Cat Playing “I Spy”

Cat Playing “I Spy”

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>>PERSON: Something blue. CAT: So I can guess now? PERSON: Yup! CAT: Okay. The chair? PERSON: Nope! CAT: Ugh. The [incomprehensible noise]? PERSON: The what? CAT: The car! PERSON: Nope! It’s inside. CAT: Oh, your pants. PERSON: Nope, it’s not my pants! CAT: Hmm. Oh, is it this rug? PERSON: Nope! CAT: Oh, come on! PERSON: It’s not the rug. CAT: You’re kidding me. It should have been the rug. PERSON: Oh come on, now.
CAT: What? PERSON: Just play the game.
CAT: Okay. It’s uh, uh, toaster. PERSON: Nope!
CAT: I know. You wanna know why I know? Because it’s this rug! PERSON: Now come on. I told you it’s not the
rug. There’s a treat in it for you if you get the
right answer. Okay? Do you want to play or not? CAT: OK, let’s do this. Ready! PERSON: I spy with my little eye something
blue. CAT: Rug!

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