Dachshund – Breed of the Month – Your Family Pet

Dachshund – Breed of the Month – Your Family Pet

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[barking and panting] (Sarah)
The Dachshund was developed in Germany over 300 years
ago to hunt badgers and other
small burrowing animals. In fact, the name
Dachshund means badger hound. A member of the hound group, the
typical Dachshund is long-bodied and muscular with
short, stubby legs. Its front paws are
large and paddle shaped, just right for extreme digging. Dachshunds are bred
with three coat types. Smooth,
long-haired and wire-haired. And a variety of
colors and patterns. A full grown standard Dachshund
averages 16 to 32 pounds, while miniatures
weigh less than 12. Dachshunds are lovable, playful
dogs and make ideal pets for many families
including those with children. They’re moderately
active and very intelligent. So, they get bored easily. This can lead to trouble if
you don’t keep them active. Dachshunds are generally
very clean dogs and are easy to maintain with
almost no body odor. Wire-haired and long-haired
varieties may require professional grooming
and frequent brushing. Because of their
skeletal structure, Dachshunds can
experience both environmental
and genetic problems. Jumping, excessive
stair-climbing and other high impact activities may result in
serious diseases and conditions of the spine including
intervertebral disc disease or I-V-D. Other problems like
hyperthyroidism and epilepsy are sometimes seen in this breed. To sum it up, the people who
will get the most pleasure from living with a Dachshund are
outgoing folks who choose activities that include the dog. Playing fetch, visiting the park
and taking reasonable walks are all enjoyed by these
social little companions. [“Your Family Pet”
theme music]

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Thor is pretending to be a good dog, don't let him fool you

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lil diva

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She’s a blood

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One thought on “Dachshund – Breed of the Month – Your Family Pet

  • Dana Harvey Post author

    The wirehairs are my favorite. I lost my boy, Norbert, to a cheating ex girlfriend and I worry about him every day. She never listened to my warnings about running him up and down the stairs and letting him jump onto and down off of furniture and stuff. I'm afraid he'll end up injured.

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