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Super talkative HOOMAN LET’S GO OUT NOW Pretty purrease! Owner : This is my cat Bamtowl. I’m raising with care, Huh~ Look, he keeps crying But you don’t listen to me! Look, we need to talk All right, then.. I can’t do this anymore Time to get some fresh air then Fresh air? He’s a cat though? Does being a cat doesn’t mean I can’t get fresh air- Bish is on the way 1st floor He knows exactly when it’s the first floor As the door opens RUNNN Almost like a dog What’s different from dogs is No, don’t go there Hissing! Was he hissing? Is he okay? He’s very stubborn Let meow go! How did Bamtowl become a walkaholic cat..? Sassy bish outside Before we moved to an apartment we lived in a house Back then, there was a small park in front of the house and a rooftop that he could go up Bamtowl, who had a habit of going out, Let’s stay here more, purrease I hate home Let’s go! (please..) That butt says nope This is my home. The earth is mah home! PUREEDOM NOOOO Let’s get off, good job Get off.. c’mon I told you to get off I still… wanna walk more People say that it’s dangerous for cats to go outside But he’s too stressed out having a hard time staying at home only (so I take him out) What about toys? Stay home, stay safe, kitty Nope, let’s go out I’m so bored! Yes, bored! I’m sorry I just can’t I’m a cat longing for freedom..! But the problem is He’s always ready for a walk I know you’re not sleeping yet Get up, hooman Then~ Dad can’t be happy :(:( Expert arrives Who dis Expert : We need to create adequate living conditions for the cat where he can have a lot of fun Bamtowl was used to the active outdoors What if we make a house where he can have more fun~ Will he like it? Hop I like cheap thrills! (It’s expensive tho) Another thing, going out is already canceled Let’s learn how to take a walk in a correct way Let’s wait for him to relax For the flexible cat Put a harness instead of a leash after putting a location tracker, Expert(First tip!) : Just hold the harness and wait Don’t try to make him walk and just wait Hmm~ Smell~ Expert(Second tip!) : Smelling is a very important activity to Bamtowl Once you become less nervous, we’ll start~ Expert(third tip!): When you want to stop your cat hold the harness tightly and block him After learning, To Bamtowl and Dad a happier path awaits All member of the family will try harder than before for Bamtowl Bamtowl~ Don’t get sick and live happily, okay? I love you Bamtowl♡ SAME

This little rebel!!

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The rain scared my dog last night that I actually fixed him a little bed in my room. When I woke up to check on him he was curled up in a ball with one of his homies #dogs #Rain #CorpusChristi

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