3 thoughts on “Dog takes family car for drive after being left in running car

  • Harry Balls Post author

    It's a wonder he didn't floor it and drive through a house 😁

  • cikidi harrison Post author

    This is balloon boy white people stuff. it's a lie the dog would have to step on the brake to put the car in gear. The dog wakes up in the middle of the night. house is on fire and rescues everybody including the chew toy white people will run the same story 50 times a year. When something bad is going on in the country the media will run a Hoffa story…out of his grave these are distraction tactics. They will use Michael Jackson or Hoffa rest in peace to both of these guys our media are still employing your families to suffer sad. Women are being snatched in LA but they won't report that. 🤔

  • Regina St. John Post author

    The dog was licensed but was he insured

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