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  • Chappie Post author

    Cicikus cicibirb cici bu

  • John Citizen Post author

    That birds probably smarter than the kids lol

  • Mega Upstairs Post author

    Pepperberg? so cool name

  • CurbsideUnderwood Post author

    Get them do quantum mechanics together

  • Bakheet Hamid Post author

    einstein gave us a lot in physics how can you dumb people say griffin is smarter.

  • 橋本絵莉子 Post author

    Some kids do get scraed like the hell he is smarter then we are the birds will ruler the world in a few years and we will be their slaves.

  • Robb holmes Post author

    I jus watched this high and i conclude griffin is a head due to his on demand comprehension, while einstein sounds like he's on the road doing back to back routine shows..

  • James Miller Post author

    Einstein has a slight southern accent ?? I guess I'm the bird brain !! What a complement ! Einstein just gave me the feather !-Birds? humans??

  • Action Jackson Post author

    What kind of parrot is this?

  • Making Tech Friendly Post author

    The second one just responds to specific words and doesn't think.

  • Sans the Skeleton Post author

    Crow:am i a joke to you?

  • Kiyoshix Post author

    I love both birds! ^-^

  • Mia Cooley Post author

    I've seen einstein's routine in other videos and they even ask they questions in the same order. Hes even answered before the question was fully asked making it clear hes just waiting for cues rather than thinking and answering questions

  • James Bush Post author

    So how are they ruling out the clever Hans effect?

  • Dino Master! Post author

    Human partner? Are you a animal mr Narrator?

  • Dino Master! Post author


  • Hot Dog Post author

    Petra joins the chat

  • Eazy Kidda Post author

    Einstien is the Goat

  • hot bread Post author

    W O O

  • [[[ *Dragonier* ]]] Post author

    Oh god, they’re evolving

  • Emma Rose Post author

    Einstein uses OOH OOH AH AH AH!
    It’s super effective!

  • Glitchy Post author

    Petra: Oh ok…

  • MickMac 72 Post author

    Bird is in very poor condition. Dont really get the whole obsession of hearing a bird talk, theres enough humans talking shite without making the poor birds do it.

  • satireknight Post author

    I'd say Griffin is smarter, because he's answering questions that aren't sort of party tricks, like the number of clicks. Or at least, he's been taught to be more knowledgeable, since we can't really gauge their little birdie IQs, and Einstein might be smarter than her "what does a pig say?" routine implies. Both of them are better conversationalists than I am, though.

  • Jayson Black Post author

    he's got something in his ears. possibly mites :/

  • Emma Terlecky Post author

    I did the same thing with my dog who was able to understand fluent English with a vocabulary of at least 50 words but I'm not a professional scientist sorry

  • Solunski Makedonec Post author


  • Ray Grenade Post author

    the owner : how many???
    griffin : WoooOOOour
    the owner : four that's right

  • 50,000 Subscribers with no videos challeng e Post author

    They are smarter than me

  • LaZaR Post author

    Can Griffin do spaceship and laser?NO – then gtfo!

  • RaidYT -CyanideYT Post author

    What about Petra??

  • Keith Chamberlain Post author

    I feel…. disappointed.

  • Michael Gilbert Post author

    Sounds like Griffin is approaching where Alex was when he died. I still miss that bird. I'm sure Dr. Pepperberg does, too…

  • Why Me Post author


  • John Cena Post author

    griffin seems to be alone according to the look of the tail feathers looking all ruffled up.

  • Dexter Estacion Post author

    They should name it Xerxes

  • O K Post author

    Why do their owners look like parrots themselves. ¯_༼ •́ ͜ʖ •̀ ༽_/¯

  • Zach G Post author

    "What matter?"

  • Loryska Post author

    I keep seeing people commenting about Griffin’s care, but he seems fine. Parrots are not animals that respond to negative stimuli. They aren’t dogs. If Griffin didn’t trust Irene, he would make it known by making warning sounds, biting at her or expressing other fear behaviors. If that is plucking, it may not be Irene’s fault. Some parrots do this despite actions taken to make sure the parrot is stress free. Cockatoos are well known for plucking without obvious cause. He may not be super playful, but in my experience, Greys tend to be milder parrots anyhow. Please understand the reality of parrot behavior before making assumptions of abuse. And no, clipping flight feathers is not abuse.

  • swanwhisker Post author

    Disgusting how these birds are only used for experiments, and are kept in that tiny room for god knows how long. Pepperberg is awful.

