DOCS: Top Dog – Clash of the Poodles

DOCS: Top Dog – Clash of the Poodles

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poodles are the second most intelligent breed of dog. but whether they like it OR NOT, they
have found themselves at the centre of a multi million dollar industry. extreme creative
dog grooming. Teri DiMarino – Judge
These are the Picassos and the Monets of my industry. NARRATOR
all across america they’re being crimped, pimped and dyed. Ren Netherland
These dogs are works of art. NARRATOR
every year groomers come TOGETHER to showcase their talents at the world’s largest grooming
event in hershey PENNSYLVANIA. Ren Netherland
The energy here, it is amazing. Dawn Omboy
This is the Super Bowl of creative grooming. NARRATOR
winning at hershey rewards a competitor with the cover of groomer to groomer magazine,
the vogue of the grooming world. it is valuable exposure which can deliver a massive boost
to a pet groomer’s business. Angela Kumpe
Do you know how much money I made off this man pink dye? Lots. NARRATOR
IT’S a fiercely COMPETITIVE world, and until now, it’s been entirely dominated by americans. NARRATOR
but this year, one british woman is going to take on the BEST. Su Eld-Weaver
The Americans… I have to beat them. NARRATOR
for the first time in history, could a British poodle “DOBBY”, triumph at this prestigious
event? And be the first non american poodle ever to grace the cover of groomer to groomer. Su Eld-Weaver
If I am the first Brit to do it, good. NARRATOR
3,500 miles from hershey, in a quiet NORTHAMPTONSHIRE town, one British dog lover, su eld-weaver
dreams of a new life in america. Su Eld-Weaver
I want to go somewhere where my artistic side has a place. It’s an environment that I
can relax in and… spread my wings. Whereas here I feel a bit clipped. NARRATOR
su lives with her husband calvin, four sons, 14 poodles, four snakes and three spiders.
but amongst her 14 poodles, su believes she has a stand out star, DOBBY. Su Eld-Weaver
Dobby is a real good competition dog because she loves the fuss and attention. If it’s
to do with grooming, she’s just the diva. I’ve done Dobby as a dragon. And then the
fairy on earlier this year. When she was the octopus, she was as blind as a bat, because
I’d grown all of her facial hair to be the body of the octopus. NARRATOR
su runs a small pet grooming salon next door to her home. Su Eld-Weaver
Hi. Customer
Oh hello. Su Eld-Weaver
Do you want the full giraffe again or…? Customer
I do love the giraffe on him. NARRATOR
Su and DOBBY effortlessly dominate the UK creative scene, but there’s only one annual
COMPETITION and the industry is still in its infancy. Su Eld-Weaver
If you’re going to do creative grooming, being the UK champion is… it’s really
sweet, it’s nice. It’s not really much of a challenge. Su Eld-Weaver
I want to be the best up with the best. NARRATOR
if su is to realise her dream of a successful GROOMING BUSINESS, she needs to break into
the american big LEAGUE. and the way to do that is to triumph at hershey. Su Eld-Weaver
I would love to move to America. That is the ultimate goal. Calvin
Yeah. New life in the new country. Same old value put on creative grooming in the States. Su Eld-Weaver
In my dream world I would have the acreage for the dogs. I would have the grooming salon,
I would have the RV for travelling to the shows… Calvin
Three out buildings and an RV already. Su Eld-Weaver
And a really nice house and a swimming pool. So we’d be fine. Su Eld-Weaver
Right guys come on. NARRATOR
but su’s family have concerns about her obsession with winning. Su Eld-Weaver
My husband doesn’t get it. Su’s son
My dad hates it because he doesn’t like dogs generally. Me I’m not sure. Calvin
I wouldn’t say I’m overjoyed. There’s Su, there’s dogs, there’s me and the boys. Su Eld-Weaver
That’s so not true. You’re such a liar. Calvin
Feels like it sometimes. Su Eld-Weaver
Making dreams happen is not as easy as you think. Su’s son
Frustrating for dad because he just… he just finds it frustrating when mum leaves. Su Eld-Weaver
We kind of have an understanding. Calvin
What that you go and I stay? Su Eld-Weaver
Yeah. (laugh). NARRATOR
but the reservations of her family are merely the first of the obstacles su must overcome. NARRATOR
in conway south carolina, adriane pope typifies thE self confidence of the top american groomers. Adriane Pope
Hi my name is Adriane Pope, this is Darrell Pope. Logan and Gucci. NARRATOR
competitors like adriane all run lucrative pet grooming businesses. Adriane Pope
Everybody thinks this is my house. This is not my house, the dogs live there. People
spend more money on their pets than they do their children around here. When you walk
in it’s going to be loud. Adriane Pope
Welcome to our dog rooms. Adriane Pope
Some good babies back here. NARRATOR
this is the kind of business that success at hershey could bring su. Adriane Pope
Our suites are $50 a night. We have flat screen TVs, we have ceiling fans. We have furniture
for the dog, little couch by the window. They sit up. Interviewer
