Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park Announcement on Dateline Disney (1995)

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park Announcement on Dateline Disney (1995)

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[music]>>Narrator: And now, a special Dateline Disney from Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida. [music] In a special press conference held recently at Walt Disney World. Disney Chairman, Michael Eisner unveiled plans for the biggest and most ambitious theme park in Disney history.>>Michael Eisner: I’m here to announce that we’re going to present a Wild Animal Kingdom on 500 acres, just
West of our North-South road.>>Narrator: Five times the size of the Magic Kingdom, and the largest of all Disney theme parks in the world. Disney’s Wild Animal Kingdom will
be the first live-action adventure park of its kind. Filled with a natural drama
of today’s wildlife, it will celebrate animals from real-life, fantasy and
fables.>>Michael Eisner: That is going to combine the real world of animals with the extinct world of animals and with animals from mythology as well.>>Joe Rohde: The first thing that
happens to you when you enter the park is your punched into this fantastic
jungle environment. Ah, there’s river journeys, boat journeys, you take the take you from fantasy realms to prehistoric realms.>>Narrator: The centerpiece of the park is the majestic Tree of Life. 14 stories tall, with the trunk more than 50 feet wide.>>Joe Rohde: As you approach the tree, it becomes clear that the tree is not a tree at all. But is this swirling tapestry of interlocked animal forms. So that it’s a very very moving symbol of all that life, all of its beauty, its power, its
majesty and its unity and our place, small amongst it, gazing up at all this
wonder.>>Narrator: Guests will be taken on a journey of discovery, designed both to entertain and educate.>>Judson Green: When we began the planning for Disney’s Wild Animal Kingdom. One of our first decisions was to assemble the best and most dedicated conservationists available, to help us plan the parks design and philosophy.>>Roy E. Disney: We did want to be
entertaining, we still do want to be entertaining, it’s part of the deal. But we also want to make you fall in love and be part of the conservation effort.>>Narrator: Almost three years ago, Disney created an advisory committee
composed of leading wildlife and zoological experts including the
Wildlife Conservation Society and Conservation International. This
committee played an integral role in guiding the design and development of
Disney’s Wild Animal Park.>>Terry Maple, PhD: It’ll be the kind of place where conservation will come alive. So we’re depending upon The Walt Disney Company and its creativity to really do this better than anyone has ever done it before.>>Michael Eisner: This park down at Walt Disney World is a great addition to Epcot Center, The Magic
Kingdom,The Disney-MGM Studios and all the hotels and water parks we have. This
park will add a new dimension that I think is appropriate for our company.>>Narrator: Groundbreaking begins in September for Walt Disney World’s Wild Animal Kingdom,
set to open in the Spring of 1998.

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  • Javier Alejandro Velasquez Urdaneta Post author

    So, "Disney's Wild Animal Kingdom" park was actually changed the name into "Disney's Animal Kingdom", before opening Spring 1998?

    Was that correct or not?

  • Jacob's Shelter Post author

    "sponsored by McDonalds"

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