  • Kremit Post author

    human: what matter?
    griffin: WOOOOO

  • ImJustAGoblin Post author

    I watched VOA news. The video name is Talking Parrot

  • Nightsaber Post author

    he is smart when he is hungry lol
    i bet it wont talk without food

  • Bruce Wayne Post author

    Griffin is the real genius, instead of just mimics he can actually communicate and think independently

  • Andrzej Sosnowski Post author

    BIRD UP!

  • Red Luigi Post author

    Dr. Pepperberg should just shorten it and go by Dr. Pepper.

  • Mariam Khan Post author

    cutest animal on the planet

  • Lime Diamond Post author

    Bro Griffin is NOT speaking English I can’t understand a word he says

  • Oscar's Mine World Post author

    I find this incredible! I love Griffin, but I love Einstein more!

  • SmartK8 Post author

    Kids are having a blast.

  • Peter McIntyre Post author

    Petra is very smart too.

  • Havoc Himself Post author

    The parrot is a paid actor

  • J E Post author

    Im told a african gray has a mental level of a 3 year old. They will punish you if go away for a few days, they will not talk for a few days. ThAts when you know they are upset with u!!

  • Letierisch Post author

    Vinny is the smartest bird I know😍 any other Marlene Mc'Cohen Fans?

  • ערוץ אשנב Post author

    we didn't see them together!

  • MandyJMaddison Post author

    There are a couple of very interesting stories about bird communication.
    The zoologist Konrad Lorenz studied a number of birds from the crow family. He was interested to know whether a bird could learn to use human language as a definite communication- with deliberate meaning to tell the Human something.
    He said that he knew of only one bird who spoke to him in a way that was beyond doubt a human vocal communication.

    Lorenze had observed that flocking birds would communicate with a sound that coincided with a feeling or action, and the sound was spontaneous and linked to the thought.
    So a crow rising upward might say ""Ark! Ark!" and a crow that had seen food and begun to drop towards it would say "Caw!" Caw!" and a crow that saw danger would say "Wee-WaaaK!" These sounds are completely predictable, and made every time the crow feels a certain way, and are imitated by all the other crows in unison as they perform a similar action.

    However, Lorenz had a Crow by the name of "Crack" (if I remember rightly).
    There was a particularly place that the Crow regarded as unsafe because of some event that had taken place to him there.
    When Lorenz walked to this place, the Crow would come along and urge him to leave, by continually flying above his head, and performing the upward motion that would usually be accompanied by the cry "Ark! Ark!"
    But the Crow was attempting to influence the behaviour of a human, not other crows.
    So it would shout at him, in Human Language "Crack! Crack!"
    Lorenz said that this was the ONLY instance in which one of his birds utilised a Human word to convey an idea, rather than repeating a word as mimicry.

    This instance of a bird responding in a situation of Danger is paralleled by the case from the US a few years back, where a woman heard her African Grey Parrot screaming "Mummy! Baby! Mummy! Baby! Mummy! Baby!" from the next room. . She ran in to find that the Baby was choking.

  • Arakatoo Post author

    I still have my money on the talking budgie

  • Dr Phil Post author

    What would you do if you’d get a peanut:
    Parrot: kakfnslalxfnflwxlgnelalclrjwoxo

  • Sam Is Trash Post author

    So you're not even gonna show them fighting to the death in a battle of intelligence? Man I must've been clickbaited again

  • sara venr Post author

    what happens if you leave to smart parrots together

  • Murtaza Abbas Post author

    Kid : Mom someone is coming to school tomorrow to teach us. The teachers say he's special

    Mom : Who?

    Kid : Einstein

    Mom : (visible confusion)

  • A boomer Post author

    02:33 in Africa there are a lot of chimpanzees

    That didn't sound right

  • 惡心 Post author

    I know that bird

  • F7AL Post author

    Their smartness comes from the gray furr.

  • kornnichiwa Post author

    Now make him laugh like Peter Griffin.

  • Jack is gaming Post author

    Bruh i just love my knoxville zoo (where Einstein lives)

  • Kat Mandoo Post author

    I've been following Einstein's fascinating story for years and have been extremely grateful for someone finally showing the true intelligence of parrots. As an avid bird lover and owner of quite a few freeflighted lovebirds, I find something extremely interesting… and sad. 😔 Am I the only one who notices Griffin seems to be spending his life sitting in a place with no windows in an environment which is basically a white laboratory? Feather plucking is something a bird does when it's BORED, and a bird should not have as much dander and scratching going on as Griffin. That poor little guy definitely needs to be able to take a bath or a shower. 🤨 It's so sad that "humans" aren't intelligent enough to realize that. Please give him a window for his health and some visual stimulation. I'm sure he'll say thank you.