What do the dogs like to watch? Adriane Pope
You would not believe. We have people come in here request sports, their dog sits and
watches sports all day. Some people say they want it on the Cartoon Network. I have customers
who will come in and change the channel. Darrell Pope
I think they like the personal attention that we give. Whatever it is they’re looking
for we try to offer it to them. Adriane Pope
And this is where it all happens. Mr Logan! Come on out. This is Logan. Logan. Table,
table. Good boy. For the next 24 to 48 hours we… be spending a couple of hours at a time
dying him, getting him ready for the big day. NARRATOR
logan could prove to be a big earner for adriane. NARRATOR
when previous winner flash scooped the cover of groomer to groomer as yoda, his owner saw
profits from her salons jump by nearly 50 percent. Adriane Pope
This is my dream. I deserve to be on Groomer to Groomer. It’s time for you to move on
girl. It’s time for me to shine. NARRATOR
but logan is not just a potential money spinner for adriane, he is also her artistic muse. Adriane Pope
Creative grooming. I reckon you could compare this to somebody that sculpts art work out
of concrete or wood. We’re just using dog hair. Adriane Pope
From the first time I saw it I fell in love with it. Adriane Pope
Marilyn Monroe, Poodles are a girl’s best friend. Adriane Pope
A tribute to Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter. Darrell Pope
Jungle love and… I guess that one was probably my favourite one. Adriane Pope
There was Picasso who used a… a white blank piece of paper. I use a white… dog, and
this is my canvas. NARRATOR
logan is just one of the elite american dogs competing this year at hershey, and only one
poodle can win. NARRATOR
At first it was just a little designing, carving in of the coat. The products were not available
that we have now. Kathy Rose – Judge
They didn’t even have shampoo for Pets back then. And they used carpet shampoo. And then
all of a sudden we started seeing things just take off. NARRATOR
in the late 1990’s, one woman transformed the face of creative grooming, dawn omboy.
universally known as the queen of color. Kathy Rose – Judge
Dawn was amazing, she did some great great colouring. Dawn Omboy
Every time I’d come to a show, my dogs were just so full of colour, such deep rich intense
colour. And you know back in those days it was really hard to get that on a dog. NARRATOR
dawn’s pioneering use of eye popping colour soon caught on. sales of specialist poodle
dies have quadrupled in the last four years. now a competitor typically spends $600 on
dyes alone, for each creative DESIGN. NARRATOR
then in 2009, champion groomer lori craig unveiled a truly revolutionary design. Kathy Rose – Judge
This dog was a lion. He was a lion in every sense, other than his sweet gentle personality,
and it just wowed everybody. And then animal creation became very popular. A pony, or a
dragon. Dawn Omboy
Creative has just evolved and it’s amazing where it’s gone. NARRATOR
now a competitor at hershey must not only transform their poodle, they must also devise
a performance that captures the creative spirit of their design. NARRATOR
but the pressure of grooming and performing is intense. Teri DiMarino – Judge
Oh my gosh it’s like a can of gasoline and a match. NARRATOR
and the judges can be merciless. Teri DiMarino – Judge
Nitpick and nitpick and find the crap and find the shit that’s going on on the dog. Kathy Rose – Judge
Every time I’ve judged her it’s like… Oh please… NARRATOR
this is where dreams are made. and broken. NARRATOR
if DOBby is to become the first non american poodle to win at hershey, owner su has a mountain
to climb. Su Eld-Weaver
Dobby’s design this year, it’s called Memoirs of a Geisha. NARRATOR
a creative masterpiece takes months to craft. so su must spend the next week colouring and
rough cutting her design on DOBBY. Su Eld-Weaver
There’s quite a lot involved. Each bit has it’s own complications. Su Eld-Weaver
The faces on the girls. The stalk… so I’m going for one stalk, and then the geisha is
going to fit here. And I’ve got to get fin shapes, I’ve got to get body shapes. I’ve
got to get curves of eyes and extra fins, and it’s all got to come off of a very limited
palette. NARRATOR
but she has a balancing act to perform. the judges insist on seeing a dramatic transformation
on a dog DURING the competition itself. Su Eld-Weaver
The judges are looking for how much you actually cut on the day, what shaping you do. They’re
looking for your scissoring finish. Techniques you’ve used. If I pull the design off to
the skill level that I want… I’m in the running. If I mess it up in any way… it’s
the same with anything. If you mess it up then you go home. NARRATOR
but the competitors are only given two hours to do this. if su over does DOBBY’S pre
groom she will LOSE points and could even be disqualified. Su Eld-Weaver
It’s going to look quite funny to people who don’t know what I’m doing. NARRATOR
but it’s not just su who faces the challenge of her life. this is the top dog that DOBBY
