Doja Cat’s Funniest Lyrics | Genius News

Doja Cat’s Funniest Lyrics | Genius News

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DELISA: In the past two years, California
artist Doja Cat has mastered the internet and established herself as the queen of viral
tracks. DOJA CAT: My hits, my songs that go viral, they stick in people’s heads. DELISA: So we tapped the Genius Community
to round up Doja Cat’s funniest bars. Doja often incorporates quick-witted metaphors into her songs and lyrics, like
on “Go To Town,” which is a euphemism for.. Well… you know. DOJA CAT: When I was thinking of shaving your cootie, I was thinking baldness. It’s a messy process, I tried to make it cute. DELISA: And on the Rico Nasty-assisted cut
“Tia Tamera” where she uses the ‘90s sitcom, ‘Sister, Sister’ to dedicate a
track to two assets that are very close to her heart. DOJA CAT: The song Tia Tamera was all based around like, boobs. DELISA: Though the track obviously has a theme,
she also makes sure to shout out her favorite food. DOJA CAT: I eat Lil Ceasar’s and I’m not ashamed to say that. You can say what you want but that’s a fire pizza and it’s affordable. So I don’t care about your bowel movements. I don’t care, I don’t get sick. DELISA: On “Juicy” she takes time to address her sexual preferences and her natural curves. DOJA CAT: I got a lot of bad attention for a couple photos I posted on Instagram. I just got a lot of Saggy! Saggy! Saggy! Saggy! Saggy! Saggy! all over the place but like I don’t give a fuck. DELISA: And who could forget her mega viral-hit that put her on the internet’s radar, “MOOO!”
that was literally all about cows. DOJA CAT: I’ve had intentions of making meme music that would maybe reach a wider audience that would make people go what the hell is this? I should share this. That wasn’t really the idea behind this, I was just fucking around. DELISA: The track immediately made headlines
for its catchy hook but she still found the opportunity to spread some light on an issue
that greatly affects the environment. DOJA CAT: It’s kind of political and shit, ya know? I got a little political with it. Allegedly cows are farting right now and they are ruining the ozone. DELISA: And though she cares about the environment,
she can’t deny a good meal. DOJA CAT: I think people turned vegan because of my video. Like, that’s when veganism really started. I don’t hate vegans. I just don’t give a fuck that you’re vegan. Great what you’re doing. Thank you for helping the cows and the stuff, and the ants, and the fucking fruit flies and shit. That’s great. Do that. I’m really happy for you. Keep doing it. Because I like animals. But I also eat them. Um so, I’m kind of conflicted. DELISA: “MOOO!” is a product of her Instagram live sessions, which have become an inside-look at her creative process. Like this loop about why waffles are the superior
breakfast food…. DELISA: And this gamer-girl anthem she cooked
up over a matter of sessions. DELISA: The Los Angeles-based rapper/singer
even stopped by Kenny Beats’ studio for a quick freestyle to flex her witty writing. I’m not overthinking it. I just wrote a verse with my ass cheeks. DELISA: Serving as a producer on a number
of her tracks, Doja Cat is the queen of DIY. DELISA: She often posts quick clips of self-produced acapella gems on YouTube, like this snack-inspired
spin on Mark Morrison’s 1996 track, “Return Of The Mack.” DELISA: With a placement on Billboard’s Hot 100, Doja Cat has proven that she’s
not just a meme anymore but we can still expect some witty verses from the artist. DOJA CAT: Get mad, get big mad, get mad, like a disappointed dad. DELISA: I’m Delisa with Genius News, bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the

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