Dog Care Tips : How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Dog Care Tips : How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

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Let’s talk about how to brush your dog’s teeth.
The first thing to know about brushing dogs teeth is make sure that they will allow you
to do so. Some dogs don’t. If they’re wanting to bite, or growling at you, and don’t want
you to stick your finger in their mouth, and just avoid it, but dogs who appreciate it
or will let you do it, it’s a great thing ’cause dental health is of utmost important,
importance, especially as they get older. The first thing you do basically, is get a
tooth brush kit for your dog. They make different flavored toothpaste like poultry and beef
flavor toothpaste. So it’s flavor, they don’t you know, mind it so bad. They also make tooth
brushes or finger brushes which work really well, and so you put a little water, a little
bit of that tooth paste on that finger brush and the way you go about brushing teeth is
gently open that mouth and you’re going to gently, I know, it it isn’t great, is it?
So you’re going to gently start to rub on those teeth, you know, work on the canines
first, then on the incisors, and then move your way back to the molars, the upper and
lower. And just gently do it. You don’t want to see any blood. If you are, you’re doing
to hard, or if they’re whining or something like that. So again, just gentle pressure,
and most dogs will respond to it and it’s great for their, their teeth and their gums.

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9 thoughts on “Dog Care Tips : How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

  • Nikita Raskolnikova Post author

    cute dog ๐Ÿ˜€

  • GnarlyBellyButton Post author

    that's be funny if while you were finger brushing it, it clamped down in your finger ๐Ÿ˜€

  • mrfoltz Post author

    NEVER use those stupid rubber finger brushes, they hurt and the bristles are too hard. You first use your finger, several times until they get used to it in their mouth. Use a "babies" tooth brush [never the ones they supply, they are way too big and make your dog gag]. Then brush the molars back and forth one side and top front and then bottom… give them a 1 second. then the other side, Always praise them/ talk calmly. I brush my dogs teeth past + present every day, and never had a problem.

  • PurdyBear1 Post author

    @bipulmk I was told this by a vet yesterday – dont use human toothpaste because of the flouride in it, so it has to be animal toothpaste.

  • TheHarmonicats Post author

    never use toothpaste for humans. It's too strong for their stomach. Use only pet toothpaste. This "vet" says it's not good to see blood when you brush. Like humans, the dogs gums will be puffy at first from not brushing and will bleed a bit. This is not a bad thing. The gums will tighten up from brushing and massaging the gums. They won't bleed afterwards.

  • Amelia Post author

    @mrfoltz actually, I am sure he knows more about them then you maybe, some knids are bad and some are good.

  • mrfoltz Post author

    @Amelia102938 ACTUALLY… Vets are trained on nutrition and care of dogs by the corporations, they receive hardly any training for that in schools… so "IF" he owns dogs "then" his experience would be valid! I've owned animals all my life… I think experience qualifies me in knowing more than most!

  • stefanos papadopoulos Post author

    @mrfoltz just take a glove that doctors use cut it and voila

  • Shody Larkins Post author

    – Soo cute!

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