has to beat. NARRATOR
paisley is reigning champion at hershey. Cindy Oliver
She’s a clown. Very loveable and affectionate. Like whenever we go out, I mean, she gets
a swarm. There’s a circle around her with all the people petting her and loving on her. NARRATOR
paisley enjoys all of the advantages in life that su dreams of for DOBBY. Cindy Oliver
What do I do with my trophies? I’ll show you. The biggest one right there is from Hershey,
last year, 2012. So… NARRATOR
paisley’s owner cindy OLIVER took extreme measures to win by adding highly CONTROVERSIAL
embellishments to paisley’s PINOCCHIO design. Cindy Oliver
And this is the phases of Pinocchio’s nose growing after he lies. Right here’s where
it’s short, the tail was where his nose started to grow. Cindy Oliver
It was the show stopper with… Oh my gosh, look at that. Judge
He’s got a mouth back there I see too. Cindy Oliver
Because his eyes I had them looking down, like staring at his nose. And of course if
you raise the tail… her hole is the mouth where it’s going like that, so… Cindy Oliver
He does have on lipstick. Cindy Oliver
Whenever I had to blow pen around the mouth… yeah she didn’t like that too… well she’d
be jumping and moving and everything, but… she… we got it done. We got it done. Judge
First place… Cindy Oliver canine Carver. Cindy Oliver
I was ecstatic. I just could not believe… I mean it took weeks before the shock wore
off. I mean it was just like oh my goodness I won the biggest creative competition. NARRATOR
it’s two days before the COMPETITION. su and DOBby are ABOUT to depart from heathrow
having laboured throughout the night on the dye work for DOBBY’S design. Su Eld-Weaver
So I was… getting a little anxious when I was doing the colour work. And I was like,
no it’s just going to work, it’s going to work. And it finally came together in the
last two sessions of colouring. Ok I’m good. But there’s a lot of work to do. Su Eld-Weaver
There are other grooming competitions in the States but… Hershey is the best. If I can
win it, it would really mark a turning for me. Because it’s… to make it over there…
is just proving that I do genuinely have the ability. I can be good enough to be an American
citizen. And in this country I can say I’ve gone up against some of the best in the world.
And I’ve proved myself against them. NARRATOR
while su and DOBBY still have a gruelling journey in front of them. elite american groomer,
adriane is putting the finishing touches to her presentation. NARRATOR
adriane has asked her FAMILY to help critique her PERFORMANCE. Adriane Pope
Gucci, here. Come on. Adriane Pope
What I thought was, gosh everybody can relate to Walt Disney. Adriane Pope
Hey everybody. Adriane Pope
Everybody knows Mickey Mouse. Adriane Pope
This right here is the biggest show of the year, and I just want to have the best presentation… Darrell Pope
And you’re going to win. Adriane Pope
I want to win. I’m going to win. Adriane Pope
When you wish upon a paw, makes no difference who you are. Hershey is the place to be, this
is where dreams do come true. (clapping). Adriane Pope
Ok, now I have an announcement to make. As everybody knows, my husband is going with
me to Hershey this year. And he is going to be dressed, hopefully, in the Mickey Mouse
costume. (cheering). Please. Adriane Pope
Please Darrell. I rented the costume and everything. Nobody will know it’s you because it’s
the big head. (laugh). Adriane’s daughter
Daddy, you have to twerk. Darrell Pope
Be Mickey Twerking. I’ll make Miley Cyrus look pitiful. Adriane’s daughter
I’ll do it if dad does it. Family friend
If you’ll do that, she’ll win. Adriane Pope
He just twerked. Adriane Pope
Thank you Darrell. NARRATOR
su and DOBBY’S rivals are packed and heading for hershey. NARRATOR
after an exhausting journey su and DOBBY finally touch down in hershey, just 24 hours before
the competition begins. Su Eld-Weaver
I am a little bit excited. I even had butterflies when we were taking off and I haven’t had
butterflies in my stomach on takeoff since I was a kid. Su Eld-Weaver
I was born and raised til I was 10 in Zimbabwe. Su Eld-Weaver
Growing up in Africa gave me a very different outlook on life. And I’ve been to the States
a few times, and since being a child, it was the first time I could actually feel my shoulders
drop, and my guard dropped. And it was just… this is where I belong. Su Eld-Weaver
We made it. We’re here. It’s all good. Radio commentator
Wink 104 your ten in a row station playing Harrisburg’s best music and Hollywood thanks
for listening. Sharpen your shears, and shake your cans, it’s time for the annual Groom
Expo at the Hershey Lodge and Convention centre. And wait until you see what these groomers
do to these dogs. They’re among the best of the best. Good luck to all those crazy
canines. We salute you. It’ll have you saying hot diggerty dog. Compare
Welcome. This is the 25th Anniversary of Groom Expo, can we make some noise up in here? Groom
Expo. Good morning. NARRATOR
hershey groom expo is the biggest pet grooming show in the world with 5000 visitors expected.
