Dogs Bring In Packages Too!

Dogs Bring In Packages Too!

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I want to show everybody how April my German
Shepherd retrieves my packages I think it’s hilarious every time she does this good girl
good girl thank you this is from Project farm April not only retrieves my smaller packages
but also my letters I got a UPS letter thank you good girl as well as the larger
boxes and packages that show up funny thing is she brings them all the way into the garage
where I’m working that’s about it I simply wanted to show people how April retrieves
my packages and of course when she brings me a package I reward her with a pet on the
head or a bone usually all a dog ever wants thanks for watching tell me what you think
in the comments below don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video

5 thoughts on “Dogs Bring In Packages Too!

  • Tim Post author

    nice content dude

  • mute8s Post author

    Shame on you making that poor dog run up those stairs! Well actually I get the feeling she would do it regardless of if you let her or not. 😉 It will be really interesting to see what your latest colab is with project farm unless he was finally sending you back the rotary engine you lent him quite some time ago, plus I think that would probably be in a bigger box.

  • jon smith Post author

    Cool. Most dogs woulda chewed the box to bits.

  • jon smith Post author

    Maybe the dog is expecting a package sometime soon

  • Camper Matt Post author

    That's pretty funny 😂

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