  • Bert Noord Post author

    GRIFFIN MUCH SMARTER THAN 🇹🇷turkish people

  • Bert Noord Post author


  • Chris Delagarza Post author

    “…….Are you not entertained…….”

  • ab vevo Post author

    I hope this birb got more attention, because man he looks like a plucker….so sad 😭

  • KripkeSaul Post author

    Like two Asian mothers pitting their children against each other.

  • Felicia Dale Post author

    Parrots of all types are incredibly intelligent and capable of great feats of learning and expression, even when they are "just" mimicking sounds or words. Einstein and Griffin are doing very different tasks and have been trained very differently- they're neither of them stupid, that's for sure! Both are dearly loved and respected, too. Both of them are affectionate and companionable with their human handlers. Believe me- if a parrot doesn't like or trust you the last thing you want to do is have them near your face or even on your hand! And even when they do like and trust you they might refuse to be handled in particular ways. Our red belly poicephalus (2000-2007 RIP) would allow us all kinds of liberties and rarely bit or was aggressive in any way while another of the same species (belonging to friends who we bird sit for) has only recently, after years of bird sitting, allowed us to scratch his head and rub his beak. He still will NOT step up without lacerating us so we use a stick to move him from one place to another which he is very comfortable with. Ours was very verbal, used his words correctly and with intonation to give greater meaning: saying "apple" with an up tone at the end to use it as a request for apple, or with excitement at seeing the apple and with affection to express happiness at eating apple. The other bird rarely talks at all and only when he doesn't think we're listening. Still, he completely understands what we're saying and the mention of a "treat?" gets an excited response- but you have to know what you're looking at which for this bird is a fluffed up face and his pupils dilating and contracting. Also, there are many, many reasons for parrots feather plucking. No one understands it completely and it's not always treatable. Please go to Dr. Pepperberg's website for more on Griffin and his much missed predecessor Alex. Birds are amazing!

  • Marissa Bones Post author

    He's cute

  • BlastDonut Post author

    Plot twist: Griffin is the narrator

  • Ted Lacson Post author

    WUUOU four is right good boy. mind: hecc

  • Ziad Khaled Post author


  • villain Post author

    0:13 the parrot learned gnome language

  • loveablebastard Post author

    What matter? "Woo." How many? "Woo."

  • too2clean4u Post author

    Did they really think they was gonna beat Einstein..

  • don carlo Post author

    they are smart as 5 year old children, imagine if this bird was born a psycopath, he will plot your murderer

  • Savages Post author

    Next Episode Griffin & Eisenstein in a cage death match for the Gathering. There Can Be Only One!!!

  • christian roy Post author

    0:25 my Google assisted widget on my phone opens up for no reason. Tried many times and still do it….so weird

  • ximavo real Post author

    #einstien's better than griffin

  • Creative Apps Post author

    Very nice check this also parrot speaking hindi

  • KazmiKompany Post author

    1:03 I want cocaine

  • John G Post author

    Griffin: I’m the smartest Parrot in the world.

    Einstein: Hold my tree branch.

  • crazybrickstudios Post author

    Einstein spoke way more clearly. I couldn’t even tell half of what the other bird was saying

  • Prakhar Sinha Post author

    Wait i thought there was going to be a rap battle or something

  • Macoroniyu ! Post author

    I think Griffin is more meaningful in what he says but he looks super stressed out Einstein does look more healthy.

  • Lutz B. Post author

    The best logic talking bird on you tube is vinnie the cockatoo from Marlene Mc,cohan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y_VlPDpmaM

  • rob9641 Post author

    The birds are both impressive, but frankly, I wish I had a name as cool as Pepperberg.

  • karnewarrior Post author

    The disappointing thing is that we didn't get to see Einstein try to talk with Griffin.

    That would've been interesting.

  • Digital Crow Post author

    if he can count and there's no trick or any secret gestures then it really is genius ….

  • Veroist Post author

    They’re just planning to overthrow the gouverment and establish a socialist state

  • Michael Cavenaugh Post author

    Griffin and Einstein, both will crap on your shoulder…

  • infinite zero Post author

    Im geting a african grey in 2 years

  • the Godfather _ Post author

    Isn't Einstein from the Knoxville zoo

  • Four Head Post author

    Irene is toxic

  • stingrayYT Post author

    What about petra

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