Clash of Macaque Monkey Clans | Animal Fight Night

Clash of Macaque Monkey Clans | Animal Fight Night

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[music playing] NARRATOR: Romeo has his eye on
the temple troop over the road. The troop’s dominant males fight
hard to keep their positions. [music playing] They breed with all
the available females. But there are a lot
of girls in the troop. And this young female Juliet
isn’t getting much loving. [music playing] Under cover of night, Romeo
crosses over to the temple. He needs allies. [music playing] If he gains Juliet’s support,
it may help fast track him to a dominant position. [music playing] By grooming her,
he wins her over. But in the morning, a temple
guard spots the intruder. [screaming] [music playing] [screaming] But the dominant males don’t
tolerate young male upstarts. Romeo is fast, but
not fast enough. Bigger and stronger than
Romeo, the temple males send a clear message– don’t come back. [music playing] They bite him where it hurts– his face and testicles. [music playing] But it’s not enough. In a show of strength, the
temple monkeys go nuclear. [screaming] And now the two troops
go head to head. [screaming] These monkeys fight dirty. Slapping and grabbing, they can
break fingers and snap tails. One inch long, sharp
canines rip through flesh like steak knives. [music playing] The battle rages for 20 minutes. [screaming] There are serious
casualties on both sides. But for the temple
troop, it’s job done. The young male market macaques
will stay away from the temple.

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