Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Avatar, Lion King, Yeti & More At Walt Disney World ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Avatar, Lion King, Yeti & More At Walt Disney World ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

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Good morning everyone! It’s time for park 4.
Animal Kingdom, I’m back! I’m so excited! And guys.. I’m not alone today.. Look who arrived yesterday.. Wesley from Wezzvlog and his sister Stephanie. The Tree of Life.. It’s so good to be back. After the castle, I think the best park reveal ever. You see I’m with real influencers today, they’r very busy with their Insta-photos. Real influencers, unreal.
– I’m infuencing like a pro! But we have a tree picture. Let’s start the day. I want a second opinion, because I’m telling you for three days now that it’s bloody hot! Wesley, am I right?
– Yes it’s so hot! I’s 8:30 AM. I’m a sweaty mess.
– It’s crazy. It’s like you’re in an oven all the time.
Look at my sweaty face. See all the sweat. We’re now going to Pandora. I’m back at Pandora.
And after a year and a half.. Still as impresive as the first time. The floating mountains, when you arrive you hear the Navi drumming.. You hear flying Bahnsees. All the details. Amazing for real. Wezz, what do you think of Avatarland?
– I am speechless. But for real. This is.. I have goosebumps. I was looking forward to this. I missed those drums. Great! But walking here again.. Amazing! Amazing. With this beautiful waterfall over here. I’m back. The Navi River Journey has a 30 minute wait. So let’s do it right now. A beautiful relaxing ride. A beautiful animatronic. Excited. No, I’m real. I’m not an animatronic.
– He is a real thing. It’s the real me. Just did the Navi river journey again. So incredible. It’s just a relaxing boatride. You can see how far they can go with projection mapping with all those beasts that are flying above you and all the Avatars around you. Easy start of the day. I’m a bit hungry now so let’s get some food. I got a Pongu spring roll as breakfast. I think the restaurant here is called “Pongu Pongu”. It’s a spring roll with pineapple inside. I’m curious. Strange. Also with some cheese. Delicious. The Pandora Merch carts are amazing as well. Look at all the decorations over here. It looks so cool. I’m pretty sure that little Davey should have bought this to poke his father all day long. Some Pandora shirts where you can see that it’s not allowed to feed the animals. Some little ones. Hello. You can’t find anything that’s real Disney in here. It’s all from pandora in here. So, look. Pandora ears to wear. And you can even buy a Navi tail. A little different as Galaxy’s Edge. Here you can buy all the drinks with their own marks. It’s a bit hidden in ice but you can still see that it’s Coca Cola. I now see that you can get those Bahnsees also outside the little shop next to Flight of Passage. You can control them. The head, their mouth Hello I am a Bahnsee. 99,- for two of them. Imagine you have twins. That was Pandora in the morning. We did the Navi River Journey with the standby line. We had a nice breakfast. We enjoyed the atmosphere. And now we go to the rest of Animal Kingdom. I come back later, because then I can go on Flight of Passage and I’m really excited for it. We’re now at Donald’s Dino Bash. It’s super fun. All the characters have Dino clothes of Explorer clothes. Really fun. And they’re here. My loves. The Chipminkosaurus. So now I’m taking a picture with Chip and Dale in a Dino-onesie. No they’re real dino’s.
– You can see their zipper.. They’re wearing a onesie.
– We’re fooled! They’re not real dino’s. Very fun. This meet started just after we left the last time. Jordy and I really wanted to see them. And now we’re here. Well I am. Sadly not Jordy. Let’s take a picture. Very fun. They’re so cute. You can meet Chip and Dale all the time, but with their onesies it’s something new. Chip and Dale in a dino-outfit. And now the photos.
– Will you snap your fingeres?
