Cat Health Care Tips : How to Safely Trim Long-Hair Cats

Cat Health Care Tips : How to Safely Trim Long-Hair Cats

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Let’s talk about safely trimming a cat’s hair
that has long hair and a cat such as this that has very long hair they commonly get
matted and mat very easily because they can’t get back to their hind end a lot of times
and groom themselves and so you want to be very very careful when you are ever trying
to trim long hair. So prevention is good. If you can trim some of that long hair off,
getting matted is going to be a lot harder to occur obviously and so you never want to
use scissors. You want to either talk to a groomer or your veterinary clinic and they
can obviously help you and guide you along that route as well but scissors you are always
going to get into trouble with that. Cats have very thin skin and it is hard to see
that skin underneath that long hair and so you can actually lacerate that long hair with
scissors. There are some commercial products such as clippers both electric and cordless
ones that you can actually use to trim that hair as well and say also have some manual
strippers that you can get mats and kind of little knotted things out as well in long
hair. So prevention is the key to prevent mats and always just be careful because that
skin is very very easy to damage.

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9 thoughts on “Cat Health Care Tips : How to Safely Trim Long-Hair Cats

  • Ey wallah! Post author

    forest cats is having long hair! dont take it off! thats damage they profile

  • cruiser cruise Post author

    good information (cat health expert .com

  • Jasmin Verastegui Post author

    babe çat2

  • Jakie Bourg Post author

    I scissor cut my cat's long hair… using a "tail comb" next to the skin
    Just give your cat a few treats now and then, and he'll stay put.

  • Michael Copus Post author

    I was hoping he'd demonstrate how to actually do it, not just talk about it. What a waste of time!

  • ellokittyca Post author

    Lol, "I'm a vet and I'm going to tell you how to trim a cats hair: Don't trim it, ask a vet how to do it….." Thanks buddy, really saved me a lot of money with those tips. I'm so sick of every professional acting like their job is so damn hard. It's not. You're a person of average intelligence, tell your intellectual peers how to do what they're asking. My mom shaves her cats. She's not a rocket scientist….believe me. I don't have a shaver, so I just gave my cat a haircut, like you do to a person. Pinch it between your fingers and cut above your hand. It's impossible to cut the cats skin that way. But it looks like crap. That's why I came here. And you basically told me if my cat even looked at the scissors his skin would fall off of his body. Be serious, I'm not an idiot, I've just got a cat that looks like it got its hair cut by a lawnmower.

  • Mert Beloglu Post author

    I love that at 0:05 when he says "a cat such as this", the kitty turns his head and looks at him 😀

  • Mortal Clown Post author

    Y'all need another expert. Period. Worst case scenario – use cornstarch on the mats. It works great and is gentle, etc.

    They do make round- tipped scissors which even have blades that curve: Of course any sane/caring cat owner will HOLD the mat and be VERY CAREFUL not let the blade get close to the skin. I'll cut half of it off and then put cornstarch on the tough ones.

    Plus – that "device" you were using on that beautiful old cat?? What? Those hurt! Notice they didn't even show two passes with that – the cat didn't like it and I'm putting it mildly. Please do another video.


  • MaryLynn Bennett Post author

    That was entirely unhelpful.

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