Cats Producers Respond To The Backlash Over Their Film

Cats Producers Respond To The Backlash Over Their Film

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A lack of curiosity just might kill this cat. Two of the producers of the upcoming film
adaptation of the venerable Broadway play Cats have finally surfaced to comment on the
massive backlash to the trailer’s nightmarish visual aesthetic. Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan are the heads of
Universal Pictures’ partnering production company Working Title, and in a recent conversation
with Variety, the pair let the cat out of the bag regarding reactions to the spot, and
their hope that the flick will find its audience among true fans of the play. Fellner said: “What does one say? The reality is that 100 million people or
more saw the trailer, and, yes, there were some people that didn’t like it, and as is
the world we live in, those who didn’t like it were the most vociferous.” Bevan then jumped in to opine that those who
love stage productions of Cats, which typically feature actors wearing makeup that does not
make them look like terrifying monstrosities, totally got what the filmmakers were going
for – and also that those who were turned off by the movie’s spot must have been expecting
to see real, actual cats singing and dancing, or maybe a cartoon. He asserted: “[The viewers who criticized the trailer]
were probably people who didn’t know Cats, and the fact is they were either anticipating
something animated or something that was on four legs. Among people who know Cats, the reaction was
pretty solid.” Yikes! Those are a couple of dubious assumptions,
fella. “Do you know how foolish you sound right now?” It is true that there were comments from just
such users scattered about the Twitterverse, comments along the lines of, “It’s Cats…
what did you expect?” But they were severely outnumbered by remarks
expressing abject horror at the spot, and wondering how on Earth the filmmakers could
have failed to notice that they were fielding a picture that didn’t so much invoke the whimsy
and emotion of the play as it did Cronenbergian body horror. Now, it’s worth noting that the producers
claim that the visuals presented in the trailer were not exactly finished, and that numerous
small tweaks have been applied since the spot was released back in July. We submit, however, that it’s going to take
a heck of a lot more than “subtle changes” to haul viewers up out of the Uncanny Valley,
and get their butts in the seats for Cats. You could say that such a prospect would take
a little bit of… “meow-gic.” “MEEEEEEoooooow.” The casual observer could be forgiven for
thinking that we’re ringing a few too many alarm bells here. After all, Cats has a pretty sterling pedigree;
according to Playbill, it’s the tenth-highest-grossing Broadway musical of all time, which is certainly
nothing to sneeze at. The movie adaptation, it must also be said,
boasts a staggering amount of talent. It stars: Taylor Swift, one of the most bankable
celebrities of any stripe on the planet; Idris Elba, one of the most charismatic and beloved
actors alive; Sir Ian McKellen, the definition of a veteran actor and a consummate pro; and
Dame Judi Dench, whose title alone should tell you all you need to know about just how
well-regarded she is. The flick was co-written by Lee Hall, who
penned the excellent Elton John biopic Rocketman, and directed by Tom Hooper, who fielded the
well-regarded and financially successful 2012 Broadway adaptation Les Misérables, and who
won the Academy Award for Best Director for The King’s Speech. On paper, all of the ingredients for success
are there – but movies aren’t made on paper, and Cats represents a perfect storm of baffling
miscalculations which seem destined to ensure that its inevitable failure won’t be noteworthy;
it will be legendary. First, consider that Cats’ story, while appropriate
for a flashy Broadway production, doesn’t translate very well to film. Don’t take our word for it: it’s been attempted
once already, with a 1998 direct-to-video feature which was a highly faithful adaptation
of the stage production, and which currently sits at 20% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. But, c’mon – we can all agree that even the
Broadway version is… pretty out there. “We just do some poppers and say whatever
comes to mind. Jellicle, Griddlebone, Mungojerrie, Jimmy
McCracklins!” Second, while the Broadway production certainly
has its fans, it’s not at all clear that their numbers are substantial enough to spell success
for a $100 million picture which – considering its holiday release frame – is sure to have
a pretty massive advertising budget. Third: oh, those horrifying visuals. Even if Swift, Elba, and company turn in performances
for the ages, your picture – to paraphrase the late, great Roger Ebert – is in deep trouble
if the audience doesn’t even enjoy the primary act of looking at it. Fourth, and perhaps even more importantly:
the movie is being released on December 20, the same date as a tiny little picture which
you may have heard of by the name of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Even being released in the same month as the
final film of the Skywalker Saga would have spelled trouble for a movie like Cats; that
Universal chose to release it on the same day is nothing short of lunacy. We feel safe in predicting right now that
Cats won’t just be one of the biggest flops of 2019; it will be one of the biggest flops
of this swiftly waning decade, and there’s nothing that the flick’s producers, stars,
or anyone else can do to mitigate the disaster to come. Talent-wise, this picture might have the pick
of the litter… but it’s nine lives might be up before they even start. OK, yeah… we’ll see ourselves out… Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
stuff are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
bell so you don’t miss a single one.