there are over 170 booths selling everything a pet care professional could possible need. Stall seller
$1200, or the show price is $900. Dog Owner
Take a look at this. A beautiful pawdi-cure. Stall seller
Always run cleaner through your airbrush when you’re done. NARRATOR
competitions and MASTER CLASSES are held THROUGHOUT the four day event. but the most popular attraction
by far is tomorrows extreme creative competition. Ren Netherland
The energy here at this show to me is amazing. I have no idea what’s going to happen. I
mean if there’s a poodle, I know what a poodle looks like, but when a poodle here…
is at a show like this with creative, it ain’t a poodle anymore. It can be anything. Lions.
Camels. I’ve seen buffalo. They’re running out of animals. (laugh). NARRATOR
su checks a jet lagged DOBBY in to the high security poodle holding facility. Randy – Security
President doesn’t have any tighter security than what we have here. We have numerous security
officers all over the place, some that you don’t even see. So, nobody is getting by us
to get to these dogs. Cindy’s Team (singing)
Carving, scissoring, semi and permanent dyes to see, blow pens, airbrush… Carving, Scissoring semi and permanent dyes to see blow pens, airbrush NARRATOR
while DOBBY is IMPOUNDED, top dog paisley arrives at a luxury hotel suite… NARRATOR
…serenaded by a singing troop of supporters. Interviewer
How many dogs do you have in here? Cindy Oliver
Over the number. Eight. Interviewer
You guys been getting much sleep? Cindy Oliver
Oh you… you can’t even tell they’re here. Cindy Oliver
You shake? Good girl. Good girl. High five. Yeah, high five! Yeah, we’re going to try
do good this week. Ain’t we. NARRATOR
all of the big league players have now arrived. but with less than a day to go the only male
competitor has still not left home. Kevin Knippenberg
Where are we going Dahni? NARRATOR
unlike the other COMPETITORS, whose poodles are thoroughbred pedigrees, kevin knippenberg’s
dogs have all been rescued from abusive homes. Kevin Knippenberg
That’s where my passion lays, is in rescuing. Don’t shop, adopt. That’s my saying. This
is Dahni. She’s three years old. And she came from a rescue, and once I cleaned her
up then I realised that I was given a gift. I say who rescued who sometimes. Kevin Knippenberg
I have unconditional, loyalty, love, happiness, and friend. And that’s basically everything
that a dog means to me. Of course there’s probably a few other ones I didn’t put up. Kevin Knippenberg
She’s a companion yeah. She’s not a dog. I shouldn’t call her a dog. Because she
is a companion. Aren’t you? Hm? Yeah. NARRATOR
kevin and dahni made their debut at hershey last year with their ice ice baby design. Kevin Knippenberg (archive)
It’s the first time I’ve ever entered a creative grooming contest. Audience (archive)
Well good for you. Hey! Kevin Knippenberg
This brings a poodle, unicorn, poodle-corn. NARRATOR
this year, kevin plans to riff on the theme weird science. Valerie Knippenberg
When he first said what he was going to do, I just kind of shook my head, like what kind
of weird science is that? Kevin Knippenberg
I wanted something different. I want to get it way out there. I want to make people think.
Dahni is going into space for Hershey. So my feet are going to be purple, and they’re
going to be moon boots. Someone’s sending an experiment into space and when they got
up there they got into an asteroid field, and they wrecked into an asteroid. And when
they did, well you never know what you’re going to get back. Kevin Knippenberg
I’m creative. I’m not afraid to step outside the box. If you put a box and tell me not
to step out of it, I will step out of it. NARRATOR
unlike the professional business women he’s up against, kevin wants to use the attention
of hershey to raise awareness of animal abuse. Valerie Knippenberg
He’d say we’ve got another animal. There’d be another dog or a bird or a pig… Kevin Knippenberg
A monkey. Valerie Knippenberg
But rescuing I mean that’s… Kevin Knippenberg
We had a monkey for a while. NARRATOR
but kevin is the least of su’s worries. back in hershey she runs into her BIGGEST
challenge yet. Contestant
It’s a full contact sport, let’s see if she can stay on the stage. NARRATOR
as the lone British competitor at hershey, su eld-weaver begins to assess the competition.
