Cat Can’t Control Her Body | Animal in Crisis EP13

Cat Can’t Control Her Body | Animal in Crisis EP13

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I was going to open the door but she was sitting right in front I was so surprised Video filmed by informant A cat appeared in front of the store The kitten escapes from shock She stumbles and can’t control her body She rolls around and goes crazy So I followed her to see where she lives The kitten is not in good health She followed the kitten because she was worried She went underneath The cat disappeared through someone’s front door The house owner saw the cat in the garden We decide to take a look inside It’s this way The cat can be found sometimes on top the covers She appears here sometimes because it’s warm When I head to the bathroom and see her, she runs away The cat avoids people so he was unable to help the cat The weather is getting cold Where did the kitten go? If I leave food, the big cats eat it It’s cold and she must be hungry.. I’m worried I can’t see her and I can’t see where she is She won’t appear even if I give food. It’s been days. The madam searches for the cat The cat comes here often There should be footprints from the snow But she probably didn’t come here We couldn’t find traces of the cat… Observation cameras are placed around the village The cat finally makes an appearance The cat can’t find her balance and starts to eat with difficulty The kitten falls due to the strong wind As soon as she hears people… she runs away while stumbling She ends up falling down the stairs What happened to the kitten? She was very healthy at first There used to be two kittens But one got in a car accident and passed away and the other wasn’t seen for a while and when we saw her in a long time her body was in this shape The kitten had a family 6 months ago A month after losing her sibling she returned unhealthy I think the mom abandoned her after her body ended up like this She became a lonely orphan rummaging through all of the trash while dragging her body and rolling around to stay live If she was a person, she’s be one with many wounds A rescue is urgent Over there, senior Huh? Over there She’s there The kitten feels people are around and runs away Oh dear, I feel so bad for her I can’t catch her even if I try to catch her or get her to eat In a horrible state where she can’t control her body She is not potty trained She disappears quickly Where is she wandering with her uncomfortable body Oh? She’s over there She is found in the middle of the road and disappears between the doors The door is locked The cat runs away desperately Did we lose track of her again… Can you see her? No, I can’t see her Over here, senior Over here I heard something from here Where? From the inside A mysterious sound is heard between the gap of the building Is the cat here? We look inside with a small camera She’s there She has no energy to escape and is only panting The rescue team arrives and tries to approach the cat carefully The small gap is making it hard for the rescue Can you see? I can’t After all the struggle Oh? She’s there. I found her. I can see her. Stay still. It’s okay The rescue is finally a success! I caught her She was scared of people Her body won’t let her fight back The kitten is younger than we thought Why is she injured? She has no energy Vet: She is in a very bad state Her body temperature is very low She is very dehydrated and if you touch her, she’s only bone I think she wasn’t able to eat properly Emergency treatment is needed She will first gain strength while getting an IV An in-depth medical examination starts after the struggle Why was she injured? Vet: The results show that she is behaving like this because of a fault in the brain-nervous system due to an infection These infections can be infected between street cats There are cases where kittens that are young and have weak immunity can result in brain damage She has survived on the streets for 4 months It’s like a miracle Vet: She’s weak in terms of physical strength The biggest problem is her drop in immunity We have to strengthen her immunity level as she eats and rests well In addition, we have to give her different treatments like drug treatments and keep an eye on her for a period of time She was abandoned by her mother and wandered the streets The priority is to eat well and strengthen her stamina It’s a relief that she eats well She does not give up on the will to live Wouldn’t she be able to become healthy one day?

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