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100 thoughts on “Cats Producers Respond To The Backlash Over Their Film

  • Looper Post author

    What did you think of the Cats trailer?

  • Elizabeth Clawson Post author

    I’ve seen the play 3 times so I’m quite familiar with it. I really enjoyed the movie!

  • 45Kimber1911A1 Post author

    The people who love the stage musical are some of the most vociferous about this film being the equivalent of a train wreck if the train was carrying a bunch of flaming dumpsters…

  • Aveves Silva Post author

    Hey fuckers cats are in four you own me money .

  • fuhjrvr Post author

    I knew about cats and such it’s still horrible

  • Gia Post author


  • eliminator of evil Post author

    more Hollywood crap the conveyor belt never stops churning out garbage, they dont know how to make an entertaining film now its full of CGI and rubbish actors and terrible storylines.

  • Legend lamb Post author

    Bro just accept that you made a trash movie lmao

  • Echinoidea Post author

    This is what happens when you surround yourself with Yes Men. Or Yes Meowin.

  • Miss Moxie Post author

    Cats was polarizing as a play. Everyone I’ve met has either loved it or hated it. I also hated The Phantom of the Opera film adaptation so I didn’t have high hopes for Cats.
    I think the problem is what works on stage doesn’t always translate well into film

  • diddymuck Post author

    some superb plays just don't make good movies. Cats on stage was wildly imaginative in the use of space and sentimentality. Flicks typically aren't hampered by limited space; further special effects that raise cheers on Broadway look overly-simplistic in a flick (i.e. the hydraulic lift that raised the performers in mid-song over the heads of the audience). Also film performers are in many cases nowhere near as melodious or physically dynamic as the group of repeat players who can toss in tumbles, stalking and wild leaps during a performance. Had Cats been a videotaped version of the stage play with audience reaction it may have succeeded.

  • The Chef 5897 Post author

    Why do film makers think they’re above criticism?

  • ArtBoy54 Productions Post author

    3:03 What did you just say? Good movies aren’t made on paper? Take a look at pretty much every classic Disney movie ever.

  • Angel Symmetrika Post author

    I liked the movie a lot. However, the film did have a pretty big "Uncanny Valley" effect.

  • Erika A. Miranda Post author

    Maybe would have been better to film the actual play?? No much CGI or whatever tech they used. Also I'm not a fan of Taylor but because I'm a fan of plays and musicals I'd see it. Evidently Taylor's fans are not play or movie goers. Thoughts?

  • Kevin is here Post author

    having it animated would still present the whimsical and surreal feelings that came with watching the broadway musical. they would just be made with different mediums but would be all the same. I was really disappointed to hear they cut the Cats animated movie long ago, Steven Spielburg would have done amazing.

    also, some of the people associated with this movie were associated with rocketman and the king’s speech?? I understand the hamilton choreographer but what???

