like that before.

    Do you think it's still safe? My snake has eaten 4 of them already. I thought the smell was normal because they're dead mice/

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