she makes an alarming discovery. two veteran groomers, angela kumpe and lori craig have
decided to team up with a joint presentation, it’s a tactic they’ve used before. Angela Kumpe
Lori and I are going to go in with a presentation together to try to get the cover. It’d be
neat to get one with the two of us since we’re really close friends. So we’re going to
try that. Lori Craig
Do I want to win? Yeah! I want to win. Personally I want to be the one to carry home the big
trophy. Angela Kumpe
If we get the cover, I’m not splitting the money with her though. Compare
Angela Kumpe. NARRATOR
between them angela and lori have over 90 trophies, and six covers of groomer to groomer.
more than anyone else in history. Angela Kumpe
People say they don’t care to be on the cover. They either are not really into their industry,
or they’re lying. Yeah. (laugh). And I’ve had four. NARRATOR
su now faces a united front of the two most SUCCESSFUL groomers in america. Su Eld-Weaver
Hello. Angela Kumpe
Here’s Su. Su Eld-Weaver
How you doing? Angela Kumpe
Just got here? Su Eld-Weaver
Both of them are passionate about creative industry. Su Eld-Weaver
Angela, she just keeps on coming up with new innovations and stuff, she is definitely still
at the top of her game. Angela Kumpe
So the undercoat is what’s dyed, so when you shave the top coat back off it’s like
magic, just like bam, it’s there again. Su Eld-Weaver
Angela wants people to learn, but she wants them to learn the Kumpe way. It’s all about
being Kumpe’s protégés. Attendee
That’s fabulous. Congratulations. Yay. That’s Angela Kumpe
Brand new book. it’s great Su Eld-Weaver
Making sure she leaves her mark in the history of creative. Angela Kumpe
The first 25 sold tomorrow are going to be hand numbered. Attendee
I want number one. And how much are they? NARRATOR
thousands of miles away from family and friends… Su Eld-Weaver
Good girl. NARRATOR
and with such determined opponents, su will need all the self confidence she can muster. Su Eld-Weaver
Believe it or not, I’m not a very confident person. Interviewer
I wouldn’t have guessed that. Su Eld-Weaver
No. I have internal battles, all the time. I didn’t have the strongest relationship
with my father, I was always trying to live up a character who… would never be happy
with whatever I did. So… it’s… if you’re told often enough that you’re not good enough,
you believe it. But there has always been that side of me that will dare to do it, and
there’s another side of me that’s going… but it won’t work. You’re not good enough. NARRATOR
it’s the night before the COMPETITION, and the groomers unwind with chocolate martinis
at the annual MASQUERADE ball. NARRATOR
it’s the social event of the year and everyone is having a good time. NARRATOR
the party is over, but sleep is not an option for jet lagged su and DOBBY. Su Eld-Weaver
It, it’s coming. I think I’ve got what I wanted done. I’m on target, I hope. Angela Kumpe
Yeah, it’s midnight, we’re going to be here a couple of hours and then we’re going
to have to get up early in the morning. Most of us don’t have our costumes or our props
completely done. NARRATOR
if su is to challenge the elite groomers, she will need DOBBY’S coat looking flawless. Angela Kumpe
This last wash is very important because if the dog is not good and clean and fluffed
out really good, you don’t have a chance. There’s going to be some really strong competitors
on stage. A good prep job is ultimately what makes the hair cut. If you don’t have a good
prep job then… you’re not going to do a very good job on the dog. Su Eld-Weaver
I’m not looking to make it really really dark, I just want to make sure it’s a bit
more vibrant than this particular piece was. NARRATOR
but there’s one thing even more terrifying they will have to face. Lori Craig
We’re going up against a panel of judges. Angela Kumpe
If your judges don’t know what you’re doing or… don’t like what you’re doing then I
think it can affect you. And as soon as Su leaves, I’m going to shave her dog. NARRATOR
su is now realising how fierce the competition is going to be. NARRATOR
there are two prizes at stake at hershey. firstly the people’s choice award, which
is decided by an audience clap off. Kathy Rose – Judge
And applaus’o’meter only. Muppet Show. (clapping) NARRATOR
but the trophy that everyone wants, and the one su has set her heart on, is the judges
award. Kathy Rose – Judge
First place, Cindy Oliver, Canine carver. NARRATOR
and to win that, three formidable women stand in su and DOBBY’S path. NARRATOR
teri dimarino is the caustic simon cowell of hershey. Teri DiMarino – Judge
We see these dogs, and we have opportunities as judges to go over and nitpick and nitpick
and find the crap, and find the shit that’s going on on the dog. NARRATOR
kathy rose is an unbending stickler for the rules of extreme creative. Kathy Rose – Judge
They’ve got to come up and talk about their colour, and their design, and I look right
at them and say I don’t give a crap. NARRATOR
but the JUDGE the competitors most want to impress is dawn omboy, the queen of color. Dawn Omboy
But I look for faults. The competitors are so good now, to pick a winner it comes down
to who has the most faults or the least faults. I want to see a big change from when you walk
in the ring until the time you finish the dog. The more hair on the floor the better.