  • Brian Jr Spero Post author

    4:50 "Pick of the Litter" is a DOG breeding term…

  • Joe Orbon Post author

    Taylor Swift is a JOKE in this Film Adaptation…!

  • M T Post author

    well, it did what it was expected to do, a gigantic fail

  • Stephanie TheSlayer Post author

    Cats was practically a horror movie! 😂

  • Queens Mitch Post author

    that movie is fucking garbage . my wife wanted to see it . and she even hated that bullshit . . that shit is a big fuck joke to movie goers

  • Rebecca Cox Post author

    The 1998 cats is the best and the only one worth buying having and seeing

  • Rachel Kristine Post author

    This is just ridiculous! Love the music & the show. However, the CGI is just plain wrong! Can y'all imagine a remake of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show", with CGI? Just as horrid! Or, how about the 80's film, "Legend", with CGI, instead of the award winning makeup? No way! 🙄

  • MarLy MarLLe Post author

    I thought Cats was about a Jewish family selling Turkey and Cornbeef sandwiches. Lol

  • wrh41 Post author

    What they did to Jennifer Hudson’s face is unforgivable.

  • Blair Penny Post author

    Lmfao. Who is here after this bombed? Who didn't see that coming? When the producers cant take criticism and instead attack those criticizing them you know its going to be trash

  • Apostolos Mavropoulos Post author

    blah blah blah… their face tells you everything you need to know 0:14 The sadness is real ppl!

  • Ryan C Post author

    I love the play, and wholly believe this is a nightmare spawned from the 10th and final hell.

  • Scotty Swirl Post author

    Brah the movie wasn't even bad. I enjoyed watching it. The Cats didn't bother me at all and the music and dancing was AMAZING, which is the whole point of the musical anyway.

  • win montgomery Post author

    i know cats and the movie was nightmare inducing

  • Comatose Post author

    People today are crap. Everyone loves to hate and dirty laundry is always the subject.

  • shamzam30 Post author

    they honestly could have gone more practical with the film instead of full blown CGI alot, atleast being more practical the film might have looked better on the visuals, those that have heard of cats or seen the broadway show went to see this film and alot did not really like the film, not even those who are fans of it, the film could have been something good for everyone to see but the film did not live up to expectations, might have gotten the broadway show some attention for people to maybe go see that to see what its like compared to the movie. thats probably the only good thing i can maybe see coming out of this film

  • Mark Hall Post author

    I think the whole fetid mess is one massive load of cat shit. It's tres creeposo. I can care less about that woke fame slut Taylor Swift, but seeing Dame Judy Dench in this is something I can't unsee. I have great respect for her and what she's done in the past but this was a cinematic black hole I wish she hadn't taken on.

  • Caitlin Koi Post author

    I can attest as someone who is dubbed the girl obsessed with Cats by everyone that knows me, I do actually like this film. And I have found an area of the internet that loves it. Youtube and Twitter aren't the only social media platforms

  • Ty , First of his name Post author

    This is really Tone deaf. Sounds like he’s trying to minimize the criticism .

  • wpninja hellmaster Post author

    CGI isn't bad, its just Cats is a broadway show for a very niche audience which somehow was able to make millions off of these unusually niche people. Like what was said in the video, the movie is Cats, I mean what did people actually expect? XD

  • Gary Suarez Post author

    "Cronenbergian body horror" should never somehow be conflated with whimsy and lighthearted fancy, as seems to be done under this iteration of stage to screen abomination.

  • Fanni the Sloth Post author

    The way the actors look isn‘t even that big of a deal for me. It‘s the movements and cgi honestly. Idc that they have human hands or noses (not that I‘m a fan of it but yk it could be worse) but when it looks like they are floating in the air because the angle of the floor doesn‘t fit their feet movement or a cat just walks down a 90° wall which no cat does, they jump, they‘re not spidercats…or those jumps which just seem so unnatural and you can see that they didn‘t really jump but were attached to strings or whatever…those are the things that just made me uncomfortable

  • MS CM Post author

    Not everything can be turn into movie. Cats should stay on Broadway.

