Dog Left To Die In The Middle Of An Expressway | Animal in Crisis EP26

Dog Left To Die In The Middle Of An Expressway | Animal in Crisis EP26

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A dog lives in unsafe place… Informant : The dog lives in here
PD_ here?
Informant : Yeah Next to an expressway The dog sits in dangerously PD : Is this place an expressway rest area? Informant : Yes, it is. No households nearby It’s not a place for the dog to live.. Where the dog lives is.. a four-lane expressway rest area for drivers Informant : I first found her on Nov 23rd last year PD : In November last year?
Informant : Yes He named the dog Doldol-ee And gave the dog food every time he passes by Informant : It’s okay, come here, Doldol-ee PD : The dog seems very alert
Informant : Yeah she is. it gets worse PD : Does the dog become more alert than before you first found her? Informant : Yeah she is.. Doldol-ee only sniffs and not comes to the food Gives space for Doldol-ee Doldol-ee walks step by step to the food And satisfy her hunger She’s too busy to look around while eating food PD : How can she eat food properly.. But then She walks weirdly She can’t stand with his left hind leg And one of her eyes is damaged Informant : The dog used to be clean when I first saw her Her hairs were clean and legs were fine PD : See, she looks clever back then 5 months ago, the dog looked fine when she was first discovered But what have happened to the dog during that time now that left scars on her body everywhere? And why is she staying here with unhealthy body? Citizen 1 : The dog always stays in that spot I automatically check if the dog is still here Citizen 2 : Every time I pass by, she keeps the spot Today, I came here to check if she is still there again As a car comes in, She walks to it And stares at a driver who gets on the car Where Doldol-ee heads to is Again, a car’s driver seat Looks like she’s checking something.. But then PD : Oh no, what’s happening! Informant : Doldol-ee, come back and let’s eat Street Cleaner : The dog stays still when car comes in and chases after it when it goes down the way Citizen 2 : I guess the dog is looking for his owner Informant : Think she waits for something. That’s why she can’t leave The reason why the dog doesn’t leave the way over the 5 months is because the dog still believes that she could meet the longing owner again Why no one’s coming back for her.. An expressway rest area is a place where someone has to visit on purpose Citizen 3 : Don’t think the dog made it to this way on his own Someone should have released her over here Citizen 4 : I think the owner abandoned her How the dog could walks in the expressway Citizen 2 : I think the owner abandoned her in the rest area. Maybe the owner was annoyed to keep the dog Two seasons have passed in the endless wait Production Assistant : There’s a CCTV camera Manager : The camera only keeps the records within 24 hours So the records from the past is not available For now, it’s hard to trace the owner’s whereabouts Dodol-ee, not being aware of this Keeps looking for her owner with her injured leg Informant : The owner is so mean that he/she abandon the dog in an expressway where the car passes by The dog must have purposefully abandoned to die on the street Citizen 5 : So mean. I mean If the owner had released her in the village the dog could live by finding food in somewhere But what else she can do when nothing’s here The rain falls in a spring day.. For the past 5 months All she could do was just waiting, nothing else With concern of the owner not noticing him The dog chases after the car even in the rainy days In the hope that the longing owner comes back After the sun goes down The dog keeps the spot alone in the late night With the help of the Expressway Corporation, we decided to rescue the dog Rescue Manger : Since this place is quite dangerous We will install the capture net in a safe space and wait the the dog comes inside of it Doldol-ee is out She can’t find the entrance when the food is right in front of her Informant : She definitely sniffed the food smell but couldn’t find the direction to the food because her eye is injured After fumbling around, she finally finds the entrance Rescue success Informant : From now on, your name is ‘Bomi'(means spring in Korean) PD : Did you already choose her name? Informant : Yeah, Bomi because I met her in spring Because our relation started from the springtime Vet : The dog’s still young, fortunately She’s about 3-4 year old Under the in-depth examination Vet : Not because of aging process her eyeball might have inflicted by some sharp stimuli when he was younger than now Vet : See, the bone of the toe is exposed, right? Something must have imposed great impact on him in the street I guess she must have hit by a car After the bone is broken, The broken pieces came out through the skin and caused second infection as these pieces came outside The bone is melted down when it’s infected So when bones are melted, it means that the infection has been spreading broadly First off, removal of infected bones has to be done We removed about 20 infected bones and melted bone pieces Vet : Animals are simple Simple and pure Even in such strange or dangerous situation What the dog expects is only one thing The existence of the owner or the reunion with the owner Although the dog’s endless wait for the owner who would never come back marks the end… The dog’s new journey to meet new family begins Informant : Hey, Bomi! Informant : How have you been? Come to daddy! Bomi walks on four feet and the skin is healed The mister who has been caring the dog for 6 months decides to adopt the dog Informant : Let’s go home with daddy As for the current condition, the dog is recovered up to 80% and is able to sustain daily life Informant : It’s your new home~ Informant’s Wife : It’ll take some time for the dog to open his mind because the feelings that dogs and humans go through is the same A dog greeting Bomi with his whole body Informant : He’s Kaeul-ee~ the mood maker! He’s curious about Bomi and wants to play with her so bad Informant : He met the right dog~ they have similar body size~ And Bomi is so pretty too, she’s a beauty~ Informant : As Kaeul-ee chases after Bomi, she can move around If Kaeul-ee wasn’t here she would have crouched down in the same place for 24 hours Bomi looks way more comfortable than before Informant : I think my doggies like Bomi so much~ and take care of her I hope Bomi lives happily ever after with the family ~

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