And when you first look at the dog you have to get it. NARRATOR
the assessment OF THESE three JUDGES can make or break a groomer’s career. NARRATOR
and their relentless scrutiny begins the moment a dog arrives at hershey. Teri DiMarino – Judge
We have seen it time and time and time again. Kathy Rose – Judge
She’s gone backwards. Her scissor work, her finish work is not acceptable grooming. Dawn Omboy
A lot of that is in the prep work, she’s coming in with the dog’s coat not properly
set up. Teri DiMarino – Judge
Her theory is think outside the poodle. Kathy Rose – Judge
Every time I’ve judged her, it’s like… ooh please. (laugh). NARRATOR
it’s the morning of the competition. NARRATOR
with just four hours to go competitors now need to get mentally prepared for poodle WARFARE. Ren Netherland
It all happens on this day. Cindy Oliver
Once it starts, I mean you just… your game is on. I mean you focus completely on your
dog. Adriane Pope
Can I get these loosened just a little bit. They’re a little tight. Definitely too tight.
These are my favourites. So these have to be perfect. Angela Kumpe
Oh I’m not ready to step aside and let anybody take my spot yet. NARRATOR
one hour to go and all the big players are well into their pre groom. NARRATOR
but kevin knippenberg, and rescue dog dahni are only just arriving. Kevin Knippenberg
Here’s Dahni now. Adriane Pope Hey Kevin. Kevin Knippenberg
How you doing? Adriane Pope
Good how are you? Kevin Knippenberg
You all getting ready? Adriane Pope
I’m getting ready it’s that time isn’t it? Kevin Knippenberg
Yes it is. Adriane Pope
Alright, it’s crunch time. Kevin Knippenberg
Time to get working. Adriane Pope
Good luck. Kevin Knippenberg
Yeah good luck to you too. Adriane Pope
Oh Sorry. Valerie Knippenberg
The last few days have been very very hectic, not a lot of sleep. He worked through the
night, night before last, just trying to get one of the colours from not running. Not sleeping,
and very very anxious and nervous. Kevin Knippenberg
There’s definitely some stiff competition here that’s for sure. A lot of competition.
Yep. Su Eld-Weaver
She’s wound up about something. Probably because I am. I feel sick. There is so much
pressure today. Compare
I feel a countdown coming. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Good morning, come on now. NARRATOR
competitors lead their dogs to the stage. NARRATOR
kevin is about to discover whether some over zealous SCISSOR WORK will lead to dahni’s
You are going to re-shave that entire shaved area. Kevin Knippenberg
Yeah. Plus I got a lot to clean up. Dawn Omboy
Just got to ask you a question. What were you thinking? Kevin Knippenberg
I don’t know. Just out of time. It’s nerves, I guess, you know. Dawn Omboy
Oh wow. He’s got his work cut out for him. NARRATOR
su is unhappy with the table position she and DOBby have been assigned. all the big
players have been placed centre stage, she is at the far end next to kevin knippenberg. Dawn Omboy
Split you guys all up. Su Eld-Weaver
They’re all together. You put the foreigner on the ends. Dawn Omboy
It’s because you’re special. NARRATOR
the JUDGES insist on a DRAMATIC transformation. NARRATOR
so they carefully scrutinise the poodle both before and after the COMPETITION. Kathy Rose – Judge
This is Logan. Adriane Pope
Yes, yes ma’am it is. Kathy Rose – Judge
You know they can set somewhat of a pattern. The major part of the scissoring and clipping
has to take place in the ring. NARRATOR
dawn omboy’s legendary eye for colour has spotted some dye bleeding on DOBby’S fur
and is about to mark su down. Su Eld-Weaver
I’ve got two tone here, it’s done on purpose. And that is done on purpose. Kathy Rose – Judge
Oh ok. Su Eld-Weaver
And that is done on purpose. Dawn Omboy
You know that’s the first place I looked. Su Eld-Weaver
Yeah. Dawn Omboy
Yeah. Kathy Rose – Judge
So, you know, that’s good you explained that. Now that we know what you’re doing. Kathy Rose – Judge
The Poodle tournament can now begin. Kathy Rose – Judge
Three, two, one. (cheering) NARRATOR
this is the moment where su’s memoirs of a geisha design has to come together. she
has just two hours to bring her CREATION to life. NARRATOR
every snip is crucial. even the smallest mistake can change the course of a design. Teri DiMarino – Judge
I still take a little bit more of a hard nose attitude. It’s still a grooming contest.