  • theunknownreturns Post author

    We know what Cats is. You delivered garbage. Stop condescending.

  • Sprite Guy Post author

    Wow a furry wouldnt even like cats

  • Neal M Post author

    "It's the audiences fault! They don't get our genius!"
    Oy vey.

  • Owen Travis Post author

    I loved the movie

  • Owen Travis Post author

    I know for a fact more people came for jennifer hudson who carried the entire film more than taylor swift who isnt an actress which jennifer as experience in (ever heard of dreamgirls)

  • theCreator 3000 Post author

    I would rather watch Garfield 100 times in a row then to watch this trailer one more time.

  • Zerg Brood Post author

    1:06 that's not a cat! That's an abomination! I prefer costume instead of cgi… Lmfao

  • Storyworld Post author

    I liked the movie to be honest…

  • superpurplemoon Post author

    I loved the movie including the visuals. Sorry.

  • OneLoveDrumz Post author

    pffffffft , your wrong guys… you went wrong when you made it over sexual and woke left

  • ItsmeJohn Carrera Post author

    They can't admit that they made a bad movie what's the point of watching a film if you don't even want to look at it. That's like making a music video but not even wanting to hear it.

  • QuietPUBGMplayer XD Post author

    I chose 1917 over this

  • emanuelgoldstein1984 Post author

    I was kid when the stage version debuted and thought it was weird then lol

    At least the OG had better costumes

  • David Saul Post author

    I know cats, I've seen the musical and it's precisely their type of arrogance which is why so few people in Hollywood learn from their mistakes, it's always the paying audience that are too stupid to understand their vision, not the fact that they've made a terrible film. Have some humility and admit your mistakes instead of listening to the yes men you people surround yourselves with!

  • ndogg20 Post author

    And this might have worked as a complete Pixar film with cats as cats instead of these Manamals. That and add a story line.

  • Merciless god of rape and carnage Lmao Post author


  • Nevermore Post author

    I think the whole furry scene has made a film like this seem distasteful.

  • Mr. Beev Post author

    Dear cats movie:

    Thank you for making me possible to watch with a poker face and a completely clean bloodstream.

    The Super Mario Brothers movie

  • Abby Cunningham Post author

    I found the trailer a bit strange, but I enjoyed the movie.

  • Tiisetso Hlatshwayo Post author

    The response was supposed to begin with "yes we know we f*cked up"

  • Matthew Kearney Post author

    What a couple dumbasses

  • Shufter Post author

    I want to quote Gus: “And I say, as I scratch myself with my claws, well, the theater is certainly not what it was, these modern productions are all very well, but there’s nothing to equal, from what I can tell”. Yeah, 2019 Cats are not any better than the original, but still it’s a rigid version of musicle, which I watched and listened to with a pleasure)

  • Scotian Coast Post author

    It scared my kids and I thought it was creepy as well.

  • Walter Comunello Post author

    yeah haha, blame the public for the shit you pulled off. Sounds right.

  • smdn.2000 Post author

    Movie officially lost about 30 million dollars… plus budget used in marketing…

  • Cool Beans Post author

    I liked it

  • Odee Gilbert Post author

    I love the stage production and the 98 movie, saw the previews for the latest movie and didn’t give it a second thought until this popped up in my suggestions.

  • Polly Monopoly Post author

    I don’t know why everyone is tripping about how the cats looked. The movie sucked because it was bland, boring, repetitive and uncinematic. The cats looked just fine and how we all expected lol.

  • Jenny Mcleod Post author

    It's about your fans you have to sell tickets. So listen to your fans, that's the lesson to this monstrosity.

  • Maren Russell Post author

    I call horseshit. I am a die hard fan of the stage show and have been for ages but this movie trailer looked like total crap from the first trailer. I know exactly what this show was supposed to be and they completely missed the mark by thousands of miles.

