Dear Cat People | Disney

Dear Cat People | Disney

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Dear cat people, this is a
public service announcement. Although this is a movie
about dogs, primarily– The important thing to remember
is that cats are beautiful. They are four-legged– Just like dogs. So if you squint when
watching our movie, you can actually pretend
that they’re cats. The dogs in the movie? In our movie, yeah. Dogs and cats can cohabitate. Whether or not that is shown
successfully in this film, I think given more time, the cat
and the dogs come to get along. JUSTIN THEROUX: I
think what we’re trying to say is we
want you to appreciate this movie just as
much as dog people, we appreciate cat movies. We would like for you to come. And we’re just saying
the water’s warm. Cats don’t like
water, typically. I’m just– well, then you
can just feel the warmth of the water from above it. – From outside–
– Yeah. And– The water– Rest assured you’re
going to enjoy this film. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CLICK]

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