There’s more to it than just putting colour on a dog and a couple of decorations. I want
to see a well groomed dog. I want to see a well prepared dog. Kathy Rose – Judge
We’re not only looking at the wow factor, but we’re also looking for the grooming.
We need to see the precision, the fine lines. The colour application. Teri DiMarino – Judge
Let me see good scissor work. If you’re going to cut in a line, or pattern on the
dog, if better be spot on. Dawn Omboy
I judge kind of differently than the other judges do because I’ve been there, done
that. But I look for faults. Colour bleeding. You know this colour has crossed over into
that space where it’s not supposed to be. NARRATOR
it’s half way through. with only an hour left, DOBby’S geisha design has yet to materialise. Teri DiMarino – Judge
You catch the girl on the end. Watch her hands. She is shaking. She’s a nervous wreck. I
just… take a cleansing breath and relax. Teri DiMarino – Judge
She’s got a lot of work to do. NARRATOR
meanwhile the combined juggernaut of veteran champions angela kumpe and lori craig is steaming
ahead. Teri DiMarino – Judge
They are prepared. Those dogs, they’re so clean you can eat off of them. Kathy Rose – Judge
Is it fair yet? It’s fair. Teri and I used to compete together side by side, against
each other. We were sharing our equipment, we shared dogs, we… Participant
What about men? Dawn Omboy
She took it right out of my head. Teri DiMarino – Judge
I don’t like her choices, she doesn’t like mine. NARRATOR
top dog paisley, DOBby’S principal rival is DISPLAYING on the table as faultlessly
as ever. Teri DiMarino – Judge
Just watch her. Immediately, she went to carving in her pattern. And she’s getting her under
pattern done very very nicely. NARRATOR
the pressure is beginning to tell on the competitors. but their designs are now taking shape. Su Eld-Weaver
It’s coming. I’m relaxing. Kathy Rose – Judge
Look at the hair on the floor on this one. Dawn Omboy
Really has major scissoring that she’s done on the stage. Kathy Rose – Judge
Yeah, she’s… she’s done a huge huge change on that. Dawn Omboy
She’s got a nice… I walked around and looked at the other side of that dog, and
the other side is done, it looks good. It’s an exciting groom. NARRATOR
five minutes to go and su still has INTRICATE blow pen work to do. Teri Di Marino – Judge
Not to be perceived as pressure but you have one minute remaining groomers. One minute
remaining. Teri Di Marino – Judge
Contestants. Scissors down. (cheering) NARRATOR
the contestants have executed some of the most cutting edge grooms hershey has ever
seen. su and DOBby have given it everything, but WILL it be enough to make DOBby top dog. NARRATOR
winning at hershey means everything to a groomer. NARRATOR
before the final judging, the competitors still have one last chance to score bonus
points by complimenting their design with performances. Kevin Knippenberg
Oh ah. No, no. Don’t scratch your googly goggle off. NARRATOR
adriane receives a last minute boost from her husband darrell. NARRATOR
the PRESENTATIONS commence with raining champion, paisley and owner cindy oliver. Cindy Oliver
(singing) NARRATOR
angela kumpe and lori craig perform a joint skit inspired by batman and robin. Lori Craig
Oh, what’s this? Groom Expo? Superior scissor skills, and extraordinary hair dye. Best you
can’t guess who wrote that part? Angela Kumpe
Pow. Lori Craig
Oh. Wrong way! (laugh) Angela Kumpe
You’re never going to take the prize money from me Joker. You’re not good enough. Cat Opson
Homer is dad. He’s goofy and lazy. And he’s inspector of safety at the Nuclear plant.
Crazy! Children stop crying, they’re faces light up, so to those who think it’s ugly,
I say shut up. (clapping) NARRATOR
the top american players have all gone for crowd pleasing populist themes, but su has
gambled on a radical creative design based on a work of literary fiction. Su Eld-Weaver
The art in Japan, we have flowing water a lot, so I’ve done the cliff and the waterfall.
This side has the night time geisha where she’s ready to go out for her relations.
She also has a bonsai tree for a tail. Teri DiMarino – Judge
And do you have another presentation, or… does your art speak for itself? Su Eld-Weaver
I like to let the art speak for itself. Teri DiMarino – Judge
Congratulations Su. Good luck with your… Nice round of applause (clapping) for Memoirs
of a Geisha. NARRATOR
su has taken a risky decision, choosing not to make a PRESENTATION. instead she’s put
everything into impressing the judges with her artistic flare. all eyes turn to kevin
and dahni. will their weird science project make more impact that last years ice ice baby. Teri DiMarino – Judge
Kevin Knippenberg. What have we got going on here? Weird science? Kevin Knippenberg
Yes. Yes I do. Teri DiMarino – Judge
Tell us a little bit about what inspired you for this design? Kevin Knippenberg
Well this is a rooster in the front, it got sent into space with a poodle. And it came
back as a cocka-poo. (laugh). Teri DiMarino – Judge
What was I thinking when I was watching you? That is probably the last thing I expected
to hear from you. Adriane Pope
Thanks for coming down. And to decide the creative crown. And without further ado here’s
Mickey and Minnie, we’re going to twerk for you. Adriane Pope
Thank you very much. NARRATOR
was husband darrell’s last minute APPEARANCE the game changer that adriane was hoping for?
