Dexter the dog – Would I Lie to You?

Dexter the dog – Would I Lie to You?

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I have a possession. Oh, right. Now, then, let’s please bring on
the possession. Aw! Oh, yes. This is Dexter. When I judged a “dogs who look
like celebrities” competition, he was the winner. Hello, Dexter. OK. OK. Very nice to see you…again. Yes. Go on – what’s the celebrity? Denis Healey. So, you just… You need to have
a proper look at Dexter’s face and specifically his eyebrows. There we go. Can I come and see? Yeah, come and see Dexter. Someone might have to tell
Greg who Denis Healey is. That was my next question. Denis Healey was the Chancellor of
the Exchequer under a Labour government in the 1970s. And he
was known for big eyebrows. He had huge eyebrows – that’s the
big thing. And he used to walk round on all fours! I have literally
never seen a dog that looked more like Denis Healey,
I’m sorry. Let’s have a look. Uncanny. Dexter! Oh, yes. What a Silly Billy. LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE Name three – quickly – three other
breeds of dog and the celebrities they resembled. You will do
it in your own time, thank you. A blonde Afghan hound that looked
like Tess Daly… ..a Staffordshire bull terrier
that looked like Vladimir Putin, a Portuguese water dog
that looked like Cher… ..and obviously Dexter. So, were you the sole judge? I was. This is a big dog event
that I go to. Well, what is the event? Dogfest. Have you not been? Dogfest? Hm. People bring their dogs
and there are lots of activities. They’ve even got a diving
pool for dogs. My job is to judge the “dog who looks like
a celebrity” competition. Is Denis a good swimmer? Dexter. Yeah, but you know, Denis. It may be that Dexter is unaware that he’s impersonating
Denis Healey. He may not have immersed himself in
the role to the extent he’s going, “Denis is swimming now. He’s
worried about interest rates.” So the dog looks uncannily like Denis Healey? The dog is astonishingly
like Denis Healey. When you’re told that dog looks like
Denis Healey, I agree he looks like Denis Healey. Would you have walked
down the street and said to David, “Did you see that dog? “He was the spit of Denis Healey.” Or even, “I think that
was Denis Healey.” This is where I’m up to. That dog – one – is definitely called Dexter. Two – definitely looks more like Denis Healey than the waxwork that wouldn’t be in Madame Tussauds,
because who would go to see it? The question is whether
Clare knows him. Yeah. Well, strictly speaking,
this is supposed to be a possession. Yes. You know, the round
discipline’s gone because… ..I don’t think Clare is even
asserting that she owns Dexter. So, in a way, it’s not her
possession, is it? Exactly. So, for me, the programme’s
rather spoiled. What do you think?
I do trust Clare Balding. I think it’s actually true. I don’t trust Clare Balding. I’m going to stick my neck out.
I think, well done, whoever found that Healey-like dog. Remember, Healey, if it’s not true, Healey was of Clare’s invention. just now, after just looking
at the dog. There’s no Denis Healey mentioned
on the card, is there? Was Healey on the card?
Oh, you’re good at this! No. It must be true. It must be true. So, you think true? Oh, I’m really confused. Do you both think true? We do, but I think we’re confused…
We’re true. ..and I feel like we’re
angering you, so… No. No. I’ve upset Dad again! I’ve been very, very angry
for very many years. Um… Don’t look at your wife
when you say that, David. Let’s say true. You think true? True. True.
We’re going to say true. All right. They’re saying true.
Clare, was it…? Don’t scratch, Dexter. Was it true? He’s going to have a lick now. Oh! He’s been watching Lee. APPLAUSE Right, Clare, were you telling the truth or was it a lie? It was… ..true. It’s true. Clare did award Dexter
first prize in a celebrity lookalike contest, and we have a picture. Look at this. Denis is on the left. Thank you very much, Dexter. Well done. Thank you so much.

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