Customer says she suspects foul play at a local pet grooming business

Customer says she suspects foul play at a local pet grooming business

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Mellisa Junaid ROPS off her schnauzer mix rescue dog at the dog house a local grooming shop once every couple months but after this weekend she says the chances are she won’t be returning to this grooming location duner says her dogs unusual behavior concerned her so much so that she went to look at their online reviews customer feedback ranged from people saying how wonderful the doghouse is to someone claiming their dog’s tail was cut off and had to be glued back on by their vet I came to the location here but it was closed I was able to reach the owner who spoke to me over the phone regarding the allegations according to saw Rodriguez who has owned the dog house for the last 21 years there is no abuse going on at his business he says there are cameras in place to supervise the workers interaction with all the animals that come in for grooming as for his response on the customer who said their dog’s tail was cut off according to the Better Business Bureau no complaints have been filed on the dog house and in Texas like many other states dog grooming remains an unregulated business reporting in Corpus Christi brendham a 2d action 10 news

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