Before THE JUDGES decide on the number one creative groomer, the audience choose their
favourite design. Teri DiMarino – Judge
Listen up very carefully, applause only. Alright we have Memoirs of a Geisha. (clapping) Teri DiMarino – Judge
The Simpsons. (clapping) The Barber Shop. (clapping) As a team entry, People’s Choice,
together Batman and The Joker (clapping). When You Wish Upon A Paw (cheering). Who Are
You? (clapping) Teri DiMarino – Judge
When You Wish Upon a Paw. When You Wish Upon A Paw wins our People’s Choice Award. Adriane Pope
Oh my god! NARRATOR
thanks in part to husband darrell’s intervention, adriane and logan scoop people’s choice. Adriane Pope
Words cannot describe what happened. I’m excited. NARRATOR
now it’s time for the judges to decide who they will crown winner of the coveted creative
styling award. NARRATOR
will DOBBY’S challenging japanese theme design prove a step too far for the all american
panel of teri dimarino, Kathy Rose and Dawn Omboy. Teri DiMarino – Judge Oh my. Look at what she started with.
Teri DiMarino – Judge I mean the dog has cleavage. Kathy Rose – Judge
And her dimension is great, but she doesn’t really have to groom the rest of the dog. Teri DiMarino – Judge
So there she has not made a difference in the coat. Dawn Omboy
The coat is really really rough. Teri DiMarino – Judge
Wow. Ok. Teri DiMarino – Judge
That’s not grooming technical, but it’s creative. Kathy Rose – Judge
It’s creative technical. It looks almost exactly the same. Kathy Rose – Judge
Who’s for her? NARRATOR
the judges have come to a decision. Kathy Rose – Judge
That was a beautifully done creative. Teri DiMarino – Judge
But look, look… Kathy Rose – Judge
That’s my winner, in the last ten minutes she pulls it off. Teri DiMarino – Judge
Absolutely. NARRATOR
RESULTS are announced in reverse order. Teri DiMarino – Judge
Our third place winner here is… Jean Honsinger with The Caterpillar Dog, Who Are You? (clapping). Teri DiMarino – Judge
Second place winner goes to… Cat Opson with Bark Simpson. (clapping) Teri DiMarino – Judge
Last, but certainly not least, the first place winner here at Groom Expo 2013 … NARRATOR
all of the top poodles are still in contention. Teri DiMarino – Judge
Judges, our winner is… Teri DiMarino – Judge
She’s being guided by Judy. Su Eld-Weaver (clapping) with Memoir of a Geisha. NARRATOR
the champions of hershey groom expo are su and DOBBY. Su Eld-Weaver
I can’t believe it. I did a mistake and when we all finished I looked down the line
and judged myself harder. I never never expected to win. But… Thank you. NARRATOR
Su’s dream of building a new life in america as one of the world’s top groomer’s could
now finally become a reality. Adriane Pope
I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it. I’m stunned. Can you believe it Logan?
It’s crazy. (laugh). Ren Netherland
You’re going to need another plane to take this home. Su Eld-Weaver
Being able to accept yourself, and trust yourself and believe in yourself… and that’s the…
bit I think I’m finally getting to do. Su Eld-Weaver
People think I am just a dreamer, but I’ve worked really hard to make these dreams happen. Dawn Omboy
This for me, and for the other judges as well was an extremely exciting groom to watch it
develop. Teri DiMarino – Judge
Gave us something different, gave us something thrilling, gave us something with dimension. Dawn Omboy
When we walked away we had chills on our body. Wonderful job. Cindy Oliver
Good job girl. Whoo hoo. Su Eld-Weaver
I’ve gone up against some of the best in the world. Lori Craig
So proud of you. Su Eld-Weaver
And I’ve proved myself against them. NARRATOR
and DOBBY has changed the course of creative grooming HISTORY, as the first non american
poodle ever to be crowned top dog at hershey. Su Eld-Weaver
And you did fabulous. You are the best dog in the world.

This little rebel!!

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The rain scared my dog last night that I actually fixed him a little bed in my room. When I woke up to check on him he was curled up in a ball with one of his homies #dogs #Rain #CorpusChristi

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