Cat With Depression Refuses To Eat (Part 1) | Animal in Crisis EP37

Cat With Depression Refuses To Eat (Part 1) | Animal in Crisis EP37

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Shelter Staff: Joonpal~ Food~ Joonpal~ Just a little bit Joonpal, let’s eat a little bit For some reason, Joonpal refuses to eat Rejects food with the entire body Joonpal shows signs of anorexia Like that of humans No, you need to eat Joonpal completely refuses food and even water just like anorexia sufferers Swallow, please Joonpal has been refusing all food and drink for 3 months But the cat spits out the food again As a result, Joonpal’s body shrunk in half (3 months) Before: 7KG / After: 3.2KG What happened to Joonpal.. What dark past has Joonpal had.. Place of discovery Vet: Building maintenance told me that there’s a carrier outside that I should check out And there was an old carrier Joonpal was inside the carrier With a note attached Joonpal (male) born in May 2007, neutralization completed, gentle and a good listener, please send to a good home. Vet: 2~3 days ago, someone came into my office saying that she was sick and unable to take responsibility for the cat until the end She asked me If I could find a good guardian for Joonpal She kept visiting me once in 2-3 days Repeated that she’s unable to take care of him untill the end since she’s not very well She cried a lot I told her that I’d help him find a good home And then this happened They try to call her registered number (The caller you have reached is unavailable) I boil chicken and dried pollack to replenish nutrients A hearty meal Joonpal~ Joonpal~ Come here Let’s eat~ So delicious~ Joonpal can’t even be near food Come here~ Just one bite~ Mouth completely shut Gets back to his house at the end.. Joonpal’s heart is closed off the being fed But then.. Joonpal doesn’t seem okay Dripping in drool.. Joonpal tries to throw up but nothing comes out since he hasn’t eaten anything.. Perhaps, there’s something wrong with his health? Undergoes urgent treatments Shelter lady is brought to tears.. Vet : Joonpal’s teeth are in good shape As well as the rest of the organs It’s not that Joonpal can’t eat, but won’t eat to be exact Shelter Staff : Joonpal has no will to live I worry that I won’t be able to save this cat Professor Tony Buffington : So cats stopping eating when they feel fearful or threatened is not so unusual What’s unusual is that it lasts so long I talked to a colleague of mine at the university just this morning Who’s worked in an animal shelter that sees about 10,000 cats a year He’s worked there for 20 years And he’s never seen a case like this I think his response to the stress that he’s been under is to become fearful According to Prof Tony Buffington’s experiments, when all 12 healthy cats’ owners were switched to a different person All of them were depressed and acted as if they were sick One was a cat in our ICU, and would not eat We gave drugs to try to get the cat to eat Nothing worked I gave the owner some food, and said maybe he will eat it when he comes home And the owner called me when she got home And said that as soon as the cat got into the car, he started eating He’s just willing to eat in the situation he finds himself in Because he’s too afraid To save Joonpal, we need to help him meet his owner Writer : Look at this Greetings from Joonpal’s mom ^^ We could find the trace of Joopal in cats’ community website Rookie mom of our six-month-old Joonpal In the post from 7 years ago.. Joonpal looked so happy.. Finds the restaurant she used to work in Hello? Is anyone there? PD : We’re looking for a cat’s owner Do you know of anyone who used to work at the restaurant downstairs? Building owner: It was a long time ago We don’t know either. They just ran away They ran away? Yes. The owner suddenly disappeared one day and left no trace at all At least, the owner wanted what was best for Joonpal I would love to take care of Joonpal But our shelter already has a lot of cats Especially injured ones So we’re looking for someone who can take better care of him Can no longer wait for the former owner Perhaps his closed heart might be opened if he finds a good guardian? An adopter who can take care of him for long came up Bae Da Hae: He’s so thin. The new owner is a musical actress Bae Dae Hae who volunteered at an animal shelter for 12 years! Not eating means he gave up on life One person may have abandoned you, but there are a lot of people who would love you Will his broken heart be healed? Bae Da Hae : I’ve never seen a cat so thin.. It breaks my heart How could anyone abandon such a cat His body temperature is still high He has severe anemia So he needs to stay in the hospital for now Bae Da Hae : I just hope he gets better I’ll do everything, just please recover The next day Bae Da Hae: Uh? Even cries? Joonpal~ Compared to yesterday, Joonpal has strength in his voice Bae Da Hae : I’m here, Joonpal Have you eaten well? Seeing him put his head on my hand, he’s more energized than yesterday Joonpal~ Omg Joonpal lends his hand first! Bae Da Hae : Oh! Hi~ He’s finally starting to open up Look at him PD: Does he recognize you?
Bae Da Hae : I think he does He knows my scent for sure because he smelled it before Since cats love independent life, she decided to spend time with him in a wide and comfy room Bae Da Hae : What do you think? This is your room now His expression is better now I hope he gets better as he moves around more often Da Hae spent a week with Joonpal Hoping he could regain faith in people and gets over a hurtful past.. Joonpal~ She tries to open up Joonpal’s heart Joonpal carefully approaches her A touch of sincerity opened up Joonpal’s heart Carefully try to feed him But Joonpal still won’t eat.. Will Joonpal be able to eat on his own again? Stay tuned for part 2!

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