Dog Can’t Escape From The Drain | Animal in Crisis EP12

Dog Can’t Escape From The Drain | Animal in Crisis EP12

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A drain located on a road Apparently suspicious sounds are heard every night Witness: It’s been 20 days. When I went, I saw it jumping from a big hole to a smaller hole Opening the steel cover And checking the inside of the drain PD: There is a hole below The drain is full of dirty water What sound did they hear… PD: There’s nothing I can’t see anything A suspicious hole is inside the drain Witness: The sound was really loud 10 days ago It was whining like as if someone was abusing it I’m certain there’s a dog here But I can’t hear it anymore so I don’t know if it died It’s the sound from a dog! It’s been 20 days since sounds were heard There is nothing to eat inside the drain Is it alive? We decided to leave some food and keep an eye out It’s dark inside Something appeared! A Shih Tzu has appeared from the dark She’s starting to eat But she’s so skinny How much did she starve? She comes out carefully and drinks up the dirty water to relieve her thirst PD: She’s here The Shih Tzu hides after sensing people PD: She’s there PD: Come here She only looks from afar Witness: But the dog can’t go in on purpose I felt like a bad person abandoned the dog Did someone open the 30kg lid to abandon a dog inside a drain? It has started to rain and the rescue must happen quickly In order to figure out the location of the Shih Tzu we insert an endoscope camera The Shih Tzu is curled up Vet: It looks like the cornea has burst and as the eye boogers built up keratoconjunctivitis has developed The dog that was curled up Starts to follow The light of the endoscope camera Endoscope company: It looks like she saw the light and started to move towards the outside It seems like she was glad to see light from the dark drain Animal Rescue Team: She’s following the endoscope Endoscope company: She’s almost out Preparing for the rescue and lure her with food The dog is timid Can she come out of the hole? Seems like she has no courage And hesitates in front of the entrance Let’s give her more food She’s eating! She has to come outside She’s drawn by the smell of food We check if she’s out and successfully rescue her by blocking the escape route! Vet: Okay, it’s a success The Shih Tzu sees the light after 20 days in the dark basement I’m sad, she cried so much The dog was in a dirty drain Is she healthy? We rush to a hospital The food she ate during the rescue was not the only thing she ate Do you see the solid white things? They are rocks. Being this skinny and 3 weeks.. Overall, she can’t withstand it for a long time She is skinny to the point you can hold her waist in one hand The condition of the eyes are the worst Vet: It has spread to the inside. It’s a severe ulcer. She might’ve lost sight if we were a few days late How scared and painful must’ve it been Vet: She still has baby teeth The oldest she would be is 4 years old She’s a 2-3 year old dog The most surprising fact is! It hasn’t been long since she was last groomed it seems like she was groomed a month ago PD: Are you sure she has an owner? Vet: I’m sure Evidence that the owner took care of her How did she end up in a drain? Animal Rescue Team: This is near the road and the center of residential area So people frequent here But it’s an exaggeration to think that someone Opened the lid to put in a dog There’s a path till the waterway There’s a ditch on opposite sides of the drain Animal Rescue Team: There is a hole here PD: Where? Animal Rescue Team: Near the ditch The Shih Tzu used to live in the drain that connects to opposite sides and to a drainpipe where the water flows Animal Rescue Team: There is a big possibility. She might’ve walked along the drain and was lured by the smell of the drain, came here and fell in It’s small enough for a Shih Tzu to fit in Animal Rescue Team: She might’ve hidden somewhere where there are no people due to uneasiness and wariness So she went inside on her own She followed the smell.. and lost track of her owner She could’ve gotten lost by being carried away by the pungent smell of the drain and falling into the drain Animal Rescue Team: The front is the road and the back is a residential area The area of activity happens around the area you live in so there is a possibility that the owner is around here We decided to look for the owner Have you seen someone looking for a dog? No. I haven’t seen someone looking for a dog. PD: Hello, we’re the SBS TV Animal Farm team Someone was looking for a Shih Tzu Someone was looking for the Shih Tzu? Does the CCTV have a recording of that day? 2 weeks ago 8am
Convenience store CCTV video It’s this woman I think she was crying because she lost a shaved Shih Tzu It’s that person and that moment is when I was writing down the contact number The girl left a contact number Is she the owner of the Shih Tzu? The line is connecting Is this the person who called just now? Yes The house is 3000m away from the place the Shih Tzu was rescued There are photos I took in the past This is ‘Ppoya’ This was when she had long hair and before I shaved her I have a photo of her after the shave The Shih Tzu on the left Is the dog ‘Ppoya’ they lost Are they the right owners? The family that lost Ppoya has been eagerly looking for her Since her older sister is leaving she just follows behind Ppoya followed the youngest daughter Is Ppoya the Shih Tzu that got rescued? Vet: First off, the right side of the face is kind of dark The pattern, size are almost identical The body patterns are identical to Ppoya The family comes in after the news The youngest daughter is the girl in the CCTV Owner: I didn’t think we’d be able to find her I thought we could find her by chance so I went around asking people The youngest daughter was feeling guilty After losing Ppoya She kept looking for Ppoya Her eager wait to find Ppoya Will they recognize each other? Owner: Ppoya Ppoya It’s mom Ppoya stands up As soon as she hears the owner’s voice She cries with a sad voice The Shih Tzu runs out as soon as the door opens And goes in the embrace of the owner Owner: I’m sorry Oh dear, what is all of this PD: Is it Ppoya? Owner: It is, what is all of this An unintended goodbye They must’ve missed each other so much Vet: It seems like Ppoya received a lot of love She is reacting fiercely Sorry for not being able to find her earlier Tears keep flowing Owner: I won’t let go of you or do this again. I’m so sorry Time to feel each others warmth The family miraculously meet again We meet Ppoya’s family a few days later Ppoya looks healthier and happier Owner: Thanks to your help, Ppoya is in a better condition Thank you so much There is nothing to be worried about except for slight rashes A nutritious meal is prepared for Ppoya that lost a lot of weigh Ppoya eats well Owner: From now on, we’ll live by cherishing and loving each other

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