  • Han DevIant Post author

    Even catmask filter on your phone do better job than this expensive CGI

  • Y'all Mind if I OwO Post author

    I love cats the musical and maybe I saw the movie on its opening night
    It was a experience to say the least

  • Persephone Cthulhu Post author

    It wasn't just CGI. EVERYTHING IN THIS MOVIE WAS A TRAINWRECK. Bad singing,ruined characters,dumb jokes,non existent story and on top of that weird CGI. I give it -10/10

  • Timothy D Post author

    I really don’t see the uncanny valley here…I don’t mind the weird human cats…

  • Charlotte Ziggy Post author

    Taylor Swift and the word talent should not be in the same sentence .

  • Walkingtalkingvinyl Post author

    This is like Game of Thrones all over again 😂😂😂

  • thetruth3574 Post author

    There days people on the Internet like to dogpile on certain unfortunate victims in a display of petty, irrational meanness, like a feeding frenzy. This is an ugly mentality.

  • Kathleen Clark Post author

    The makeup & choreography & music of this show were fantastic! And the point of this production WAS to make the people LOOK like cats ..what part of the name of this movie did you miss !?

  • Kyle G Post author

    They can deflect all they want.. that movie will go down as the worst of all time. They say it’s losing 150 million.

  • Brady Stiff Post author

    Um sis IS the people the producers were talking about

  • Tanner Cox Post author

    It wasn’t as bad at birds of prey

  • mcgoodlovin Post author

    I love it when pretentious Hollywood pedophile people fail, so satisfying…

  • Carlton Fisk Post author

    The play was great. The movie was absolute garbage made for a quick buck.

  • GravityGamerXCII™ Post author

    Cats sucked because it’s a cat with a human face why not give them cat nose dumb dumb

  • Zachariah Gray Post author

    Guess the producers were only 100 million dollars wrong. Oops.

  • Rene' Barry Post author

    I tried watching the movie but was bored out of my mind within ten minutes. It was just ridiculous. Granted, I have never seen Cats, but I knew it was a take off of the play. If the play is this bad, I have to question how it has stayed on Broadway for so long.

  • deee 327 Post author

    I have no sympathy for people who watch musicals so who cares…

  • Templar Grace Wright Post author

    The people who know and love the original musical were the MOST upset and disappointed by the movie!!

  • C.Fodder Post author

    Used to be that you needed a coke and some popcorn to enjoy a movie, now you need DMT.

  • Enkeria Post author

    Butts or not. I am just curious if its a better lovestory than Twilight.

  • Enkeria Post author

    Butts or not. I am just curious if its a better lovestory than Twilight.

  • Enkeria Post author

    Butts or not. I am just curious if its a better lovestory than Twilight.

  • Enkeria Post author

    Butts or not. I am just curious if its a better lovestory than Twilight.

  • al a Post author


  • NeutralGuyDoubleZero Post author

    Oh it was just a vocal minority? Is that why it bombed you dumbass hacks?

  • Donovan Delaney Post author

    The cats had bad CGI. The cats are the wrong size and they have human noses. I also don't like that they are not people in make up and costumes. Did they even see Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes? That's what the cats should have looked like! They should have used practical effects!

  • Jonquil Gemstone Post author

    "Those who know Cats" were probably the most upset because of how the movie butchered their favorite stageplay…

  • Chunky Boi Post author

    What..!? people are getting disturbed over a movie yet they are licking toilets licking buttholes and downloading tik tok

  • PS4 Gaming Post author

    This movie has to go

  • Howard Mejicanos Post author

    sorry dude you lost $25 million compared to your budget

  • sam guapo Post author

    I have been burned by Hollywood musical adaptations. Most of them DON'T HAVE REAL SINGERS. Taylor Swift doesn't have the vocal ability. Neither did Emma Watson and many other actresses who should NOT be in musicals. Hollywood continues to field poor singers for the sake of popularity. It's like buying a painting just because it was painted by Idris Elba.

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