Cat island. You should escape the virus, not cats.

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Every day I come to this park and sit on this bench. I know I will never be here alone. I see cats here as my babies. They are tied to me as if they were their father. These cats need us more now. Because there are no more people in the streets. Cat: Wet cat food came. I have to tell my friends. Cats began to gather for food. Crows are happy and crowing. Who want to adopt a cat, please do not go to pet shops. Here; There are beautiful cats that you will not find in any pet shop. In this way; you will have saved a cat from the street. And you don’t give money to those who trade animals. By pressing the like button and watching other videos on our channel; you can help us to help poor stray animals. You should drink water as usual. Would you excuse me? People are fleeing these cats, with the fear of being infected. For this reason, cats are struggling to find food. But the cats here are very lucky. Animal lovers continue to bring food to cats in this park. After taking the necessary precautions, being with these cats does not infect us. It even corrects my psychology. I didn’t see you just one day. And I miss so much. Because of the virus, it is a cat that distances itself from other cats. Do not worry. I will love you all in order. OK. You need love very much. Understood. You miss my hands very much. The crow was very jealous of us. I will not forget to leave food for crows. Your friend couldn’t eat. We have to give him food. I’m taking this plate. Take it my love. This is for you. Didn’t your friend say we came? Where were you? You’re too late. I will caress you too. Did you like the food? My love is here. Come my dear. You are right. I missed you, too. Jealous cat. You have to learn to share. It’s not all yours. Take it my love. It’s yours. I’ll bring some more. What is the problem? Are you sick? Yes. I am a psychological patient. But you ate. You have to let him eat. Here, big boy. You must be stronger. Are you sick? You sneeze too much. Black cat. My luck angel. Did you eat? Did you like it? Cat trying to catch a crow. We must learn cleaning, from cats. But, it’s your friend’s turn. Another darling. Please allow me. I will love your friend. Come my baby. Now it’s your turn.

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