– 3 times? Oh it’s you. Your brother! Oh it’s me. It’s time for the Kilimanjaro Safari. We’re here. And we’re sitting on a bus, because I’m -anti ‘lopen’ (Dutch for walking). Me too! A nice sit down. That was a really cool safari. We saw a lot of animals. It’s always a hit or miss, sometimes you don’t see a lot of them. Some animals were hidden but the best part of the safari were the lions. Very impressive to see. And one lion was in full action. My advice is to do this early in the day, because the animals are a bit more active. Really cool to see. I’m very happy to have a fastpass for Flight of Passage, because I saw the stand by line was 145 minutes right now. It’s the middle of the day so very logic. But this morning it was also 90 minutes already. I’m happy, I will enjoy it for the second time. See you.. After the ride. This was my second ride on Flight of Passage in my life.. But guys this is unreal. Those are the words for it. Unreal. You feel it move.. the Bahnsee you’re flying.. You feel the wind in your hair, the smells, the water.. Very steel drops. The view, so big.. it’s.. This was my second time but.. I had tears in my eyes. Unreal. And suddenly you’re in Animal Kingdom’s Asia. It’s again a very hot day. But I don’t mind it that much today.. Especially with my new fastpass. I go ride the Kali River Rapids. And at the Kali River Rapids you can come ‘okay’ out of it. Like Jordy and me last time.. Or you’re totally drenched. At this moment I don’t mind to be totally drenched. Making my way down to the Kali River Rapids. Of course it will come up when I’m here. Oh guys, what am I doing.. Very refreshing. Not too wet. My back and pants a bit, but I cooled down. Oh it’s not over yet. We will stop next to water. Oh no here it is. What did I say? You can stop. Well.. thanks.
You survived the ride.. And you stand still over here, because they’re not moving in the front. And you’re still drenched. O well, it’s almost 40 degrees. Well after a very refreshing Frozen Lemonade we now go ride Dinosaur. I’m already nervous about it, but these two here.. Influencer Wezz and his sister..
They really wanna ride it. So I will join them. We made it. It wasn’t too bad, right? I don’t think so.
– I don’t know how I will look on the picture, but it was okay. I will show the picture right? Fun ride, only a bit too dark. Just give me Indiana Jones. We ran into Kevin from Up. I got a selfie. Such a fun character. He makes sounds, he is dancing. Look at it. So fun! How cool here at Animal Kingdom there is a dance party with Marvel music! And.. With Meeko! Hi Meeko! And a finally got a selfie with Meeko. But.. Marvel at the Disney Parks? We’re on the other side of the Mississippi right? That was a gun meet and greet. Last time I made this picture right before they we’re getting a metamorphose here at Walt Disney World. So I’m happy with my new picture. I thought Jordy was in Paris. It’s finally time for a ride on Expedition Everest. I’m really excited. Last time I didn’t film on it, but I found out you actually can so.. I take my camera and I’m ready to go to the Yeti. The track is broken.. Again: the track is broken. Such a cool ride. I think it’s fantastic! And the Disco Yeti was in it.. Still a cool effect. I did the ride two times in a row. Single Riders, very quick! But now I’m a bit nauseous. Okay it’s not Rhythms of the Pride Lands from Disneyland Paris.. But it’s a real party! Festival of The Lion King. Great Acrobatics, great singing, great characters. Guys this is a fun show! And a really good place to cool down. It’s already some time later.. There is a bit more shade at Animal Kingdom.. And it’s a bit nicer for this Davey. This is way Disney stand out from the other parks. It’s now slow season.. And there are bands everywhere, amazing singers. It’s such a great park. The theater behind me is slowly filling for Rivers of Light: We Are One. It’s the new version of Rivers of Light. Last time we saw the original version and now it has some Disney in it. The Lion King. I’m looking forward to it. But my fastpass starts in 30 minutes so I have some time to enjoy the surroundings over here at Animal Kingdom. But I’m very curious. The last time I was very impressed by Rivers of Light. It’s a good thing I made my way to the perfectly themed Dinoland USA.. I saw a dancing Pluto on Titanic music. My Heart Will Go On. I’m ready for Rivers of Light. Beautiful spot. It’s nice and cool over here. I’m fine over here. It starts in 10 minutes. What a relaxing vibe over here. I’m ready for it, and I’m excited. That was Rivers of Light We Are One. I think it’s better then the old version because it has all the Disney characters in it. Familiar Disney tunes, it makes it better to watch for me as Disney Nerd. Beautiful pictures we saw. Live mixed with animation. Love it. And beautiful music of course. I will try to leave the theater because it’s very busy. And slowly to the exit. We did a lot today! This was my day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. What a full day. We did a lot. We still have to do a lot. It was an exhausting day – I’m getting tired. Let’s take the bus back to the resort. I will come back here this trip.
So till the next one! OMG there are aligators and snakes in the area! .

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